Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess Chapter 31

Chapter 31 A plan to protect her mother

niang –. Mother

didi — Younger brother 

Marrying him, giving advice and finally let him climb the dragon seat. What did he give her? Raising a child somewhere else with a woman who always covets for my status ? 

Or is it forcing poison on her to kill his own unborn child?

All she could recall in her memories with him was humiliation, calculation, deception. She never got any warmth by his side. Nevertheless, she pushed away all the people who loved and cared for her at the time…

Noticing her daughter's pale face, Lian JinYu asked worryingly. "Ran er? What's wrong? Do you feel unwell?"

Her mother's worried tone brought An Qing Ran back to reality. She turned to the woman smiling.

"Niang , Ran er doesn't want to marry!"

Lian JinYu was stunned by her daughter's words for a moment then burst in a laugher. "Silly child! Every girl has to marry one day, Don't tell me, are you thinking of staying with your parents for a lifetime?"

"Why can't this daughter accompany her parents until old age? This one doesn't wish to leave and doesn't have anyone she wants to marry!" Exclaimed Qing Ran sincerely.

Lian JinYu smiled at her daughter's words "This child! When mother saw you taking an interest in dressing and taking caring of one appearance, mother taught her daughter had grown up. Mother was worried but who knows you would think about such matters …” Speaking up to there her mother let out a small sorrowful chuckle"your feelings… mother and your father understand. Later you should not say these words again…"

Noticing her mother sadness, Qing Ran's smile crumbled. Pulling her mother's sleeves she acted spoiled :"mother yesterday, Ran er had a dream".

"Oh? Did you come in so early to speak about this dream to mother? What was it about?" asked Lian JinYu while she pulled her daughter into her embrace stroking her hair lightly.

Qing Ran made a pensive face as if she tried to recall it properly "Hmm, thinking about it, it was about our family! We were very happy together! Mother was teaching Ran er embroidery and daddy was teaching my younger brother archery. My didi was only one or two years old but he was already able to pull the bow…" An Qing Ran was surprised by her own words. She had taught she needed to find a way to persuade her mother to fight. Unexpectedly this beautiful family picture appeared in her mind!

"Your brother? An Ming Xuan?"

"No no, not Ming Xuan. Niang I am talking about my brother from the same mother and father!" she explained a big smile on her face.

"Nonsense! Where is this didi of yours?!"Lian JinYu retorqued but still indulged her daughter smiling lightly.

An Qing Ran turned to embrace her and put her small arms around Lian JinYu's neck. "Mother! You should give birth to my didi soon ok? Ran er can't wait to meet him!"

"This child! Still not ashamed to speak such nonsense?"

"Mother, you should really give Ran er a younger brother! Think about what happened yesterday. It seems like Yininag gave you the keys and the authority to the household. But still, she has a son and a daughter. This way her position is still firm. In the future when father hands over the family power to Ming Xuan what would happen? I am afraid that we mother and daughter will not have good days… Niang is true female master of family and  ought to manage the household. This daughter knows that mother would never bully Yiniang and her children, but it doesn't mean that the other person will act the same way… Look at the way Yiniang treated you for the past years! Aren't you disappointed? Father is temporarily angered with her conduct. But we don't know when his heart will soften again. What will happen when she is realised and used her flowery tongue? If mother refuses to take care of the household, does Niang think that father will not turn back to Yiniang? Who else would he turn to then?"

Saying all these she took the string of keys and handed them to her mother.

"Mother, this daughter know that you blame father because of what happened with Yiniang in the past. But your blame will only benefit others to create opportunities . Beside it is already been many years.What happened in the past cannot change, but we can build a better life. Yesterday, this daughter saw that father was concerned about you and that he still has mother in his heart! How about giving it a try?"

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