Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 92: HUNGRY BEAST

After dinner, Mu Feng and Mu Lan rubbed their bellies with satisfaction. They occasionally burped. Tomorrow was a big day for Mu Lan. So she didn't want to stay awake. She left the dining room after saying 'thank you' to Cook Eve and 'good night' to everyone.

Mu Liang wanted to be alone with Mu Lan. But Mu Feng didn't let that happen. He dragged his elder brother into his room. Mu Feng's room was very luxurious. He had an attached bar in his drawing room. Making cocktail was part of his hobby.

When both brother sat in the chairs, Mu Feng started to make cocktails. Mu Liang didn't care his younger brother and asked, "What is it you want to know?"

After making the cocktail, Mu Feng gave it to his elder brother. He said, "Big brother, what did you do this whole week to dear sister-in-law? She neither glanced at you nor she talk to you even once. So, brother dearest, what did you do?"

While he was asking, Mu Liang was reaching out for the cocktail. Hearing his younger brother's question his hand stopped at the midway. Listening to Mu Feng's question, Mu Liang sipped once then told him about their recent activities.

Hearing him out, Mu Feng's jaw dropped. He knew his elder brother was a demon, but never in million years, he would have thought that his wise brother would act like a hungry beast in front of his future wife.

'So this is how all yogis act. After staying at dessert, when they find oasis, they crazily jump into it.' Mu Feng thought. Helplessly he shook his head. Later, he said, "Big brother, I left home for seven days because I thought that it would be wise for you two to have some alone time. I wanted you to make her feel at ease when she is with you."

"Do you think that I don't know about your scheme?" Mu Liang grunted.

Mu Feng was speechless. 'Why did it feel like that big brother was accusing me?' He thought. He didn't go further about this topic anymore. He asked, "How do you plan to make it up for her?"

Mu Liang looked at his younger brother expressionlessly. Mu Feng was waiting for the answer. Mu Liang slowly said, "Divide and conquer."


Late night, Mu Liang went to fourth floor and Mu Lan's door was locked as usual. He sighed. She really was trying to shut him out. He heard no sound from the inside of the room. He wanted to knock but in the end he lowered his hand. He wanted to give her a peaceful night for tonight.

He strode back to his room. The night was calm, slightly cold. The bedroom was dark at first. However silver light of the moon brightened the room. Mu Liang looked at the moon while drinking wine as he sat on a chair in the balcony.

'Tomorrow is a new day, for all of us. Good luck, Mu Lan, in a new life.'

- - - - -

It was a beautiful morning. In the blue sky white clouds were floating. The wind was blowing mildly. The birds were chirping. The butterflies were flying from one flower to another one. It was a peaceful day.

However, Mu Mansion was busy with Mu Lan's departure. One steward was carrying her luggage, another steward was carrying small boxes. They left early with maid Alice to arrange her room and to clean up.

Mu Lan was excited and also a bit nervous. She woke up earlier than usual. She was pacing in her room for ten minutes. After few minutes, her personal maid Emma came to tell her that breakfast was ready.

Mu Lan went down and met Mu Liang in the dining room who was waiting for her to come. Mu Lan became frigid, but soon she became normal. She smiled at him and said, "Good morning, Liang Liang."

Seeing her bright yet polite face, Mu Liang's expression became warm. He lips stretched in both side. He replied, "Good morning, Lan. Have you slept well?"

Mu Lan nodded slightly and said, "Yes, I did. How about you?" She could see the dark circles under his eyes.

Mu Liang looked directly in her eyes. He said, "I didn't sleep an ounce. I was thinking about you."

Mu Lan's face flushed. She lowered her eyes. She couldn't look at his eyes anymore. Quietly she sat on the chair and changed the topic, "Where is brother Feng?"

"That kid is sleeping. He had to much alcohol last night." Mu Liang replied nonchalantly like it was normal for Mu Feng.

Mu Lan didn't ask anything further. She silently had her breakfast. She was going to miss Cook Eve's cooking. So she ate slowly to memorize the flavor.

Mu Liang was eating slowly too. Most of the time he was looking at the girl before her. He was going to miss this scenario.

All of a sudden, he asked, "When will you come back?" He couldn't wait for her to come back.

Mu Lan didn't reply instantly. She chewed down her food slowly, making his wait. Then she opened her mouth, "In winter vacation."

"So you won't come before Christmas?" Mu Liang asked again. He didn't like the answer.

Mu Lan sipped her milk. After that she said, "I don't think I'll get a long vacation before it." She really wanted to avoid that topic.

Mu Liang understood it very well. He knew that she was going to avoid him in future. Their 'hide and seek' game hadn't finish yet. He smiled gorgeously as he said, "It's alright. Take your time to adjust in new environment."

Mu Lan's jaw almost dropped. She was clearly doubtful about his behavior. Mu Liang's sweet smile was certainly suspicious.

Mu Lan slowly nodded and meekly said, "Thank you." Her head started to work very fast, just like roller coaster. She couldn't believe that she would be freed so easily. She realized that Mu Liang was plotting something. She wanted find that out but who could guess his unpredictable plan?

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