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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 94: FORGOT TO BREATHE

It took them two hours to reach their destination. To Mu Lan, it felt only minutes. When the car stopped, she got out of the car first.

She looked at the gate and then looked around. Confused, Mu Lan glanced at Mu Feng and asked, "Brother Feng, are you sure that we came to my school, not a museum?"

Mu Feng's eyes twinkled hearing her question. He said cheerfully, "Don't worry sister Lan. Though you are beautiful and intelligent, we won't sell you to the museum. We are not short of money and you are our precious gem."

First reaction of Mu Lan was stunning. She blinked cutely for few seconds. Soon she understood that Mu Feng was joking. She face sightly flushed and she glared at him.

Mu Liang smiled at her reaction. He tenderly rubbed her head and said, "He's just messing with you. He is in a good mood because it is also his school."

Mu Lan gazed at Mu Feng in surprise. Mu Feng saw her looking at him and he winked. She narrowed her eyes. 'He did it purposely.' She accused inside. Mu Feng, as mischievous as he was, of course hid that fact so that he could have fun with her.

Mu Lan looked at the glass building standing proudly in front of her. Looking at them, her blood started boiling. Her gloominess from before was instantly washed up by over excitement.

She started to walk on her own and like a little girl she looked around. She couldn't conceal her happiness as she walked around. Her eyes shone and a smile was on her lips. Her body felt light and when she walked, she felt like she was floating.

Behind her two Mu brothers were walking. Mu Feng were smiling as he was staring at the female students and sometimes saying 'hi' to them. Girls couldn't help but drool. Mu Liang, on the other hand, was looking straight at his wife. A small smile was hanging on his lips.

Mu Feng who caught up with girls walked fast and came beside his brother. He was enjoying his brother's mesmerized view. He finally opened his mouth.

"Big brother." He said.

"Hmm." Mu Liang replied shortly. He was still looking at Mu Lan.

"Did you see?" Mu Feng asked.

"Yes, I am." A hint of warmth was covered in Mu Liang's eyes.

"Then how can you still smile?" Mu Feng knew what his brother was referring to. That's why he was pointing that out.

Mu Liang stopped at his track. He gave his younger brother a confused look. He asked, "What do you mean?"

Mu Feng acted like he was surprised. He asked, "Can't you see the male students are ogling at your wife?"

Mu Liang was startled and then looked around them. What Mu Feng said was the truth. Many male students were looking at Mu Lan. Some of their eyes sparkled, some of their eyes were full of complements, some of them were fascinated, some of them had lecherous look on their faces, few dared to whistle.

Mu Liang burnt in rage. A moment ago he was enjoying his wife's scenery. He was so captivated that he didn't see other men were just like him, ogling at his wife.

How could a loving tolerate such gaze towards his wife? Of course, Mu Liang also didn't.

He darkly looked at those 'beasts' then strode fast to catch Mu Lan. The girl who had no clue what was going on around her, sensed a powerful presence. As she looked back, she smiled sweetly.

Seeing her smile, Mu Liang forgot about his rage and glanced at her tenderly. He gently touched her hand and asked, "Are you liking this school?"

"No. Actually, I'm loving this place in a second." Mu Lan replied merrily.

"So you are having fun then." This statement sounded more like a question than an affirmative sentence. If she were to say 'yes' he would say nothing. But if she were to say 'no', then he was going to take her away from these ogling men.

Mu Lan smiled brightly and said, "I most certainly am having fun." Her white pearl teeth dazzled on the sunlight.

Mu Liang didn't say anything anymore. Taking her hand, he simply walked by her side closer to the dormitory.

The male students didn't approach her as they saw the handsome man was holding her hand. Mu Feng sneered inside. 'Did you guys think you could actually defeat mu brother. Well, dream on!"

The more they were getting closer to the female dorm, the more Mu Liang started to feel empty. However, he didn't let it show. He kept silent and guided her towards her room.

Mu Lan's room was situated around the corner and it was on the second floor. From there a flower garden was clearly visible. As her room was around the corner not many students walk this area. So they weren't caught when they went upstairs.

The color of the door was pink. Mu Liang handed her a bunch of keys. As for the key-ring, the word 'MuLan' was written with small diamonds.

Mu Lan was already used to his extravagance attitude. So she didn't argue about it. She took the keys and opened the door.

Alice kept the windows open and the curtains were all moved aside. The sunlight had filled the room. Everything could be seen clearly. Mu Lan's jaw dropped.

The room was specious. It was colored in light pink. The ceiling was dyed in prusian blue. There were stars and moon which would glow in dark. The window was on the side of the garden, just at the right side of the door. It was large, the length was from ceiling to the ground. In front of the window, there was a bamboo swing. Beside the swing was reading table, beside it was a soft double bed, beside it was washroom, beside was a dressing table and closet, beside it was an attached door to go to the art room, beside it was a mini freeze and sofa set with tea table.

The corner of the art room was divided with a hard board and there was a small kitchen with necessary requirement. The art room had canvas and all sort of brushes and colors.

Sometimes Mu Lan forgot that she was the fiancee of the richest man in Europe. Mu Liang reminded her all the time.

Looking at the room, Mu Lan forgot to breathe.

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