Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 96: SUBCONSCIOUSLY

Mu Lan wasn't prepare at all when Mu Liang wanted to leave. She thought that he was going to stay a little while. However, as soon as she came out of bathroom after having a hot water shower, Mu Liang wanted to leave.

He gradually stood up and looked at her before saying, "I should get going."

Mu Lan froze on the spot upon hearing his line. She wanted to say something but her throat was suddenly dry. She hid her loneliness and nodded silently. She tried her best to smile but her heart was saying something different. It was empty.

Then she heard him saying, "If you have any problem, call me any time."

She was taken aback.

This guy, always, always saying something to make her abandon everything and to choose him regardless what he was. From the moment she opened her eyes she saw that his first priority was she. He even missed his meetings and important works for her. He took her out so that she can enjoy her life in here. He, without any complain, accepted all her selfish wishes. To give her a successful life, he let her study. He didn't want her to let go. But she insisted to stay at dorm and though he was very unwilling, he let her stay there. Even he spent millions to decorate her room.

Never once, he thought about his own wish when he dealt with her. She could understand his urge to cage her. But he never had done anything ruthless to make her uneasy. He maybe strict to others but he was the most gentle man she ever met.

Even now, he was telling her to contact him if she needed any help.

'How can there be such a man?'

Looking at his broad back, Mu Lan's eyes filled with tears.

She was going to miss his voice. She was going to miss his deep gaze. She was going to miss his touch. She was going to miss his warmth. She was going to miss him.

She really didn't want him to go so quickly.

Before she could think of anything, subconsciously she reached out her hand and hugged him tight .

Then she realized, how much he meant to her. He gave her security. He gave her company. He gave her everything she wanted. And subconsciously, she reached out to him countless times. She just couldn't stay away from him.

Mu Liang who was also feeling lonely, the sudden hug made him feel overwhelmed with lots of emotions. It was the first time Mu Lan ever touched him on her own. Happiness, warmth as well as strong affection with stiffness, all of them made his heart go wild.

Mu Liang didn't know what to do. As he tried to turn over and kiss her hard, he realized that she was shaking. Her whole body was trembling.

At first, he thought that she was afraid of being alone in an unknown place. But when he turned to look at her, he was dumbstruck. She was actually crying. Her pearl like tears were glittering.

Looking at her beautiful yet sad face, he hugged her and stroked her back gently. Such gentleness made Mu Lan cry even more.

Mu Liang was helpless. It was the first time he saw her crying this much. It was as if she didn't want him to go. Mu Liang knew that it wasn't right but he felt happy inside. He thought that maybe she would agree to live in the mansion.

After few minutes of crying, Mu Lan 's eyes became all red and puffy. Her cheek was also red. She sobbed a little while.

Helpless Mu Liang who couldn't guess why she was crying this hard, lovingly took her in his arms and walked towards the bed. He softly sat her down on the bed and gave her a glass of water and with tissue he slowly wiped her tears away.

Drinking a glass of water, Mu Lan was feeling a bit okay. Suddenly she felt shy for crying like a baby. Her face slowly turned red.

Seeing her red face, Mu Liang could guess that she was becoming normal. He rubbed her head with love and asked, "Are you feeling bad or scared? Do you want to go to the mansion with me?"

Mu Lan shook her head. She was looking at her hands which were on the lap. She didn't dare to look at Mu Liang. She was worried. If he was going to look at her face, he would simply carry her to the mansion and never let her go.

Mu Liang knew that he was wishing for too much. Even though his heart was prepared, still he got a blow and it hurt his heart. His heart sank. But he didn't let her know. He didn't want to force her. He wished that slowly she would open her heart to him and it was only possible when she could share all her feelings with him and could show her all her weakness and roughness.

So Mu Ling helped her lay down and he was laid down, then hugged her with one hand. With other hand he caressed her back slowly.

"I dirtied you shirt. Sorry." Her voice was hoarse because she cried after a long time.

Her voice pained Mu Liang. Gently, he said, "It's okay. Don't worry about it. It is normal to get upset. If you feel scared or lonely, all you just have to do is call me. I'll come and stay with you. Okay?"

Mu Lan, whose head was buried in his warm chest, nodded obediently.

Mu Liang smiled. To make the situation normal and easy, he said, "When I come over, help me with drawing. I'm really really bad at this."

Mu Lan giggled after hearing him.

Mu Liang went on, "Don't forget to take your meal properly, even if you go to library or prepare for you upcoming exam. You health have to be your first priority. Understood?"

Mu Lan nodded again.

Then Mu Liang hugged her closely, then said, "Sleep now. I'll stay with you till you fall asleep."

Mu Lan nuzzled his chest with her head.

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