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Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus. Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus Volume 2 Chapter 6

2.06 Timid and Fragile White Lotus

A pale hand came out from the ground and firmly latched onto Zhang Daoling. At this moment, the clearly fleshless phantom hand was deeply set in his ankle, causing scarlet bloodstains to bloom.

“It has started…” On the seventh day of July, the gates of h.e.l.l would open, giving ghosts their only chance to touch the living. Now, all of the ghosts had begun to pour into the Mortal Realm from the underworld in order to engulf all living people.

Watching this scene, Lin Zisheng did not go forward to help. He knew that this person didn’t need it, not now.

Sure enough, the next moment Zhang Daoling’s body glowed with a dim light that seemed to repulse the ghost’s hand before causing it to gradually dissipate.

“Ying Qingxuan, you need to be careful, too. Although you are not the target of the attack…” Zhang Daoling looked like he wanted to say more, but he was interrupted by another attack.

.Although Zhang Daoling didn’t get a chance to finish speaking, Lin Zisheng understood his meaning clearly. He was a ghost and therefore was not the target of the other ghosts. But, because his soul was still of someone of the Dragon Blood lineage, he might still attract some of the more powerful ghosts. After all, if they devoured him, those powerful ones may evolve.

[Host-daren, please be careful. A powerful evil ghost is approaching.]The evil ghost’s power was about the same as Lin Zisheng’s, but that was under the premise that he had never been sealed. At present, Lin Zisheng was not this ghost’s match.

“What is his goal?” Lin Zisheng frowned slightly. By this time, they were already in a disadvantageous situation. If another powerful ghost came, they would not be able to retreat unscathed.

[Can not be determined] 001 could only judge the other side’s level of maliciousness. As to the purpose of said maliciousness? 001 found it impossible to discern.

“Daoling. Something is approaching, we need to leave quickly.” Fortunately, the dormitory wasn’t too far away. As long as they were able to return, this human and ghost duo would be safe.

“No!” Zhang Daoling had also felt something approaching. When he sensed what that thing was, his expression became even worse. “We can not go back, that thing is too bloodthirsty. If we go there now, I am afraid that we will only bring carnage!”

This evil ghost was the one he had wanted to exorcise that day. It seemed that the exorcism was a failure. If he really fled to the dormitory, this guy really would slaughter all of the people in school for more power.

After hearing Zhang Daoling’s words, Lin Zisheng frowned and asked 001, “Can you find that thing’s weakness?” If they could find a weakness, perhaps they would have a chance to beat it.

[…] 001 was silent for a long time before he cautiously said,[…should be…sunshine]

Lin Zisheng: …hehe. Are you kidding me?!

Of course Lin Zisheng knew that ghosts were harmed by the sun. In fact, there were very few Yin beings in the world that were not affected by the sun. As for why Ying Qingxuan’s spirit could walk in the sun, it was because his Dragon Blood lineage made him more resistant to its effects.

As for ghosts being able to walk under the sun if they killed the living and devoured them, that was just nonsense. A lie. As everyone knows, killing more people added more Karma to the soul. Such a corrupted creature would just be repelled by the Heavenly Dao. How could they have the right to live in the sun?

“What else? Don’t tell me there’s only one weakness!” Looking at 001 cringing away, Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows. This was the first time he truly felt that this stupid little system was so useless.

[There is no way to determine before seeing it. Please, Host-daren, wait for a bit.]Feeling its host’s dissatisfaction, 001 tried to rectify the situation. Of course, it didn’t lie. After seeing the evil ghost, it would gain more information.

“How quick!” Troubled, Zhang Daoling looked towards the ghost…

A short distance away was a man in red; red clothes, red hair and red eyes the color of blood. Although Lin Zisheng was also dressed in red, on him it looked unruly and enchanting, whereas on the ghost it looked ruthless and bloodstained.

“Mount Longhu’s junior, meeting you again now, this time I want to see where you can run to!” The last time, the money sword allowed this person to escape. This time, whatever happens, I must kill this person!

Additionally, a Celestial Master’s flesh and blood was a good supplement. If he could eat Zhang Daoling, perhaps he could become a Ghost King!

“Previously, you failed to kill me. Do you think this time will be different?” Zhang Daoling looked at the ghost solemnly. He knew that today’s battle would be exceedingly dangerous. Perhaps he would even die tonight.

“Dao-Daoling…” While one person and one ghost were probing each other, a weak and quivering voice sounded. Not far away, a girl in white stood trembling.

[That obstructing woman is here,]001 said. The white lotus in this world, 001 really didn’t know how to describe. So afraid of ghosts, yet she still runs forward every time. Of course, if she really did help, that would be great. However, every time she is more hindrance than help.

“Go back!” Seeing Bai Mianmian, Zhang Daoling’s face looked terrible. He knew that if this woman did not appear, he at least had a small chance of escape. But, if she was here, his death was guaranteed!

“I won’t! I want to help you!” Although Bai Mianmian was trembling and her face was pale, her att.i.tude was very firm. If she wanted to help Zhang Daoling, she must not run away.

“Leaving is the greatest help you could offer. At least that way, you won’t be obstructing me!” Finally unable to bear it any longer, Zhang Daoling yelled in anger. His words drilled into Bai Mianmian, piercing her heart.

Although Zhang Daoling did not like being around Bai Mianmian, because she was a girl, his words were still not too offensive. However, when this woman still had no self-knowledge in such a dangerous situation, how could he endure!

After hearing this, Bai Mianmian paled even more, before showing a firm smile, “I know you are saying this because you are worried about me. I don’t mind!”

001 & Lin Zisheng: …how big is this woman’s heart?

Sure enough, when Zhang Daoling heard this, his face looked even worse. If he could make a move, he really wanted to be able to directly throw Bai Mianmian far away!

During the moment of inattention, the evil ghost seized the opportunity to stretch his long claws and piece Zhang Daoling’s chest, wanting to extract his heart.

[System is scanning. Notification: the current Male Lead’s danger value exceeds the warning line!]

[Beep. Congratulations, you’ve triggered a side task.]

Lin Zisheng: “Hehe. Why don’t I think it’s worth congratulating?”

[Side Task: Ensure the Male Lead dies normally at the end of his life. Task type: Mandatory. Task difficulty: SS. Task rewards: 5000 experience points, 10 base attribute points, two free draws. Penalty for failure: A dark room is waiting for you, time limit is three days~].

Although he complained in his heart, Lin Zisheng still quickly flew to Zhang Daoling’s side, reaching out to intercept the attack. A faint golden light appeared in his palm, dense, but not blinding.

When the evil ghost saw this, his eyes shone with avarice. Dragon ancestry? Today I seem to have encountered many good things. I will kindly accept them all!”

Smiling madly, his nails grew even longer as he stabbed towards Lin Zisheng’s body. The nails flashed with a black gleam, obviously poisonous.

[System is scanning. New skills available: Blood lineage suppression. Effect: Can suppress weaker Blood lineages for a short time, making the target unable to act. Does Host wish to equip this skill?]

“Yes!” At this time, Lin Zisheng could feel the other ghost’s killing intent. The skill 001 mentioned would undoubtedly help them, greatly increasing their chances of survival.

[Skill equipped. Available for use in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.]

.The moment 001’s voice faded, a strong pressure spread out from Lin Zisheng’s body, causing all of the surrounding ghosts to freeze. They innately understood that whoever dared to move at this time, the next moment they would be crushed into nothingness by this pressure.

“Your Blood lineage is…” Under the powerful pressure, even the evil ghost could not breathe. After being dead for so many years, he once again felt the sensation of death. At this time, he discovered he had underestimated this weak looking ghost.

“You’ve activated your Blood lineage? Impossible!” The evil ghost knew that although Lin Zisheng had dragon Blood, the possibility of activating it was nonexistent.

However, this pressure made the ghost understand that even if the Blood lineage wasn’t completely activated, Lin Zisheng could still use it skillfully.

Lin Zisheng remained silent, looking at the ghost coldly as the golden light in his palm became more and more intense. The evil ghost began to feel his hands slowly melting into the light.

“f.u.c.k! I’m going to let you off today, but, sooner or later, you’ll be my food!” He threatened as he tried to break away from Lin Zisheng. He knew that if he didn’t escape now, he would not escape at all.

After the evil ghost left, Zhang Daoling heard and ominous crack from his chest pocket, and Lin Zisheng’s originally translucent figure became even more illusory, seeming like it would disappear at any moment…


New lead : Evil Ghost (鬼尊 guǐ zūn:A powerful evil spirit. There is also a level above the evil ghost is the ghost king 鬼王). He first appears in the penultimate paragraph of arc 2.01, The last translator translated him as Evil spirit.

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