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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 95: IT IS HARD TO LET GO

Mu Liang looked at Mu Lan. He felt satisfied seeing her surprised expression. Mu Lan was looking at the room in daze. Her eyes were round, hazy. Her mouth was slightly open as if she wanted to say something but couldn't utter a word.

Mu Liang took her hand and walked into the room with her. Just then Mu Lan looked at him. Her eyes were filled up with full of gratitude.

"Thank you." She said softly and shortly.

Mu Liang looked at her with great affection. He replied, "There is nothing you should thank me for. You deserve all the happiness and fairness in this world."

Mu Lan looked into his deep eyes. His eyes were honest and truthful. She chewed her lower lip. For past few days she observed that Mu Liang never lied to her at all. It gave a sense of security. Only his truthfulness made her believe in him so much.

She complained, "You are too good to me."

Mu Liang smiled seeing her pouting face. He replied, "Of course I am. If I'm not, who will?" Behind of his words meant that he was her (future) husband, so he had every right to pamper her, not anyone else.

Mu Lan's heart flattered as she understood the inner meaning.

At the door, Mu Feng was standing. His face was sour. 'Oi, oi, you guys are not alone. Don't you think I had enough of your dog food?' He felt mentally hurt and coughed a little to let them know his presence.

Startled, both of hem looked back and saw Mu Feng. For ruining the mood, Mu Liang looked coldly at his younger brother.

As if he didn't understood the warning gaze, Mu Feng started to walk around the room. He observed that the arrangement of the room was simple but dignified. The decoration of the room was well matched with Mu Lan's taste and her personality.

Mu Feng knew that his brother was personally involved in this but there was something off. In the decoration, there was a touch of a woman. He could feel it. It wasn't possible for Mu Liang. It was hard to believe that his elder brother worked with a woman. It was very unusual. Curiously, he looked at his brother.

Feeling his younger brother's sharp gaze, Mu Liang glanced back. Reading his eyes, Mu Liang opened his mouth and with a sound her moved his lips.

Reading his lips, Mu Feng eyes grew bigger. His elder brother said, 'Louise Fontaine'. Mu Feng pursed his lips in understanding and gave his brother a 'thumbs up'.

Two Mu brothers interaction was unknown to Mu Lan. She looked back and forth. She went to look at the washroom, painting room and kitchen. She could cook if she wanted and she didn't have to go to the canteen to buy food. Her eyes sparkled when she looked around.

The reading table had two parts. On one part there was a laptop set up and another part was for studying. On the drawer, there was a credit card.

Mu Lan looked at the man who was responsible for everything. She said, "Liang Liang, it's too much."

Mu Liang listened to her complain. Then walk towards her and gently rubbed her head. He replied, "Lan, you deserve more. If it wasn't for your simplicity, then I would make everything around you grand."

Mu Lan couldn't say anymore. She only hold her tongue back.

To give the Mu couple some privacy, Mu Feng left earlier. Mu Lan took bath, changed her dress into simple homely dress and walked out of the bathroom. She saw Mu Liang was sitting on the swing and was looking out of the window.

Hearing noise behind him, Mu Liang looked back and froze for a second. He saw Mu Lan was wearing simple pink t-shirt and skirt. Her hair was wet and she was drying her hair in towel. Her skin looked incredibly soft and after a hot bath her skin was red. Some droplets of water was on her forehead and behind her neck.

Such enticing scenario made Mu Liang's heart race. He could feel his blood was boiling. He knew that he shouldn't stay here long, so he gradually stood up and put on his coat.

Noticing the movement beside her, Mu Lan glanced at him. Seeing him getting ready to go back, suddenly her heart sank. She really was not ready to live alone all of a sudden in an unknown place.

Mu Liang looked at her and said, "I should get going."

Mu Lan was good at hiding her feelings. She simply nodded and tried to smile. Looking st her half smiled face, Mu Liang's heart ached. He said, "If you have any problem, call me any time." Again, Mu Lan nodded.

Mu Liang wanted to hear her voice. Since she didn't say a word, he turned around to leave with unsatisfied heart. However before he could take the fourth step, he was bound. He couldn't move.

It wasn't that he couldn't move his strong body. It was just, he was so stunned that he couldn't move a finger. Because, a pair of soft hands hugged him from behind preventing him moving.

It was almost evening. The sky was dyed in yellow, orange hue. Still the rays of the sun filled the whole room, making it more romantic.

And closer to the door, Mu Lan was hugging Mu Liang. The room was pin drop silent. No one was moving.

Mu Liang's whole body shook in anticipation while Mu Lan only hold him tighter.

Mu Lan was going to war, alone, in a country where she was still unknown and she wasn't familiar either. The only person who was closer to her was Mu Liang. As long as he was there, she could breathe, she could eat, she could laugh, she could sleep without a single thought. And now that she wanted a war which died the moment she lost her memory. She wanted to win no matter what, because she wished to live peacefully with Mu Liang. She didn't want to give him trouble. The burden which was on her shoulder wasn't an easy task. Rather, it was frightening.

So, when Mu Liang wanted to leave, subconsciously she reached out and hugged him.

'Ah, it is hard to let go,' She thought.

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