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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 93: LIANG LIANG, TRUST ME

It was almost time to leave. Mu Feng took out his car. He was still feeling sleepy. But he thought that it was his duty as brother-in-law to send his sister-in-law in her school.

Mu Lan was waiting for Mu Feng. Beside her was Mu Liang. When Mu Feng brought the car and stopped it beside them, Mu Liang opened the door for Mu Lan. She steadily went inside. Mu Liang also followed.

They sat side by side. No one was talking. Mu Feng was also silent. He wanted to give some space to his elder brother and sister-in-law.

Mu Liang was quietly sitting beside Mu Lan. He gently hold her right hand. Mu Lan's hand was soft, tender, a bit cold. His warm hand immediately rose it's temperature. He was going to miss this touch.

Mu Lan didn't give any reaction. Even when Mu Liang touched her hand, she was expressionless. She kept looking outside, the whole time.

Till few minutes ago, she was excited. Just when she went to the car, she felt that she was going to miss this place. It had been only a week but she became very close to this place. She was going to miss the food made by Cook Eve, the friendliness of Emma and Alice, sweetness of Oscar and Lucy, childishness of Mu Feng, fatherly care of Butler Leo and warmth of Mu Liang. Just like she was going to miss the touch of his hand.

Her heart felt suffocated. Without any sound, she breathed deeply to calm herself.

'Liang Liang, you did a lot for me. Alice told me last night, after I was shifted in the mansion, you hardly left my side. You barely slept and ate. You neglected your company. For how long you were having such feelings towards me? It is impossible to fall for a injured person. Does that mean you know from the beginning? If it's true than you hid my past from myself, didn't you? Did you do it for my safety? Or did you do it for some other reason? Is it guilt?'

'However, I don't care. The way you care for me, you will never possibly dare to harm me deliberately. At least, I know that. I didn't trust you for nothing. Your kindness is the most special to me. That's why I chose not to make you regret your decision. But it is also true that I still ain't in love with you. I know very well that I will certainly become the happiest woman, if I am to fall in love with you and merry you.'

'However, I can't make you fall in danger because of me. Thinking of the pictures that those men were chasing me still gives me chill down to my spine. And they injured me badly, it means they wanted me dead. Knowing that I have foes to kill me, how am I possibly think of being together with you? How can I possibly make you my enemies target?'

'I know you are powerful. I also understand that you kept me clueless for some reason. I'm not as powerful as you are. Maybe I can't even handle it on my own. But I don't want to drag you into this. You have already done so much for me and I can't thank you enough.'

'Before I fall in live with you I want to certain about myself. When I'll see that I'm not in danger anymore, I'll marry you. I hope the six months I have asked from you is enough to find about myself. Since you won't be staying with me, I will be free to investigate.'

'Though you have your reason to conceal everything from me. However, I have my reason to find out everything about myself. I don't want to give you a hard time. I also don't want you to feel guilty. After I can learn about my past, I will find out my enemies. Then I will put it end for me and for you.'

'So Liang Liang, trust me. This time, I want to show you that I'm not as frail as you think I am. I have a good head over my shoulder. I can use my brain better than a normal person. I have already checked my IQ behind your back. Don't underestimate my capability.'

'Liang Liang, wait for me. Wait for me for six months. Believe me, before six months come to en end, I'll find out the truth. I'm sorry for hiding this from you. This is for the best.'

Maybe sensing her odd behavior, Mu Liang squeezed her hand softly. His sweet gesture shot a knife through her heart. Her heart felt very painful. Her throat became dry. Her eyes prickled as tears form in her eyes.

She did not wanted to cry in front of him. Knowing his personality, if he found out, he would make her return immediately.

Mu Lan controlled her emotion. She looked at the sky through the window of the car. She slowly let her tears dry before they fell from the eyes.

Her throat was still dry and it felt burning. She glanced at front. There was a flask. She took it with her left hand, put it between her legs, opened the lid with left hand, and then she drank the water. She gulped down three times.

Her sudden activity made Mu Liang surprise. He looked at her right hand which was held by his left hand. After looking at their joint hand, he smiled at her fondly. After he grabbed her hand, not once she let her hand go. She didn't avoid his touch.

The thought made Mu Liang's heart full of warmth. Suddenly he felt happiness. He stroke the opposite side of her palm with his thumb.

Mu Lan was stunned by his sudden affection. She looked at him, then she also smiled. Again she stared at outside. This time, her eyes were full of determination. On the other hand, Mu Liang kept stroking her hand till they reached the school.

Helplessly, Mu Feng shook his head. 'How could big brother miss such opportunity?'

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