Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 91: FEAST

[A/N: It has been a while that we have seen Mu Feng, right? Do you miss him? ;) ]

Mu Lan was sleeping peacefully like nothing in this earth could harm her. In the Mu Mansion, she always let her guard down. Today was no exception. So she had no idea that right now she was being carried away by Mu Liang and maids who were working on the way saw the most unimaginable scene in their lifetime.

Within half an hour entire residence knew that their young master actually carried young mistress. Then they understood how serious their young master was about the marriage and everything.

Mu Liang previously looked at young women like they were some sort of germs. It was because he got two experiences of women who wanted to marry him. One of them was even five years older than him. They even schemed against Mu Feng and wanted to break the good relationship between two brothers. If only they knew what a great mistake they had done.

After that, they were vanished without any trace and no one actually searched for them, not even their families, in case they would make angry Mu Feng. Mu Feng could be scary when he wanted to.

After that, Mu Liang never allowed young women in any ceremony or party. If women were there, he wouldn't and if he was there, women wouldn't be there. It had become an unwritten constitution.

And that man, right now, was carrying a sleeping beauty who was going to be his wife in future. Those maids who didn't pay much attention to Mu Lan, from then on, they never gossiped about her.

Mu Liang took Mu Lan in her room and gently laid her down on the bed. Then he sat beside her, caressed her head and run his fingers through her hairs few times.

He actually wanted to dine with her together for lunch because at dinner time, Mu Feng would also be with them. So Mu Liang and Mu Feng couldn't be alone together. Mu Liang signed and then got up from the bed and headed towards the dining room.

Two hours later, Mu Lan woke up from her slumber. After opening her eyes, it took a while to recognize the room. The sky was changing from sky blue to red-yellow. The room filled up with orange color sunlight.

While she was trying to remember how she ended up in this room, her stomach growled. As she rubbed her stomach, her eyes glanced at the tray full of dishes on the table. Happily she had her meal and complemented Cook Eva as well.

After finishing her late-lunch, she went to Mu Liang's study to pay a visit to him. She knocked the door and opened the door. As soon as she entered the room, a pair of strong arm hugged her tightly. Before she could resist, she heard a cheerful voice which she didn't hear for a week. The man exclaimed, "Sister Lan, it has been awhile. I missed you so much."

Recognizing the voice, Mu Lan laughed merrily and then replied, "Brother Feng, how was your trip?"

Mu Feng let go off his beloved future sister-in-law when he couldn't endure the piercing gaze on his back. He replied, "It was great. Next time I'll take you there." Saying that he pulled Mu Lan's right hand and made her sit next to him on the sofa saying, "come come, look look, what I bought for you." Over excitement made him repeat the words.

Only then Mu Lan saw many sizes of boxes on the table. Mu Feng gave her a box and said, "Open it." Curiously, Mu Lan opened the box and found a wrist watch made with white gold and white, pink diamonds. It was stunningly gorgeous. Mu Lan couldn't tear her gaze off of it.

She wanted to reject the gift, when Mu Feng said, "I knew you would love it sister Lan. I specially ordered it only for you." Cunningly, he forcefully put it on her left hand. Mu Lan wasn't able to refuse. She was also given lots of chocolate boxes. There was no way she would refuse that. She started to eat chocolate then and there.

Looking at her jolly face, Mu Liang's cold face became softer. He tenderly gazed at her. Mu Feng started to tell about his holidays in Switzerland. With great attention, Mu Lan was listening to his story. Mu Feng was an extraordinary story teller. As they gossiped, it was already evening, it was dinner time.

Head Butler Leo politely asked them to join for dinner. When they went to dining room, smells of various delicious foods entered their nostrils. Automatically, their mouth was filled with saliva. Mu Feng's stomach growled loudly. Mu Lan laughed even louder..

They looked at the table and saw- hot and sour soup, szenwan chili chicken, spring rolls, stir fried tofu with rice, shitake fried rice with water chestnuts, chicken with chestnuts, wok tossed veggies in honey and black bean glaze, tangyuan, hong dou tang, custard tart.

After thanking Lord Buddha, they dug in. It wasn't certain who started to compete, however, in minutes, Mu Lan and Mu Feng's bowls were getting empty.

To make Mu Lan slow down, Mu Feng started to tell jokes while eating his fill. Mu Lan knew it was trap but she couldn't control her laugh and surely she had to slow down. His jokes were quite hilarious. Even Mu Liang was enjoying it.

Mu Lan laughed so hard that her stomach hurt. With smiling face she said, "Brother Feng, you cheat!"

This way, the room was filled up with voices and laughter. Even Butler Leo and two stewards couldn't help but smile. Two maids who were standing beside the door tried hard not to giggle.

From the corner Cook Eva was smiling in satisfaction as the three of them were enjoying her cooking. She never had any children. So Mu Liang and Mu Feng were like her own children. Looking at their happy faces, her heart was filled with warmth.

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