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Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus. Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus Volume 2 Chapter 5

2.05 Timid and Fragile White Lotus

 T/L: Ade   E/D: kiskaiya  P/R: yashiro ryuuki & larkspur

No, they weren't turning a blind eye, they were waiting. Waiting to see how his flesh and blood would be allocated to those who sealed him.

“I am sorry.” Zhang Daoling knew that he had asked a question that shouldn't have been asked. Lin Zisheng's grief was not fabricated.

“Ah, you don't need to apologize. Actually, I should thank you. If you hadn't come, who knows how long I would be left to struggle in that endless darkness.” A pair of phoenix-shaped eyes curve up slightly. It was obviously a bright smile, but there was a bit of charm to it.

Looking at his gratefulness, Zhang Daoling touched his shirt pocket. Inside was Ying Qingxuan's bone and because he always kept it with him, he was able to leave that dark place.

Perhaps bringing him out was the right decision.

“Daoling, are you eating alone again?” The warm atmosphere became stiff due to the sudden interruption, and Zhang Daoling's face that had just eased tightened again.

“I like silence.” He looked down, hiding the disgust in his eyes.

Perhaps for Bai Mianmian, because he is her savior, she hopes to stay by his side and help him as repayment. But for Zhang Daoling, she is nothing but trouble, has no self-awareness, and is always dragging him down. She is the perfect model of a pig teammate.

So if he could, Zhang Daoling really wanted to keep his distance from her.

“Okay, I-I know you like to be alone.” After saying this, Bai Mianmian showed no intention of leaving, instead sitting down not from him. “I am here to accompany you.”

Lin Zisheng , who had been drifting around, turned his back and snickered at them. Bai Mianmian really was “too confident”. How could she be so sure that Zhang Daoling was lying and didn't really want to be alone?

Although many people in the cla.s.s knew the rumor that Zhang Daoling was a Taoist, not everyone rejected him because of it. However, that didn't mean that Zhang Daoling wanted to socialize with others.

n.o.body knew what Bai Mianmian was thinking. She believed that Zhang Daoling was rejected by everyone so he could only sit alone..

Looking at the people around him, the disgust in Zhang Daoling's heart grew. Finally, when he couldn't bear it any longer, he quickly finished his food, before putting away his lunch box and getting ready to leave.

“Ah? Daoling, where are you going? I will go with you." Looking at him leave, Bai Mianmian quickly puts away her lunch box and was about to catch up when she was frozen by his cold eyes.

“I said I liked silence, can you not bother me?” Zhang Daoling looked so hostile that she didn't dare move.

“I-I just want to stay by your side,” Bai Mianmian felt very wronged. She just didn't want him to feel sad. “I don't want you to be alone.”

“Girl, don't take your position for granted, he never feels lonely.” Before Zhang Daoling could say anything, Lin Zisheng spoke out, seemingly laughing at her. But he was only saying Zhang Daoling's thoughts.

“Daoling, is what he said true?” After hearing Lin Zisheng's explanation, Bai Mianmian's eyes are full of tears.What did he mean? Was he saying that she was too nosy?

“Absolutely.” Zhang Daoling was too lazy to explain. With that parting word, he quickly left the rooftop. Anyway, since there was no cla.s.s in the afternoon, he could just find a quiet place to rest for a while.

He feels so tired whenever he has to see Bai Mianmian's face!

“I really don't know why you hate her very much.” As they left Bai Mianmian's sight, Lin Zisheng muttered under his breath, as if to say that Zhang Daoling was a bad guy. Obviously, he conveniently forgot that he also bullied Bai Mianmian.

“In my eyes, there is no difference between a woman and a female ghost.” Zhang Daoling's voice was faint, as if the matter was insignificant. “No, perhaps it should be said that women are more terrible than female ghosts.”

When a person died, there was only the instinct of wanting to exist. But a living person had countless desires, and in order to realize their desires, anything could be done.

“Saying things like this, no one will marry you.” Li Zisheng snorted, looking at him with a bit of scrutiny.

After Zhang Daoling walked into the forest, he slowed to a stroll.

“Hmm… I retract my words, you also know what it is to be considerate.” Now he understood why Zhang Daoling was walking so swiftly before.

Although he was not afraid of the sun, he was still a ghost and he would feel uncomfortable staying in the sunlight for too long. Although he didn't say anything, Zhang Daoling still discovered his discomfort.

“You are very strong.” Zhang Daoling looked at him seriously. “Ghosts are made up of Yin energy, so they can't take the Yang energy of the sun. Your spirit currently shows no sign of corruption, but if you want to walk under the sun, you don't know how many lives you would have to take.”

This was also the reason why Zhang Daoling chose to bring Ying Qingxuan with him. The ghosts without any corruption of spirit could survive for a very long time. This was an incredible thing.

“Maybe this is a kind of sorrow.” Lin Zisheng looked at the sun not far away, his figure giving off an air of desolation. “For ghosts, even the life that the sun can't end can only be agony.”

[Host… ] feeling that Lin Zisheng's mood was not good, 001 came out to carefully examine him.

Because the male lead of this world had a pair of Yin Yang eyes, he could see things that ordinary people couldn't, so 001 was always careful not to appear in front of Zhang Daoling in order to avoid detection.

Although it was reasonable to say that his eyes shouldn't be able to see the system, who could know for certain.

“I'm fine. It's just that I suddenly understand why Ying Qingxuan, who was so strong, became so weak in the endk.” Lin Zisheng sighed. "If he wanted, he could not only survive, but he could even become a truly powerful evil spirit. But the pride of being a dragon made him reluctant to fall, even if he would disappear forever!"

“Were you lonely?” Looking at the person who had been standing still for a long time, Zhang Daoling couldn't help but ask this question.

“What is loneliness?”Lin Zisheng chuckled, glancing back at him. “There is no light, no sound, no time to pa.s.s. There is nothing. Even the mind begins to slowly stagnate, so how do you feel lonely?”

Lin Zisheng's words were not exaggerated. Although the time spent in each body is not long, because he deeply experiences the feelings of the original, it can still make him remember it for a lifetime.

When the words came out, both of them were silent, quietly waiting for the sun to set.

They didn't know why, but the sky was a bit strange today. In the sky to the west, the fiery orange sun was slowly sinking below the horizon. But what made them uncomfortable was the ring of black light encircling it.

“What is that?” Although it was only a thin layer, the black light kept changing its shape, as if it was…a ghost!

Yes, it was like those ghosts that come out in various forms to scare pa.s.sersby in the middle of the night.

But the sun could restrain ghosts. Even if the ghosts were very strong, it would be impossible for them to form a circle of black around the sun.

[Host, in the spirit of friendship, I will tell you that today is the Ghost Festival. ]001 explained to Lin Zisheng.

When Lin Zisheng heard 001, he immediately recalled that today was July 15th of the lunar calendar, also known as the Ghost festival.

Legend said the ghost gates opened on July 15th. The ghosts in h.e.l.l can freely come to the world on that day. Today, humans were at their weakest, and even the sun's damage to ghosts was not as strong.

[I'd like to remind you that ghosts hate Celestial Masters very much, and today is a day when Celestial Masters are the weakest and ghosts are the strongest. If you don't go to your dormitory before dark, it is very likely that you will be attacked by ghosts! ]001's voice sounded urgent. If Zhang Daoling died so quickly, the world may collapse!

Lin Zisheng understood what he meant. His pupils shrank as he anxiously said, “Daoling, hurry back to the dormitory. Today is the Ghost Festival!”

The next moment, Zhang Daoling understood what was going on.

There were too many things happening these days. He had forgotten about the Ghost Festival. Looking at their surroundings, Zhang Daoling's face sank as he realized they were surrounded by trees. There wasn't enough sunshine here. If they were even a little slow, they would die!

They quickly ran towards the dormitory, but the sun seemed to be setting exceptionally fast today. Half of the sun was already below the horizon when just a short time ago it was still high in the sky. Zhang Daoling saw that the chances of returning before the sun set was low.

“Daoling, hurry up!” Apparently, Lin Zisheng had not given up yet, constantly urging Zhang Daoling, the urgency in the tone more obvious.

Suddenly, Zhang Daoling actually stopped and stood there, motionless.

“Daoling, why are you hesitating? We need to go back soon!”

“It's too late.” Zhang Daoling's voice was cold as he slowly lowered his head, silently looking at his feet.

Lin Zisheng was stunned by his movements, and his sight fell on Zhang Daoling's feet. In an instant, he understood why he had stopped. Grasping Zhang Daoling's foot was a ghostly claw.

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