The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride Volume 2 Chapter 56

Chapter 56 The Beauty Got Drunk

The servants were still busy clearing up the annoying snakes, which were transformed from Qianhua's spiritual thorns. She quickly took out the treasure from her sleeve -- MoYunye's dragon scale.

A scale from the Heavenly dragon could be a powerful talisman here. She would've never expected to use it for such case.

Qianhua waited till the midnight. She pulled out the dragon scale and gently sliced the enchantment with it. The enchantment was as thin as a cicada's wing and got dispersed like water steam…

"My Yun's scale works so much better than my thorn!"

Before she finished her words, she had stepped outside the Soulock Cave…


A bottle of strong liquor was warmed. It seemed to be the right time for a guest.

NanLiyue poured out the drink in a gilded gla.s.s. He had noticed LuoQianhua's steps behind the floor screen.

After Qianhua escaped Soulock Cave, she switched back to her original form. She kept checking out the dressing of the servants and maids along the path and tried to figure out their t.i.tle levels. She was looking for the servants with the highest level, who must be around where Demon King was. She finally found the coldest but most luxurious palace before dawn. LengHua Palace was exactly the type of living place NanLiyue would appreciate.

Qianhua turned back to her human form and started wondering around comfortably.

Apparently NanLiyue had been aware of her escape. Qianhua was a smart spirit; she was clear about the challenge for a visiting hedgehog to walk across the fully guarded Demon realm without being caught. Some servants were showing her the way over on purpose. She believed that NanLiyue must need a drinking companion in this long and lonely night. But when she was actually two feet away behind the screen, she started to hesitate. She felt embarra.s.sed about just showing up in a stranger's hall.

For a while, NanLiyue didn't do anything about the steps behind him. Qianhua heard the sound of him pouring out the liquor and drinking up. She got impatient and jumped out of the screen to sit across the table.

"Aren't you going to invite me over?"

NanLiyue was in silence.

"Are you going to drink alone till the sunrise?"

NanLiyue was still in silence.

"I did do a little trick on you. But you started it first! I knew you were watching over me. Otherwise I would have been escaping the Demon realm by now." Qianhua was sure that her chance to leave the Demon realm was small. So she went directly towards the king to ask for some living improvements.

But NanLiyue stayed quiet like an ice sculpture and kept ignoring the woman in front of him.

LuoQianhua was slightly irritated. She reached over for the liquor bottle and took a big drink to show her sense of presence.

But the liquor… tasted really strong!

Qianhua couldn't help coughing; and her face started to blush…

She heard NanLiyue's humming when she was coughing hard. She throw the bottle aside and shouted loudly, "Can't you say something?"

NanLiyue looked up with no words. He felt no need to talk to her. Qianhua's eyes were still rounded and teeth remained tightly shut when she fell down on the floor after a burp.

The beauty got drunk; yet the king had said nothing before that…

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