Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 98: ADAPTATION

Yan Su was very straight forward. Her question made Mu Lan's ears burn in embarrassment. She almost stammered while lowing her head, "I'm sorry."

Her innocence made Yan Su laugh hard. While laughing she said, "Geez, I was just joking." She pointed out Mu Lan's collar which Mu Lan wanted to hide so much and said, "I know you recently got a boyfriend."

Mu Lan concealed her neck and shrank her body. She was feeling like a girl who was being picked on.

Her nervousness caught Yan Su's eyes. She said, "If you want to hide it so much why don't you use cream concealer?"

"I don't have one." Mu Lan said truthfully.

Yan Su nodded and replied, "No worries. I have a new one. I'll let you borrow it."

Mu Lan shook her head continuously as she said, "Thank you but I don't need it."

Yan Su was preparing for going to her room. Hearing Mu Lan, she looked back and asked, "So you want people to know that how intimate you are with your boyfriend?"

And then Mu Lan agreed.

They went to downstairs and in this six storied building, Yan Su lived in the third floor in the corner, just above Mu Lan.

When they entered the room, Mu Lan started to observe her surroundings. The room was dyed in pink. It was neat and clean and everything was well organized. There was four beds and reading tables but there were signs of living three girls.

Mu Lan still asked, "How many of you live here?"

Yan Su gave her a boring look. "Unfortunately I got myself two anti-social roommates. We hardly talk to each other."

Mu Lan was puzzled. She asked, "Why is that?"

Yan Su sat on her bed and said, "Why, indeed. One of them is well known in the whole university for her beauty. She is from an influential family. Beauty as she is, she hardly talks to anyone. Another one is known for her scholar personality."

Yan Su pointed out the bookshelf full of books. "All she does is reading books. She took the whole bookshelf. We didn't mind though. I don't like books much. So does our Queen of Beauty. Look at the bookworm's bed. The shelf wasn't enough for her to keep the books. Even she sleeps with books."

Mu Lan's eyes almost popped out of the socket. She was a book lover too. But this was crazy what she was watching.

She replied, "Don't you think it's good for having such quiet room like no one lives in here except you?"

Yan Su stroked her chin as she thought about it. Then she nodded and said, "You're not wrong. It's better than drag addicts and chain smokers. But still, roommates are supposed to be friends. I feel lonely." She looked helpless as she talked.

She looked like a lost puppy who had no family.

Mu Lan was standing in front of a reading table and picked up a book written 'How to Become Social'. She brought it to Yan Su and said, "Maybe they are just giving to some space so that you can adjust yourself. I think they're being kind to you."

Mu Lan sat beside Yan Su and continued, "Maybe they are not being carefree. They are being serious about you because you are their roommate. If they really are anti-social, then they just don't know how to approach you."

Then Mu Lan asked, "You never shared your feelings with them, did you?"

Thinking for a minute Yan Su replied, "You are right. I didn't. I thought that they are not interested in me."

Mu Lan smiled, "It's not easy to understand anti-social or shy people. At first, they look hard to approach and proud. When you get to know them, you'll see how wonderful they are."

There was a soft gaze in Mu Lan's eyes which was noticed by Yan Su. She asked Mu Lan, "Do you know someone like that?"

Mu Lan got startled by the question. She thought hard but couldn't remember any person like that. However, she felt like that she forgot something important. She shook her head and said, "No. Not really."

Yan Su kept looking at her, then she stood up, went closer to her wardrobe, opened it, took out a small box and threw it towards Mu Lan.

Mu Lan tried to catch it but failed two times. Each time she tried to catch it, the box flow away above her. On her third try, she did catch it, however, she almost laid down on the bed.

Yan Su said, "Gosh, you suck at this."

Mu Lan gave her a hard smile. She didn't mention that she just woke up from coma after nine months.

Mu Lan went to the bathroom and applied the cream. It concealed all the hickeys. Relieved she opened the door and walked out. She looked at Yan Su and with smile she said, "Thank you very much Yan Su. I'll pay for the cream."

Yan Su hurriedly waved her hands and said, "No need. It is something that my mother gave it to me. But I don't use such stuffs, so I put it away. Today I got someone to give it to her. You can keep it for the advice you gave me today. I'll talk to them when I meet them."

Mu Lan smiled and nodded. She replied, "That's very nice of you and good luck. I'll head back now."

Yan Su smiled as well, "Sure." Then she walked Mu Lan out.

Mu Lan straight went back to her room, put down the cream on the table, took out her class routine. According to the routine, there were tree classes for painting and one class for sculpture today.

With jolly mind, she took necessary notebook and book, and also water bottle, put them on her school bag. At last, she looked at the mirror, seeing herself one more time, then finally she headed out to catch the class.

Today was a grand new day, and it was the day she started her adaptation in the new world.

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