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Legend of Swordsman Chapter 150: Baili Chen

Chapter 150: Baili Chen

"His rank was underestimated." "He is strong enough to rank in the top five." "Stupid Luo Ang. Does he really think there is something wrong with the ranking decided by Golden-dragon Palace?" Those Temple Masters were talking and laughing. Many people doubted Jian Wushuang's strength and disputed whether he was qualified to rank tenth on the Earthly Dragon List. However, those Temple Masters of Dragon Palace never doubted it. The rank of the Earthly Dragon List was actually decided by Golden-dragon Palace. When evaluating Jian Wushuang's rank, those Temple Masters, who are seniors in Golden-dragon Palace, conferred about it and judged that he was qualified to rank in the top ten. "Not long ago, one of Blood Feather Tower's strongholds in Tianyan Province was destroyed. Hundreds of assassins were slaughtered, including over ten gold-masked assassins and one purple-masked assassin. Another purple-masked assassin only managed to live by fleeing..." Palace Master White talked about it slowly. "According to the news from Golden-dragon Palace, it was done by only one person. And he was just a warrior in the Primordial Gold Core Realm." "After hearing about it, I think it was done by Jian Wushuang. After all, when it occurred, he happened to be in Tianyan Province. I don't think I need to mention the hatred he feels towards Blood Feather Tower. "In the whole Tianzong Dynasty, he is the only warrior in the Primordial Gold Core Realm that would seek revenge against Blood Feather Tower in such a crazy manner." "But nobody witnessed how he killed so many assassins and the purple-masked assassin in that battle at the stronghold. It remains unknown whether he used some special skills or his own strength. Thus, we ranked him tenth in the Earthly Dragon List." "If he did it by his own strength, killing so many assassins and a purple-masked assassin alone, he deserves to be ranked in the top five of the Earthly Dragon List." "Now, it seems like he really did kill those assassins with his own strength," Palace Master Black said with a smile. "Exactly." Palace Master White and other Temple Masters all nodded slightly. The Martial Arts Practice Field was silent. After sheathing his Long Sword, Jian Wushuang slowly turned and walked toward Wang Yuan and the others. When he passed by Luo Ang, he stopped to glanced at Luo Ang and asked him in a cold voice, "Are you convinced now?" Luo Ang's heart trembled slightly. Convinced? How could he not be convinced? He was defeated by Jian Wushuang in three moves. If Jian Wushuang had not shown mercy, he would have been instantly killed by Jian Wushuang. How could he dare to not be convinced by such strength? Luo Ang turned red and began trembling at this moment. "Now, is anyone else dissatisfied with the results?" Palace Master White said, while looking around. Suddenly, nobody dared to say anything. This world operated under a simple principle. Whoever is strongest makes the rules. Before, Jian Wushuang had no recognized battle results, so he was unable to convince them. But now, no one doubted Jian Wushuang's rank on the Earthly Dragon List. After all, he defeated Luo Ang with only three moves. Naturally, no one dared to say anything. But at this moment... "Clap! Clap! Clap!" Applause sounded. As everyone looked at him, the handsome scarlet-robed youth slowly walked forward. After the scarlet-robed youth stepped forward, there was some turmoil on the field. The scarlet-robed youth was Baili Chen, an exceptional genius ranked second on the Earthly Dragon List. Jian Wushuang also looked over at him while squinting slightly. "Baili Chen, do you have a complaint?" Palace Master White looked at Baili Chen and asked him while frowning. "No. It's just rare to meet a such an exceptional genius. I want to compete with you." Looking at Jian Wushuang, Baili Chen smiled and said to him, "Even I might not be able to defeat Luo Ang in three moves. And, I think you didn't use all your strength, did you? I'm really curious what level your strength is really at." "Shall we have a competition?" "With you?" Jian Wushuang slightly changed his expression and then said with a smile, "For what? Just to see who's stronger?" "That's boring. How about we both go through the Heavenly Palace? We can see who makes it the farthest," Baili Chen said and smiled. "Go through the Heavenly Palace?" Jian Wushuang touched his nose and then nodded. "Okay." Hearing his answer, Baili Chen's mouth curled upward. The disciples in the area were having a heated discussion at that moment. "Go through the Heavenly Palace?" "Are Jian Wushuang and Baili Chen going through the Heavenly Palace?" "Are they having a competition?" Both the normal disciples and the seniors were shocked. One of them was famous, ranking second on the Earthly Dragon List for a long time. Not only that, he was unquestionably the top expert in Dragon Palace. Although the other had been famous for a shorter period of time, he had made it to this point at a rapid pace. He was already a legend, Jian Wushuang. Were they having a competition? "Let's start," Baili Chen suggested. "All right." Jian Wushuang nodded. They immediately went to the Heavenly Palace, while those disciples of the Dragon Palace followed them without any hesitation. The Two Palace Masters and those Temple Masters were talking and laughing. "Are they having a competition now?" "Good. Where there is competition, there is improvement." "To be honest, although both of them are in the Gold Core Realm, I'm still eager to watch them compete." "So am I. Let's go and have a look." "Haha. Let's go and find out who is the strongest." They talked and laughed while walking toward the Heavenly Palace. ... The Dragon Gate and the Heavenly Palace were the two major trials in Dragon Palace. The Dragon Gate specialized in testing their comprehension of Essences. Thus, more people chose to go through it. But, unlike the Dragon Gate, the Heavenly Palace tested overall strength. Almost no disciple went through it during ordinary times. Generally, disciples of Dragon Palace who reached a certain level and were going to travel outside alone would give it a try. The seniors who just returned had already gone through the Heavenly Palace and met the requirements needed to leave Dragon Palace. The Dragon Gate was a huge pavilion, standing inside Dragon Palace. But the Heavenly Palace was a corridor in a vast underground area. It was a large corridor, lined with flaming torches on both sides that lit up the whole area. Jian Wushuang and Baili Chen stood at the edge of the corridor and looked forward. In the corridor, there were many man-shaped shadows standing in the distance. Obviously, those lifeless shadows were Humanoid Puppets. Jian Wushuang had dealt with Humanoid Puppets before in the Trial Tower of Sword Marquis Mansion. They guarded this area. But compared with Humanoid Puppets in the Trial Tower, the puppets in front of them were much stronger. These Humanoid Puppets were called battle minions of the Heavenly Palace, and they were the main part of the trial of the Heavenly Palace. ...

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