Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Chaos in the spring pool

Rendong is still remember the crown prince and say : “Miss, the crown prince should come!”

“Do you want him to get hurt again?” An Qingran chuckled.“No, the slave just thought that the crown prince was hurt and came to (find) Miss. Thank you for your help after the injury!” Rendong, however, has great illusions about the crown prince. Of course, it's for her Xiaojie.

“He's here, and I'm not going to do it myself?” An Qingran chuckled.

“Is there any other way?” Rendong sighed.

“Well, we don't have to ask for anything in return for our efforts!” A Qingran said and put the wild ginger in the pit, “don't you bury the soil soon?”

“But…” Rendong frowned, “the slave always felt that he should not have no news…”

“Just tell me. Don't let it go out. If the crown prince doesn't come, it's good for the General's mansion. After all, the secret people have the upper hand. He has been injured several times. If they knows that someone in the General's mansion has saved him. Afraid that we also will be regarded as enemies by those in the dark. By the time, we don't know who offended!”

Rendong a listening, frighten and dare not say again.

In fact,The question of who is the enemy of the General's mansion also puzzled An Zhongtao.

The last time An Qingran was robbed in Yuehua temple, he still now has no clue.

To be honest, he acted straightforwardly and offended many people. He could not imagine any one to deal with him casually.

There are too many enemies.

Lisn JinYu is in the room every day and she doesn't go out very much. It's too hot to say. She's really afraid of some accident !

The old lady also won't let her go to Beiyuan to accompany her for dinner every night. Everyone will make her the same food. An Qingran eat in Beiyuan, and will accompany her to have another meal if she has a s.p.a.ce in stomach.

That day, when she was eating, she smelled a sweet smell, not the smell of the meal. She found that it was a pot of flowers on the windowsill and said strangely: “Mother, this flower hadn't there before. Who gave it to you?”

“I don't know which concubine. All those people visit me and send me things every day. Either supplements or fun things to make me happy… “

An Qingran smells the fragrance of the flower and said: ” It's Night blooming jasmine fragrance. It's not common in our General's mansion, but it's trouble for them ….Wait! Mother, do you remember what Night blooming jasmine said in the medical book? “

Lian Jinyu looks at her face wrong, but she just frowns and couldn't remember anything: “How to say it? Are you testing your mother's medical skills? Didn't your biaojiu teach you a lot? Tell me! “

An Qingran frown and said: “Only Night blooming jasmine fragrance is strong. If you smell it for a long time, you will be in a happy mood. It is not good for you to sleep, but it has nothing to do with it. It doesn't affect you very much. However, when Night blooming jasmine fragrance mixed with the smell of nandai bamboo is poisonous . Although it can repel mosquitoes and insects, it is not good for your health…. Come on, move these two pots of flowers out! “

An Qingran speaking immediately gave instructions.

She was afraid that Lian Jinyu was too worried and didn't say it too seriously. In fact, the two kinds of flower fragrance are harmless to human beings, but when they are put together, they can produce a kind of Psychedelic poison, which makes people gradually have hallucinations. When they are sleepy at night, they are in a trance during the day. For a long time, let alone to keep the fetus, adults are also at risk.

Lian Jinyu thought, “yes, I didn't think of that. You are more attentive than me.”

“Yes, I'm studying hard. Fortunately, the smell of flowers is not so bad for my body. I'll take a look at the arrow orchid again. How can the leaves turn yellow? Who sent it? ” An Qingran began to pay attention to all the flowers in the house.

“The all people in this General's mansion. Sometimes when I am not here. Things they send it, Hong momo can't tell clearly. She has collected it all. But this basin seems to have existed. What's wrong? “

An Qingran look at the flower pot, suddenly frowned, lean on the flower leaves, she smelt them carefully, and said: “there is no flower blooming. How can the strange fragrance come?”

She picked up the shovel beside and dig up the soil. As she digs, the fragrance in the air became stronger and stronger, and her heart became more and more frightened. Until she dug out something like a black stone egg, she was shocked and immediately took it outside: “Hong momo, the farther you throw this, the better! And this potted flower, throw it out. ”

Hong momo didn't know what was going on, but she finds that An Qingran's face is rarely very angry. She was so scared that she wrapped it up and walked out of the yard.

“It's Musk!” said Lian Jinyu, who was behind her.

She also has studied medicine anyway, naturally she knows the musk.

When learning medicine it is also compulsory to recognize a drug.

An Qingran turn around: “Mother, who sent this flower, can you find out?”

“Look!” Lian Jinyu pointed to the flowers in the courtyard before the terrace, and said,”No one can remember so many flowers. Besides, this basin really looks like it's original . How can we find out when it was buried here? It's really difficult to deal with this matter. If it's not handled well, it makes people think that I'm making a chaos and deliberately don't tolerate people! “

An Qingran actually didn't think of this a bit. In her opinion, no one in the four or five concubines could escape this responsibility. They should all be sent home!

However. If you think about what your mother said, she knows that if you do this, The people in outside will definitely gossip that legal wife is pregnant with Di son, then she doesn't tolerate others.

But this thing is no small matter. An Qingran already started to have cold sweat. Fortunately, she has more clear sight and suspicions heart today. If it wasn't for the strong smell of the nocturnal fragrance, she would not have thought of anything and would not have smelled the sword orchid for no reason. If it had been in this room for a long time, her brother and sister would not have come into the world!

She ordered that all the flowers and plants in the yard be cleaned up. Then all the supplements and fabrics sent by those people were sent to the warehouse of the General's mansion. Once there was a movement in the Dongnuan Pavilion, the whole General's mansion knew it. The person who made the evil in the dark was also surprised. Unexpectedly, she had just moved a little and was found by others. However, she was afraid that they would find herself!

After An Zhongtao came back, Lian Jinyu hesitated for a long time. Do you want to tell him about it.

But when she saw the fatigue on his face, she swallowed it back. Yes, there are too many things happened in the General's mansion recently. She'd better let him save some heart.

Later, I really should be careful. If it is not Qingran, I don't know when I will find out!

This is also a lesson for her.

An Zhongtao is in a good mood after having a cup of tea in his chair. He said, “How is it? Today body is not comfortable? “ Leave a Reply Enter your comment here...

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