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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 97: LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?

Chirp! Chirp!!

Beautiful melody of birds woke up Mu Lan from her slumber. She slowly opened her eyes and mellow sun ray hit her eyes. Immediately she closed her eyes.

She moved her head to opposite direction and again opened her eyes.

At first glance, it was very unfamiliar. She got the same feeling like she felt a week ago in Mu Mansion. She got slightly nervous. It took her few seconds to remember that she was at the dorm.

Unfamiliarity, this emotion would chase her everywhere she would go. It was becoming a trauma.

As soon as she remembered last evening, she looked around the room, looking for Mu Liang. Seeing his coat was gone, she realized that he was long gone. Probably when she fell asleep he went out.

What she didn't know that Mu Liang slept beside her till dawn. He just could not let her stay alone for the first time in a new place, or he just couldn't let her go. But before he left, he gave her a sweet punishment.

When her stomach growled loudly, Mu Lan realized she was really hungry. Stocking her stomach she

took some deep breaths, then got up from the bed. She went to bathroom to freshen up. She dressed up and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Ah!" She let a small scream.

She felt that she was having a nightmare. Blood rushed in his face. There were whole new hickeys all around her neck. She tried to cover her neck with her hands. But she would never walk on the campus covering her neck like that. Realizing her own stupidity she let out a groan.

She didn't have any skin tone cream and she didn't want to borrow from unknown girls. So she looked through the wardrobe and found no scarf. Frustration came over her. Today, she wore a sleeveless top. Now she had to change it into a shirt.

Even though she had to go for so much trouble with her hungry stomach, not even once she blamed or cursed Mu Liang. It was like, Mu Lan completely forgot the culprit who did this to her. Or maybe she forgave him. Or maybe she was used to it. It couldn't be that she liked it, right?

Then she opened the freeze and saw some fresh vegetable. Her face lit up. She took some vegetables and washed them.

The problem arose when she went to cut them. She didn't know how to cut vegetables. She took her tablet and searched in YouTube 'How to cook vegetable soup'.

She saw the video for two minutes. Then closed the tablet and put the vegetables back to the freeze. She took out a packet of instant noodles and poured hot water and ate it. While eating, she missed Cook Eve's food.

'Looks like I need some time to adapt the new environment.' She thought unpleasantly. No matter how much she wanted to go back to Mu Mansion, she had to go through it because she wanted to permanently live there.

Which normal woman would miss such opportunity? Furthermore, Mu Liang was only giving her the city of gold*. He didn't offer it to anybody. Moreover, he was handsome and wasn't a womanizer. Also he took good care of her. So it was normal for her to grab the opportunity. And it was completely normal.

Getting ready, Mu Lan walked out of the room and looking around her dorm. Every female students were busy with their stuffs. Seeing a new face, they curiously looked at her. Some of them said 'hi' to her. Some of them just observed her. Some of them just ignored. However, even for a second, they all felt jealous of her beauty.

She made her way to rooftop. As Mu Lan opened the door, she saw a girl practicing judo moves by herself. She looked very confident in her moves. Her skin was yellow white. Her hair was black. Her eyes were as sharp as eagle. She was Chinese. She was sweating a lot. Probably she was practicing for a while.

Hearing the sound of opening door, that girl stopped her practice and looked at Mu Lan. Mu Lan smiled awkwardly and said, "Sorry for disturbing you."

That girl smiled at her. It was a friendly smile, making Mu Lan feel less nervous. That girl without saying anything took her water bottle and drank mouthful. With her wet towel, she wiped her mouth, neck and hands. Meanwhile, Mu Lan was quietly looking at her.

After wiping she looked at Mu Lan and said, "It's okay. This place is open for everyone." She observed Mu Lan for a while and then said, "You are the new girl."

Mu Lan nodded and replied, "Yes, I came yesterday."

That girl made her way towards Mu Lan. She said,"It's not easy to admit here. You must be talented." Her light brown eyes were filled with curiosity.

Mu Lan smiled awkwardly remembering the way she got admitted. She shook her head shyly and said, "Not really."

That judo girl smiled and said, "You don't have to be modest around me. I like people who show me their real feelings."

Mu Lan also smiled hearing that line. She said, "Like wise."

That girl extended her right hand and introduced herself, "I'm Zhen Yan Su. You can call ma Yan, Su or YanSu. Your call. "

Mu Lan shook her hand with Yan Su and introduced herself, "Call me Lan."

Mu Lan didn't dare to use the title 'Mu'. She knew that 'Mu' was an influential title which shouldn't be used everywhere. Even Mu Liang always kept low profile.

Yan Su smirked, "Won't tell the title I see." Then she said, "It's okay. You are not obliged to tell me your title."

Her blunt and honest respond made Mu Lan relaxed like her. Mu Lan observed her. Yan Su was 5'8" tall. She had a slender body. Her eyes were light brown and lips were pale. Moreover, she was simply gorgeous.

Noticing Mu Lan's gaze full of admire, Yan Su smiled brightly and said, "Like what you see?"

Mu Lan felt greatly embarrassed hearing such thing. She retreated her eyes. Her ears turned.

*City of Light= Mu Mansion


Dear Lovely Readers, miss me? Please don't tell me you guys thought I quit.

All blame to your Happy-go-lucky Author. This Author was too busy to create new characters that she forgot to update new chapters.

In these upcoming chapters, there will be some significant characters which you guys will love to death and you can't forget them till the novel ends.

It took me two days to characterized them.

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