Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus. Chapter 3

Female Lead – Bai Wei Male Lead 1 – Su Mo Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.03 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

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1.03, reborn blackened white lotus Looking at Su Mo like this, how could the young man not know that he had touched the other side of the mold, and shook his head and said that he did not dare, but also put Lin Ziyu in his heart.

Now that Su Daxiao has let go, whoever moved that person is really looking for death. The news is still to let everyone know better. After all, that person's face can attract a lot of people.

“Remember, anyone who dares to move him is at his own risk.” Su Mo did not say any serious threats, but the consequences of the four words are enough to scare people.

Su's most famous addition to his fame is the moody and temperamental means.

Anyone in this big A can be offended, but he can't provoke this Su Da, he can't stop anyone if he is crazy!

Of course, all the things happening here are not known. Now he is looking at the book in the library, but the book in his hand is the “strategy” that introduces the world.

“001, what's going on today, isn't that Su Mo not interested in men?” Looking at the red-handed back that had been wiped, Lin Zikai's eyes flashed a disgusting look. Although he didn't hate men, he didn't He is not interested in the man of the festival.

[attack… what is said on the Raiders. 001 carefully looked at Lin Zikai, in fact, it is very strange to the performance of the male owner, it is obviously a misconduct against its host!

( ̄ ^ ̄) ゞ The host is his, even the male owner can not grab!

Just when Lin Zikai wanted to say something, a wind mixed with lotus fragrance floated gently, accompanied by this fragrant wind, a white figure.

Lin Zikai: …hehe, lotus.

“Auntie, why are you here alone?” Bai Wei said this, sitting at the side of Lin Zikai, as if two people were very familiar friends, “Is there no cla.s.s today?”

“This cla.s.smate, we don't seem to be so familiar with each other?” Although I know that I should brush the feelings of the woman, but every time I see this face I see, I have a feeling of toothache. .

[In the system scan, the target: Bai Wei (reborn white lotus), the character's initial goodwill is 70, comment: A person who loves me, how can I not love him. 】

Oh, the female brain hole is really too big.

However, the forest is very satisfied with the initial good feeling of 70. You don't need to see this person anymore.

“Auntie, I know that you are angry with me. It used to be my fault. I am…” Bai Wei's a thousand mistakes are my fault, no matter what dissatisfaction in your heart, you can move toward it. I vented the look of 001.

It has been said that all the white lotuses bring their own aura of light, everyone sees her can feel the feeling of a light, and today even 001 is not spared, the system that is almost flashing is about to crash.

“There is something to say.” Lin Zikai picked up another book and said to Bai Wei casually while watching.

After hearing the words of Lin Zikai, Bai Wei's eyes suddenly lit up with a scorching brilliance. "Auntie, tomorrow is the birthday of A Mo, you… Can you take me to Aqin's birthday party? "

When she was alive, she and Lin Ziyu received a birthday party invitation from Su Mo, but since she has been hiding from Su Mo in this life, she did not get an invitation. Now she wants to attend the birthday party in Su Mo. Lin Zikai went together.

Of course, she is not worried that Lin Zikai will not take her. He loves her so much. How can he be dissatisfied with a small request from her?

“Okay.” Anyway, he can take the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in the birthday party in Su Mo with or without Bai Wei. It is better to brush the boat and feel good.

[叮咚, the female host is +15, the current good feeling is 85, please support the host. 】

Lin Zikai: …hehe, I really don't know what she has made up.

[Square task 2: Brush the female host's good feelings to 80 or more (completed). Mission reward: experience value 50, score 100. Does the host receive a reward? 】


[The reward has been received. The current level of the host is F, the current test: 50/1500, the current score: 100, the main line will be opened after the completion of the main line, please continue to work hard ~]

“Auntie?” Looking at Lin Zi's faceless expression, Bai Wei's heart is not a taste, but when he thinks that he has made him into such a lifetime, he can tolerate some of his grievances. “You just promised.” Me?”

“Well, I promised.” Although this is the answer, Lin Zikai's att.i.tude is still so many people who refused to be thousands of miles away. He did not put Bai Wei in his eyes, and Bai Wei could not help but gnash his teeth.

She secretly vowed in her heart that one day, Lin Zizhen regretted doing this to her, even though she had him in her heart, she would never allow him to be so crazy about himself!

I want to come now, the last life is because the love is too humble, so it will be treated like Su Mo. In this life, she will never make the same mistake again. In this life, she must be the queen of both of them!

[Do the host adults want to know what the female lord was just thinking? 001 is naturally able to read the idea of ​​Bai Wei, of course, good things naturally want to share with their important people.

“…I don't want to know at all.” Even if it is 001, Lin Zikai can guess it, so he is not disgusting.

[…] Should it be admired that the host is a good wit?


In the evening, Lin Zikai put on the clothes that had already been prepared, looked at the people in the mirror, and satisfied with a little.

Aside 001 looked at Lin Zikai, excitedly fluttering in the air, originally thought that the host adult seen in the morning is the male G.o.d, and now it is completely true male G.o.d level!

A white robes look indifferent, and the coldness seems to be freezing all the close people, but now he put on a silver-gray suit, the original indifference turned into a stunned, but the slightly messy hair There is a kind of free and easy.

Strict and unscrupulous, this feeling appears in one person, but it is so harmonious, it seems that he should be such a person.

The slim suit is close to the waistline. If the person with a slightly smaller body wears it, it will make people feel bloated, but it is suitable for wearing on the body of the forest. The slightly slender waist adds a point to his temperament. Soft, the whole person has more than one truth.

“How?” Eyebrows looked at the 001 that could fall off at any time in the air.

[Male… male G.o.d…]

“Auntie–” Just when Lin Zikai wanted to tease 001, the voice of Bai Wei was heard downstairs.

Although her voice is still so pure and feminine, the volume has increased a lot, and she doesn't know how she did it.

I know that if I don't go on, maybe Bai Wei will still be in the next floor, as if she had lost her, in order not to disgust herself, Lin Zi's downstairs, with Bai Wei The family sent him to pick up his car and rushed to the place where the banquet was held in Suqian.

As Lin Zizhen imagined, Bai Wei immediately dropped her to look around for the desert in Suqian.

“001, why did the former Lin Zikai like Bai Wei, as long as someone with a brain can find that her goal is only Su Mo.” The original Lord is also a smart person, why do such a stupid thing.

[Probably because of the influence of the white lotus ring of the woman, I will fall in love with her. 】

For such an answer, Lin Zizhen took it for granted that it was not the problem of the original brain, but was influenced by the outside world.

Just as Lin Zikai was thinking about how to complete the task, the surrounding suddenly rioted, and sure enough, he looked up and saw the Soviet desert slowly descending from the second floor.

The burgundy west was fitted with a white shirt, the b.u.t.ton of the shirt was tied to the neckline, and a black tie was worn in the middle. Some messy hair was meticulously combed behind the head, revealing a well-defined face.

It's so rigorous to wear, it's obvious that people should have a feeling of abstinence, but Lin Zikai feels a sigh of relief from his body, just like a male peac.o.c.k, crazy opening. I hope that all the opposite s.e.x will fall on him.

For a moment, Lin Zikai's gaze met with Su's desert. Suddenly, the expressionless Su Mou's mouth evoked a lazy arc, raised the gla.s.s in his hand, and made a toasting posture, and suddenly the people present were shocked. .

This Su Da Shao never gives face, not to mention active toasting, even if someone is toasting or not drinking, they must look at the mood, and today someone can let Su Da Shao take the initiative to toast, this……

Following the eyes of Su Mo, everyone found his goal – Lin Zikai. When the people present saw the face of Lin Zikai, many people moved their minds. The young people with good looks should play better than women. Also bring it!

The next moment, everyone remembered the move of Su Mo, and suddenly vented his anger. Although there were rumors in the circle that the Su family had never played men, the performance of Su Dashao today made everyone understand that this face-faced youth touched may not!

Looking at the person who suddenly became timid, Su Mo's eyes brought a little satisfaction. Today, he called people to tell everyone that this person can't touch it. If anyone dares to hand his claws, he doesn't mind at all. Get rid of that paw!

“Lin Shao, Su Mou has this honor to invite you to have a drink.” The pace lazily followed the road of the people to go to Lin Zikai, and picked up a gla.s.s of red wine and handed it to Lin Zikai.

Seeing this scene, the people around me were shocked again, and Su Daxiao personally made a drink!

Don't say that it is a drink, even if they let them eat the wine, they dare not refuse, this person can really have such treatment!

Lin Zikai did not speak, but just took the wine gla.s.s in the hands of Su Mo calmly, and then toasted after a toast.

Looking at the original light-colored thin lips, the red wine became a confusing twilight, and suddenly Su Mo felt that he was a little thirsty and could not wait to pounce on his lips.

[System scan, target task: Su Mo (male), initial good feeling: 45, comment: looks very delicious, I want to eat. 】

In an instant, Lin Zikai's face is a little black, what does it mean to eat it! ?

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