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C.1.04, reborn blackened white lotus

[Stay… Hosting adults, killing people is illegal, you have to be calm! ! ! ! 】 Looking at the dark face of Lin Zikai, 001 knows that if you do not persuade your own male G.o.d, it will definitely develop into a b.l.o.o.d.y event in a while!

#我的神神 wants to kill the destiny of the protagonist collapsed the world swollen, broken, online, etc., anxious! #

However, G.o.d seems to care about 001. Just when it can't think of anything to persuade Lin Zikai, a sweet and pure voice attracts everyone's attention.

It was a young girl. She was wearing a white dress and looked pure and lovely. Although the clothes seemed to be very cheap, she had a dusty taste on her body, and the long hair of the waist was attached to the back. It gives a kind of well-behaved feeling, her face is not pretty, she is barely handsome, but the eyes that are shy and shy are particularly attractive.

This person is naturally Bai Wei, looking at the desert in the desert standing next to Lin Zikai, her eyes reveal the excitement of light, “A Mo, you are here, I have been looking for you for a long time.”

Bai Wei pouted his mouth, his voice was soft, and one hand was on the arm of Su Mo, full of the taste of relatives. “A Mo, why don't you talk?” She rubbed her head, her eyes were as innocent as children, pure There is a desire to destroy.

Seeing this person who is pulling himself, Su Mo frowned, his eyes are disgusting, because her eyes are really familiar, and the women who want to climb his bed are exactly the same, Although he is not guilty, he should at least not be so obvious. At first glance, he will know the other person's mind.

“This lady, do we know?” Su Mo thought that there was no such person in his memory, so this is another person who betrayed himself!

“I…” Bai Wei stunned, and then his face was a bit ugly. She forgot. In this life, she and Su Mo did not know each other. What should I do now? “I am the aunt who brought me, so, so I Know Su Da Shao.”

“Oh? Is it?” Hearing Bai Wei's explanation, Su Mo did not say anything, but turned his head and smiled and looked at Lin Zikai. “She is your friend, do you still tell me about her?”

Although it is not obvious, Lin Zikai feels the anger of Su Mo, but this makes him feel somewhat inexplicable. What kind of anger is this person?

“I have only two sides with Miss Bai. When she came to me, she asked me to take her to see ‘A Mo', so I thought Miss Bai was a friend of Su Da Shao.” Because the quest has been completed, as long as it can change white The fate of Wei, don't die in the hands of him and Su Mo, the task can be completed, he is too lazy to waste time on Bai Wei.

So at this time, Lin Zikai is naturally telling the truth that he does not want to provoke this dangerous man.

[Hey, the system prompts, the male owner feels good +5, the current good feeling 40, comment: he and the woman do not know, I feel a little happy. 】

I heard the prompt of 001, Linzi's mouth was twisted for a moment, and the feeling of being a little shy in the comment of the man was G.o.d's ghost! ?

“Auntie?” Bai Wei looked incredulously at Lin Zikai. At this time, shouldn't he say that he brought him, and then introduce himself to Ami, so that the three of them can be together forever, why? At this time, will Auntie dismantle her desk?

“Miss White, please be self-respected.” Looking at Bai Wei's face and grievances, he wanted to grab his arm. Lin Ziyi took a step back in disgust. “We have only seen two sides. Such a name is too much relative, I am afraid it is not big. Suitable.”

The atmosphere suddenly smashed up. Such a pure girl was left aside by two people. It was really a violent thing. Many people wanted to comfort the beauty, but they didn't understand the relationship between the three people. Do not dare to act.

“Auntie, are you angry with me, I am not…” At this time, Bai Wei was able to think about it later. Since she arrived here, she will still be here, looking for Amo, alone. It is justified that he will be angry.

Lin Zikai stood there quietly, even took a gla.s.s of red wine from the waiter pa.s.sing by, took a sip, and continued to watch Bai Wei performance.

“Miss White, why should I be angry with you, but it is an irrelevant person.” Lin Zi blinked his eyes and the whole person became dangerous. “Miss White, we are really unfamiliar.”

“Lin Ziwei!” Why is this why everything is different from what she imagined. At this time, shouldn't Lin should take the initiative to protect her, why he is sitting here with a cold eye.

Looking at Bai Wei, Su Mo has been completely impatient. What is Bai Wei's idea is that he may not be able to see it, but he is too lazy to pay attention to it, although his appearance is not the type he likes, but he is pure in temperament. It is ok to play with it.

But when Su Mo saw Bai Wei looking at himself with the eyes of love, while he was unclear about Lin Zi, how could he endure it, that person… that person couldn't even dare to marry him!

Just as the atmosphere was stiff and tight, a light and graceful footsteps slowly came from the building. It seemed like a heart, everyone looked up and looked at the direction of the man.

The eye is warm red, just like the flamenco is warm and unrestrained, the red evening dress, the red high heels, the big red hair of the wine red, make her whole person blazing like a flame, but her face is With a shallow smile, gentle and feminine, faint and not strong, but there seems to be a kind of chilly fragrance.

These two very different feelings impact everyone's eyeb.a.l.l.s, making people can't help but look at it.

When Bai Wei saw this person, his face turned red and his face was distorted.

is her! It turned out to be her! This dead woman actually appeared again, and still so shameless to entangle her Ami, d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n!

Aside Lin Zizhen looked at Bai Wei's reaction and immediately understood the ident.i.ty of the coming person – Luo Yan, Su Min's nominal fiancee, childhood sweet sister, and the most favored person in Su Mo, also Bai Wei's most hostile person.

Thinking of the scenes of the two people who met each time in the book, Lin Zikai suddenly came to the interest. In the last generation, Luo Yan pressed Bai Wei everywhere. If Bai Wei did not know some people on the Tao, she and Su Mo could not persist until the end. The love of each other is still two, after all, Luoyan had already noticed that Bai Wei was not right.

“A Mo, what is this lady?” Seeing Luo Yan, Bai Wei's brain was completely short-circuited. Now she has forgotten that she and Su Mo are still two people who have not met each other. I forgot that I am not qualified to ask these words. .

Now there is only one thought in her mind – to drive this shameless dead woman away from Amo's side.

When I heard Bai Wei, Lin Zikai almost laughed. Is there only water in her mind? Since it is a memory of rebirth and past life, we should know how much the Soviet Union attaches to Luoyan. Now she goes to “declare sovereignty” instead of looking for abuse. What?

Others looked at Bai Wei with a strange or ridiculous look. This person's brain is really a problem. He was just angry with Lin Shao, and now he is "entangled" with Su Dashao. She also Do you really think that you are as beautiful as a flower?

Luo Yan did not respond when he heard that it was full of demonstrations. Instead, he looked at her from beginning to end and then looked at Su Mo. “Meng brother, is this your new love?”

The sound of Luoyan slowly sounded, and it was similar to Bai Wei's tone. It was the same gentleness, but the sound of Luoyan was with the unique elegance of Miss Qianjin. It did not make people pity, but wanted equal respect.

Suddenly, some people have some mourning for Bai Wei disappeared at this moment, so that women who have no self-knowledge in the Qin dynasty, even if they get the hand, will only give themselves trouble!

“I don't know her.” He looked at Bai Wei with sarcasm. Now that Su Mo's impression of her has fallen to the bottom, if it is not that she might be brought in by Lin Zi, Su Mo would like to throw her directly out!

“A Mo…” Bai Wei was wronged. Why did Meng say this? In the last life, he didn't see his first sight and fell in love with himself. Why is this life so cold, and still in front of so many people? Shame her, and what most unacceptable to her is that the dead woman is here too.

“This lady, may I ask, do you have an invitation?” Looking at the eyes of Su Mo, Luo Yan immediately understood the disgust in it, so his face slowly came to the front of Bai Wei with a smile, elegant and reasonable. The explanation is, “Today's banquet is a private banquet. If the lady does not have an invitation, I am afraid I will not be able to stay here.”

The tone of Luo Yan took the superior momentum, making Bai Wei's face even more ugly. She looked at Lin Zikai with her helpless eyes, and hoped that Lin Zikai could say something to get her out of trouble.

She did not know that such a move would only make Su Mo more angry and more determined to drive her away.

Luo Yan and Su Mo grew up together. It can be said that she is the person who knows the most about Su Mo in this world. Although she does not know what the reason is, she can feel the edge of the outbreak of Su Mo from the beginning. Let him be in this state, naturally related to the girl I see in the eyes.

“Sorry, this gentleman…” Looking at Lin Zikai, Luo Yan's tone was sincere, and it was easy to have a good impression.

“Miss Luo is polite, my name is Lin.” Listening to Luo Yan's words, Lin Ziyi nodded politely and then introduced himself.

“Well, Mr. Lin, I am very sorry, because we did not say clearly the nature of the banquet to inform the guests in advance if they can not accompany them, so can you please let me know?” Luo Yan's words are not straightforward, but The people present understand that she hopes that Lin Zikai can agree to drive people out. Of course, this is also the meaning of Su Mo.

“Miss Luo doesn't have to ask me what I mean. I am not familiar with Miss Bai. The reason why she will bring her is because she said that she would come to see Su Shao. I thought she and Su Shao were friends, so she brought it. “The task of completing the goodwill of Bai Wei is no longer important. Lin Zikai does not need to keep such a person to disgust himself.”

“If that's the case, thank you Mr. Lin,” after saying this, Luo Yan once again smiled at Lin Zi, then went to Bai Wei's face and looked at her. “Miss White, please.”

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