Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus. Chapter 1

Alright guys, this is the novel I finished reading some time ago and I wanna recommend it to y'all.

It's a fast transmigration novel and it's danmei(obviously). Usually, it's not easy for me to finish a fast transmigration stories because I'll stop reading in the middle if the plot is too boring, weird, scary, etc etc etc. Since I managed to finish this one, I want to recommend it to you guys yo~

But of course, comparing to 'Quickly wear the face of the devil', this story's ending is only so-so ? But! It's still a recommendable one ?

Plus I think this novel has 1 or 2 more plot twist than QWTFOTD. One thing to note is Arc 3 or 4 (I forgot which one, it's the one with bodyguard) is the arc where the main plot starting to unravel so it's kinda bizarre but once you get past that arc, then it's all well :v

The t.i.tle for this novel is 那些年我们弄死的白莲花[快穿] / Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus. How's that for a t.i.tle? XD

Q & A

Q – Will you be translating this novel ? A – Yes and no. Yes, probably the first arc to encourage other translator to pick it up. And no, I just want to recommend it yo.

Q – Can I put this in Wattpad/Tumblr/Whatever ? A – No. Cannot. You can't. ไมส่ ามารถ. không thể. Tak boleh. не могу.

Q – Can I re-translate this to my language ? A – No. Cannot. You can't. ไมส่ ามารถ. không thể. Tak boleh. не могу.

And oh, btw there's already a Spoiler thread for this novel in NU's forum ?

[edit] Uh, who put my translation up to NU? 0.0 The summary is wrong though. At least the MC's name is wrong ah. I didn't put it up to NU because I was lazy to do the summary … ah, the whole summary was MTL-ed. I'm a bit embarra.s.sed to be in the same page _(;3/ because I usually judge a translation by the summary quality _(;3/ s.h.i.t ah…

[Edit again] Apparently the MC's name could be Zicheng or Zisheng but Cheng will only be used as last name it seems. Will edit the name to Zisheng later. And the MTL summary has been taken down, lol. Still, I'm lazy to do it because hey, I'm not the one who put it up NU.

1.01 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

A pure white room, there was no light source but it looked very bright. A young man was leaning on a lounge chair in the middle of the room. The expression on his face was a rare peaceful look. His pair of eyes were tightly shut. His eyelashes were long, causing a light shadow (on his face). If not for his chest's weak breathing movement, one might mistook him as a perfect jade carving; beautiful but lifeless. Finally, the young man slowly opened his eyes. His pure black pupil carried a deathly stillness that was not in line with his age, like a pool of stagnant water; not a sign of life.

“Where… is this? Didn't I died already?”

He muttered to himself, and when he looked down at his hands, the stillness from his face finally broke.

“This is… me?”

This pair of slender and fair hands doesn't have any scars or calluses. It was not something his current self could possess… instead, it was a long long time ago when he was still studying at school. Just as he wondered what is going on, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind causing him to stiffen his back.

[h.e.l.lo Host, I am Bulingbuling, the glowing-in-brilliance System 001, a White Lotus Rescue System for ‘Leaving a Good name for White Lotus forever'. You will go down a journey with me to various worlds to save endangered White Lotuses. Let's move forward for our great cause!]

Bulingbuling, glowing in brilliance…. leaving good name for White Lotus?

This… what is this d.a.m.ned thing?!

[Dearest Host, due to a car accident, your body is now dead. I have stopped your time at the moment of your death. Now you have 2 options : One, accept the task. Earning enough points will let you to exchange a lot of things, you can even choose to go back to your world before everything happens. The other option is to refuse, then you will be dead for real. The system will not be able to bind with you from the rejection, the stopped time from the earlier moment will continue to move again.]

Although the System sounded particularly plain, but it gave people a lively feel like one is conversing with a child.

“If I accept the task, what kind of task do I need to do?”

Lin Zisheng's curiosity was provoked by this System. Of course, if anyone who knew Lin Zisheng is here, they would know that someone is going to be in trouble. Anyone who provokes his curiosity will not have any good ending, because that person will be thoroughly studied from the inside out by him; literally ‘from the inside out'. Just that this so-called System doesn't understand Lin Zisheng at all. Therefore, it walked further and further down the death-seeking route.

[Host-daren, we are the first White Lotus Rescue System in the parallel s.p.a.ce. Our goal is to protect the endangered species in the parallel s.p.a.ce – White Lotus; helping them to avoid all kinds of imprisonment, abuse and the fate of being killed!]

The System was talking so pa.s.sionately about their mission that it didn't notice a hint of cold light flashing through Lin Zisheng's eyes the moment he bowed down his head.

White Lotus, huh?

Lowering down his eyelids and covering the maliciousness in the depths of his eyes, Lin Zisheng relaxed himself and placed his entire weight on the lounge chair. He seemed very relaxed but if one is to pay attention to his hands, one will find out that his hands by his side were tightly gripped; it has even turned white.

“I accept the task.”

Lin Zisheng's voice was steady and indifferent. In the short moment when he lost control, he pressed down all his emotions in the darkest place at the bottom of his heart.

[The first world we are going to enter: Rebirth of the Blackened White Lotus. Host-daren please get ready for the transfer, 3,2,1 —]

After a burst of white light, the Lin Zisheng who was originally inside this white room has disappeared. Only the slightly swaying lounge chair proved that he was here.

“That was a September weather. Although summer is over, but it still carried the heat that has not been dispersed. And in this weather, she walked into everyone's heart like a breeze."

“She walked over from afar. A white dress swayed with the breeze, like the water waves spread out and gather together. Black long hair hung from behind her. However because of the wind, there were always a few strands of hair straying away. Sometimes sticking to her cheek, sometimes it floated away."

“Her appearance was not extremely beautiful, but that white jade-like skin let other people to unable to look away. And the main thing causing people to get infatuated was her pair of eyes. Dark blue eyes like the sea carrying endless light within; like countless broken stars fell into the Milky Way."

“Pa.s.sing by her, one would inadvertently smelled the lotus fragrance from her body, people can't help but be deeply attracted…”

Looking at the book in his hands, Lin Zisheng could feel the deep malice from the world. He didn't say anything, just holding the book in his hands and staring at System 001. There was no expression in that thick black pupil; just indifference. But because of this, his pupil seemed to look a bit darker, giving people a sense of suffocation and oppression.

[Host… host-daren, this is the world that we will be attacking.]

A little kitten-like being with a pair of wings looked at Lin Zisheng. It's gaze was a bit cautious. The System itself also doesn't know why this world would be so bizarre! No… or it should say this being called White Lotus is bizarre? No, no , no, this is impossible! As a White Lotus Rescue System, how could it has such horrible thought!

“Dress like water waves? How much wind do you think you need to get this effect? And floating strands of hair? Is her hair made of metal spring or she has become a spirit? And the most unreliable thing was the lotus fragrance. Is she really not a lotus spirit?”

Lin Zisheng felt like ranting when he looked at the book in his hand. He really couldn't look at this unreliable thing anymore and simply gave up; casually throwing the book away and then looked at System 001.

“Since you brought me here, then you tell me what kind of world is this world.”

Actually this world was quite simple. Taking away all those dramatic nonsense, this is a story of a stubborn white lotus wandering between two men. Hooking up with Male Lead 1 in admiration, but couldn't bear to let go of the ‘national good spare tire' Male Lead 2. In the end because she wanted to ‘board on two boats', causing both boats to sink, she caused Male Lead 2 to be disabled while she gets imprisoned by Male Lead 1 doing various SM play.

Of course, the most bizarre thing was not this; the story was not over yet. The white lotus couldn't stand the torture anymore and finally committed suicide. Then she was reborn, and this time she wanted to obtain both male leads and control them in her hand. The result was Male Lead 2 gets blackened as well, causing her to get tortured to death by both male leads.

“Hehe, indeed a model example of ‘no zuo no die'.” [Banana : Meaning if you don't do it, you won't die.]

Listening to 001 telling the story, Lin Zisheng felt that it was not easy for a white lotus to get so r.e.t.a.r.ded. One cannot not admit that low IQ is indeed a crippling illness ah.

“Then what is my mission?”

[Please wait.]

[System scanning…]

[Your ident.i.ty is Male Lead 2, Lin Zisheng.]

[Main mission : Change the female lead's fate, prevent her from dying under Male Lead 1 or 2's hands. Reward : EXP 200 & 500 Points. Failure will deduct 500 Points.]

[Side Mission 1 : Raise positive feeling from Male Lead 1 to 80% and above. Reward : EXP 50 & 100 Points. No penalty for failure.]

[Side Mission 2 : Raise positive feeling from Female Lead to 80% and above. Reward : EXP 50 & 100 Points. No penalty for failure.]

[Side Mission 3 : Help Female Lead to untie the knot in her heart and ends her blackened situation. Reward : EXP 80 & 120 Points. No penalty for failure.]

[As a newbie, you have 1 chance of exemption. That means no penalty for first time failure. Also a reminder, when your points are lower than -2000, you will suffer 1-time physical injury. When your points are lower than -5000, you will suffer 1-time soul punishment, while getting below -10000 will get yourself directly destroyed.]

[Do you accept the task?]

Listening to 001 explaining the mission with its plain mechanical voice, Lin Zisheng was between laughter and tears. Change the female lead's fate? Can you really save a r.e.t.a.r.d?


Since he has decided to protect his family, Lin Zisheng absolutely will not allow himself to give up, even if some of the tasks were a bit disgusting, and.. it's not like these tasks don't have loopholes.

[As of now, Male Lead 1, Male Lead 2 and Female Lead are currently students from University A. Confirm entering the plot?]


Since the decision has been made, then everything should be done as soon as possible. Lin Zisheng was not someone who drag matters behind. Upon giving his confirmation, Lin Zisheng felt his surrounding fading and became brighter.

When Lin Zisheng could feel himself standing on the ground again, he looked down at his clothes and couldn't help wrinkling his eyebrows. He who was accustomed to wearing suits, is now wearing some kind of youthful attire. He really couldn't get used to it right away. He reached out to tug at his collar, then only he remembered that he was not wearing a shirt so he didn't wear a tie.

[Host, please take note that the target is 50 meters ahead at the northeast direction. Both of you will encounter each other in 2 minutes.]

“What?” Lin Zisheng was stunned when he heard 001's words, “Isn't the FL supposed to meet ML1 , then accidentally encountered ML2?”

He remembered that the story was written like this.

[Because FL is someone who has reborn, the world could only know the general context and couldn't completely grasp the FL's movement.]

Meaning the FL's movement right now will not be following the original plot. So he improvise as he goes? Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows, the corner of his lips curved up to a shallow smile and then instantly disappeared. He didn't forget that the Lin Zisheng in this world is an iceberg top student, he would easily get OOC-ed if he smiled too much.

Walking a few steps, he found a place to sit then he looked down at the book in his hand. His lowered eyelids concealed the maliciousness in his eyes, and the cold temperament from his body could be clearly seen ‘rejecting people outside a thousand miles away from him'. Although Lin Zisheng was the only person sitting on the long bench under the tree, no one dares to approach; this is probably the so-called aura of the iceberg top student. Of course, not everyone has discerning eyes. At the very least, the being called White Lotus doesn't have much 'eyesight', and very narcissistic as well.

White lotus Bai Wei carefully maintained her temperament while looking for her target. In her past life, she didn't appear at this place but ran into a ‘demon' that she could never forget at another location. And in this life, she will definitely change her fate and search for that person who has always been obsessed with her. She believed that even if the time that they should meet has changed, that person will definitely fall for her at first sight. Because she is very pure and lovable, how could there be anyone in this world who doesn't love her?

That ‘demon' treated her like that all because he fell deeply in love with her; so much in love that he couldn't bear to lose her. That's why he imprisoned her. And he tortured her because she wanted to escape. She knew about that ‘demon's' heart(feeling), so even if she hated him, she still decided to give him a chance. As long as he doesn't treat her roughly anymore, she still could reluctantly agree to be with him.

Of course, Lin Zisheng doesn't know all these thoughts that Bai Wei is thinking. If he knew, he would sigh in admiration; as expected from the Female Lead, the circuits in her brain is not the same as normal people.

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