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Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1456 The End Of The End

Chapter 1456 The End Of The End

Translator:Henyee TranslationsEditor:Henyee TranslationsOn the way back from Green Mountain Base, Wu Chengyue sat into the same car with Yuan Tianxing on purpose."I heard that you got raped. How was it? Are you happy?" Wu Chengyue looked at Yuan Tianxing and asked with a smile.Yuan Tianxing responded to him with the same kind of smile, "Werent you raped too? You tell me."Wu Chengyue first didnt know what to say, but then he said, "Judging by the smile on your face, I think you are happy."Then, he turned to the driver and said, "Stop the car. Let him out."The driver felt speechless while Yuan Tianxing said smilingly, "Your car is in the back. I think this one is mine."Wu Chengyue didnt know what to say."Stop the car, let me get out!"Du Yuanxing, as the driver, said to the two of them helplessly, "Alright, can you two please stop this and let me drive?"On hearing that, both Wu Chengyue and Yuan Tianxing realized that they were being a little childish.Still carrying a smile, Yuan Tianxing said, "If you dont go back to Sea City Base to clean up the mess you left as soon as you can, I think Zou will not only steal Teng and Ling Ling from you, but he might also steal your wife from you!""Why?" Wu Chengyue looked at him with confusion.Yuan Tianxing said, "He wants to trade the land around Sea City Base for our soil-purifying formula. I think Lin Qiao said yes. Dont know you about it?"The smile on Wu Chengyues face faded a little as he said, "I really didnt know about that! Why do those two like land-trading so much?"After three years of stable development, the farm in All Beings Base had grown much bigger than before. The expansion was for meeting the needs of all existing bases. However, the total population of Green Mountain Base, Sea City Base, Heilong Base, Huaxia Base and Mongols Base was beyond three-million. After three years of development, the population of Base Number One in All Beings Base had grown too, and the number of zombies in Base Number Two had tripled.But still, the farm was short-handed. It was really not easy meeting the needs of all the other bases, so Lin Qiao decided to let Sea City Base people grow their own food. However, the soil-purifying formula was highly important. If it were handed to Sea City Base without a reliable person there to guard it, the situation might become chaotic again soon."So, I think Chief wants you to go back too. After all, its so annoying that youre staying at her place everyday," said Yuan Tianxing."But if I went back to Sea City Base, my chance to have the third kid will become even lower than now," said Wu Chengyue.Yuan Tianxing really wanted to roll his eyes. "That cant be forced. The baby will come to you if its meant to be yours. If not, youll never have the third baby, not even if youre exhausted to death in bed?"Wu Chengyues face even grew dark. What did he mean by exhausted to death in bed? How come the more he looked at the guy, the more annoying he became? How dare he curse him right in front of him!Back in the base, Lin Feng saw Yuan Tianxing and said, "Youre finally an official family member!""Brother-in-law," said Lin Hao."Hey, Brother-in-law," Lin Qiao looked at him with a meaningful smile, "Dont ever break my little sisters heart, or Ill make you regret." She then clenched her fists and continued with, "Youre in a different place now, so youll be treated differently as well."Tianxing didnt know what to say. When he saw the files on his desk, which were twice as many as usual, he figured out what Lin Qiaos words meant.Unlike what Yuan Tianxing experienced, Wu Chengyue wasnt expecting to be kicked out by his wife once he got home."Get back to your Sea City Base. Get out of my way!" Lin Qiao cast a glare at him and then turned and left. He quit as a Chief and then came to her place to be a jobless man. Now, the more she saw him, the more annoyed she felt.Wu Chengyue didnt know what to say. Anyhow, he had no choice but to pack his things and return to Sea City Base. What else could he do? His queen had given him the order. How could he not follow it?On the other side, Kong Qingming returned to the base and showed up in the hospital."When can he wake up?" Kong Qingming looked at the man lying in the ICU as he asked Moli, who was beside him."The toxins inside him have mostly been removed. But as for when hell wake up, it depends on his own will power."At that moment, a few people came over from the other side of the hallways. They were four men surrounding another man. The man in the middle had a bearded face and was wearing loose-fitting clothes. His face showed frustration."Hey." Kong Qingming nodded at the man.He was no one else but Li Yueshan. The one lying in the room was his brother, who was rescued by Kong Qingming."What about your decision? This is your last time seeing your little brother, right? You cant see him anymore if you dont say yes." Kong Qingming looked at him and said.Li Yueshan walked to his side, looking into the room through the glass wall. After spending a while looking at his brother, who was in a deep sleep, he nodded and said, "Yes."Kong Qingming patted on his shoulder and said, "You should have said yes a long time ago. Why waste so much time? The mission is dangerous, but even if you cant come back alive, your brothers treatment will still continue. Hell wake up one day."Li Yueshan shook his head and said, "No. I didnt say yes because I wanted to see him a few more times, to see if he were getting better. He is getting better. Now, I can go without worry."His mission wasnt hard. It was basically to go down to the underground space and gather herbs.The monster left because the place wasnt suitable for living anymore. Currently, the place was filled with a great amount of poisonous gas and all kinds of mutated plants. It was highly dangerous. Normally, only about fifteen percent of the people who carried that mission could come back alive.Therefore, after discussion, the leaders of Sea City Base decided to send prisoners to perform that kind of mission. No matter if they could return safely or not, the mission could be considered as their punishment and redemption.As for Mo Yan. Lin Qiao failed to let him kill Si Kongchen as she promised, so she agreed to fix the voice of his zombie girl. After she did that, she looked at Mo Yan and the girl in a very weird way.That look in her eyes made him feel very uncomfortable. "What are you looking at?" he asked.Lin Qiao glanced at the pretty zombie girl and then smiled, "Nothing."To her surprise, the pretty girl with Mo Yan the whole time was actually aIt shocked her that there were transvestites even among zombies.What shocked her even more was the fact that Mo Yan had no idea that the girl was actually not a girl. She could really laugh about that for a whole year!Mo Yan always liked pretty girls. He kept the girl only because she was pretty. ButThe fake girl kept the secret the whole time and followed Mo Yan from the beginning to the end. She must be so deep in love with him!Lin Qiao really wanted to keep the pretty fake girls secret, but sadly, Mo Yan was smart. The look in Lin Qiaos eyes made him suspicious. So, he came to Lin Qiao and asked her what that look meant repeatedly, every single day. She refused to answer the question first, and he started to harass the girls around her, making people fight himLin Qiao felt so annoyed, so at last, she told him the truth.Looking at Mo Yan stunned face, Lin Qiao tried very hard to not laugh out loud, "You asked me to tell you! I told you that knowing the truth might not be a good thing for you!"After spending about ten seconds being shocked, Mo Yan suddenly turned and left. Two days later, Lin Qiao saw him again, and the way she looked at him became even weirder than the last time."Im going blind. You are actually a bottom!"Mo Yan stayed silent, wanting to die.When he learned that he was fooled the whole time, he was so angry. He went to the girl to question him, but while asking the questions, the girl well, actually, the man suddenly laid himself upon him. The man suddenly became as tall as him and even more stronger and powerful. He didnt even know how that happened. Why the hell did the man make himself look like a girl who was weaker and shorter and prettier than him, just to stay around him this whole time?"Its because of love! I think he really loves you!" Lin Qiao answered the question in his head.Mo Yan still stayed silent. He felt like he was going to vomit blood until he died.Then, it was Duan Juans story. Someday, she ran into Xiao Licheng and his team while performing a mission. Xiao Licheng and his men were poisoned by some kind of mutated plant, and not even Lin Qiaos lake water could detoxicate it completely.Their lives were saved, but they suffered a weird sequela.By the time Duan Juan and her people found them, the group of men were holding trees or each other, kissing, twisting their bodies, or even tearing clothes. Duan Juan and her people covered their eyes and turned their heads at first, because that scene was so unpleasant to the eyes.But after that, they started laughing and even took their phones to take videos of them."Im surprised that this average-looking man can be a little tempting like this." Looking at the red-faced Xiao Licheng, who was breathing heavily with his eyes narrowed and lips slightly opened, Duan Juan felt as if something deep in her heart were switched on, and that led to a sudden impulse."What should we do?" Her assistant looked at her.Duan Juan hurriedly adjusted her expression and put on a serious look, "Give then our antidote and see if itll work. If its not working, knock them out. I dont think theyll stay in this state for long. Theyll recover over time.""Alright." The assistant did what she said. Then, he turned and found her holding Xiao Licheng, walking toward the other side. "Captain, where are you going?"Duan Juan turned and looked at Xiao Lichengs face as he said with a smile, "Im going to help him."The assistant asked the man with confusion, "Why cant she help him here, with all the others? Why is she taking him somewhere else?"The man was confused too. "I dont know."An hour later"They were gone for an hour. How exactly is she helping him?" said the assistant.The other man seemed to have guessed out something but didnt know if he should say that out loud.By the time Xiao Licheng came back, the look on Xiao Lichengs face had turned back normal. However, if one observed him carefully enough, theyd find him keeping an indescribable distance from Duan Juan.Duan Juan didnt mind and only looked at him smilingly from time to time.Xiao Licheng was screaming in his head Damn it! I was raped by a woman who is probably a hidden sadist! What can I say? Could I scream for help? No! That was too shameful!Also, how come All Beings Base women were so into raping men? Was that something contagious?

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