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Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 734: Can You Help Me To Get On The Shore?

Chapter 734: Can You Help Me To Get On The Shore?

"Xijiu, did you purposely come out here to save me?" Di Fuyis voice became gentle. "Ive told you. I was just passing the area! I PASSED BY!!!" Gu Xijiu was very impatient. It was true that this was merely a coincidence. She did not expect such a mighty man to drown. Gu Xijiu started to think about her wellbeing. She should have slept early instead of returning the medicine to Di Fuyi. Had she done so, she would not even come here and end up getting herself into so much trouble. Gu Xijiu regretted her action but wanted to at least make Di Fuyi aware that she saved him, "So, do you know who saved you?" She also naturally wanted to know who he thought he kissed and groped earlier. Di Fuyi looked at her and said casually, "Nobody can come near to me." Gu Xijiu frowned, "What?" What a liar! Even a weasel could have dragged him away in that situation. How could she be so close to him just now then? Di Fuyi sighed as he has never been drunk. However, he had set a wizardry barrier as protection even when he was drunk. Once someone broke into the barrier, they would be pushed away by Di Fuyis spiritual power. The harder they tried to attack him, the further away they would be pushed. This explanation sounded reasonable. If Di Fuyi could not defend himself even when he was asleep, he would have died a thousand years ago! Was Gu Xijiu the only exception to the barrier that she could go so close to him and even hug him and pull him? Perhaps his body could recognize her, and the barrier would not have any effect when it sensed her presence. But was this unique to her? Gu Xijiu did not know the answer to that, but she thought he was fooling her again. However, it was unnecessary to argue over this lie as it was very subjective. Thus, she laughed and wanted to swim over to the shore. He coughed again and asked, "Where are you going?" Where else could she go? Of course, she was going back to sleep! Gu Xijiu did not bother him and wanted to leave, but he pulled her sleeve and asked, "Are you going to see him again?" Gu Xijiu pulled her sleeve away and answered rudely as she swam away, "Its none of your business!" It was quiet behind her. After swimming away for a while, she still did not hear anything from the back and decided to turn back and have a look. Her heart skipped a beat when she turned around. Di Fuyi was floating on the surface of the water with his head down. Gu Xijiu was shocked and swam back. As she pulled his hand, she noticed that his veins on his hands had expanded they looked like they were going to burst anytime soon. Gu Xijiu had seen this before, and it happened when he lost control of himself. Di Fuyi raised his head and looked at her. His lips were trembling, "Xijiu, could could you help me to get onto the shore?" Right after he finished talking, his head fell into the water again. Gu Xijiu was shocked and was cursing away in her heart. She used all her strength to pull him up to the shore again. ... Gu Xijiu felt that she must have owed him a lot in her previous life. Hence, she was here to return his favors as compensation now. Di Fuyi could not even sit up properly when he got onto the shore. Therefore, she decided to let him lean on her body. Initially, she let him lean on her back, but he could not even lean on her properly. Sadly, Gu Xijiu needed to make him lean on her shoulder, and she had to hug him with one of her hands to keep him stable.

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