Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 99: BE CAREFUL

It was a way to twenty minutes to walk from the girls' dorm to the painting class. The class was in the third floor. Not waiting for the capsule lift, Mu Lan took the stairs.

On the second floor, she heard some girls talking about something. The phrase 'Queen of Beauty' caught her attention. Stopping on the track, she looked at the a group of four girls. Curiously, she walked towards them.

Just then one of them gasped as she looked at the corridor. Subconsciously,Mu Lan also looked at the corridor and her eyes halted on a handsome boy. He had a tall figure, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was smiling at the girls and the girls were cheering.

'A perfect Italian boy.' Mu Lan thought as her lips twitched. Just she was about to look elsewhere, her gaze halted on the girl who opened a door and walked out.

Mu Lan blinked few times before understanding that she wasn't dreaming. The girl was 5'5'' high. She was shorter than Mu Lan. She got blonde hair which was glittering in sun light. Her hair was disciplined and laid on the her bosom peacefully. She took good care of herself. Her skin was pale and had a slender body. She wasn't as thin as a model but her body was healthy and any man would dream to have her. Her green eyes glowed as she looked at the sun. Her lips were natural pink. Her almost round face and skin color said that she was half Chinese.

She got a drawing book and pencil box which meant that she finished her class minuted ago. She walked towards Mu Lan.

That Italian boy from earlier came in front of her and he spread his hands on the both side. With full of confidence, he said loudly, "Ying, my love."

But the girl called Ying didn't gave him any reaction. In the last moment, she simply dodged the hug of that boy and walked past him. She treated him like a thin air. That confident guy looked very awkward.

A trace of smile spread on Mu Lan's lips. 'I like this girl's attitude.' She thought. She looked around that Ying girl. Some boys sighed in relief. Some girl gave Ying a jealous look like the group earlier. Other's treat it like they were used to it and didn't pay too much attention.

Mu Lan looked at the group she was going to. Those girls were looking at Ying in a malicious gaze. Mu Lan was still standing in the corner of the corridor, closer to the stairs.

As Ying passed Mu Lan to go downstairs, Mu Lan warned her in a low voice, "Be careful."

Startled, Ying looked back at her. Clear shock written all over her face. Mu Lan nodded at her and went to upstairs.

'That girl is surprisingly innocent. She is more like an open book. What she is thinking is too easy to read.' Mu Lan thought. She was surprised too. For a western beauty, Mu Lan thought that they were very natural and mature. But this girl was polar opposite. Her face was slightly blushing which meant that she was affected by that Italian boy's declare. However, she made everyone believe that she was totally unaffected. It showed her habitual practice or habitual performance which meant that she was used to it from the very beginning.

Mu Lan didn't think much about it. She headed towards the class.

After the class was over, she walked towards the library. She admitted that that she got herself some peculiar classmates. Girls or boys, everyone was too much into their class, they hardly talked to each other. Their dress up was different from other students. She saw some groups and talked to them. All they talked about was art and future of art.

Mu Lan sighed. She thought that she could make some new friends. But it seemed that everyone in her class had only one purpose in their life, which was 'making arts the reality'. Though art and life was whole different things. However, this session's main target was to give art the life.

Mu Lan bit her lower lips and walked fast. As she was walking, she was admiring the sky. The sky was clear and in the sky blue canvas, white clouds were floating. The sun was also in happy mode. Today he wasn't glaring but smiling warmly at the earth people.

The sun's warm ray filled Mu Lan's heart. For some reason, the sun remind her of Mu Liang. Mu Liang's gaze was also as warm as the sun light. It gave her security.

She smiled thinking of Mu Liang and as she turned left on the corridor of the library, she collided with someone. It was a girl.

Mu Lan was walking fast so she couldn't balance her stance and the girl was also startled by Mu lan's sudden appearance as they both fell on the floor.

Mu Lan was the one who reacted first. She quickly got up and helped that girl to stand up to. The girl was carrying four books, two note books and a pencil box. They carefully picked them up.

Mu Lan gave that girl her belongings, then bowed and said, "Sorry." After that she looked at the girl properly.

The girl was about 5'2''. She was really short and skinny. Her skin color was jade white and anyone would think that she had no blood inside of her body. Her brown hair touched her waist. They were unbelievably silk. Her lips were thick and as red as red rose. It was quite unacceptable. Where she got no blood on her body, it was like all of her blood gathered in her lips. The color gave her face extra charm. The thing which was more attractive of her was her ash colored eyes.

Mu Lan stared at her eyes without blinking. Thus she got to meet the third interesting character today.

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