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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 90: JUST STAY WITH ME

Mu Liang was stunned upon hearing her answer. Just like Mu Lan before, he didn't know what to say. He was expecting a reply from her, but he wasn't expecting 'that'.

At first. he thought that he misheard her. Psychologically, what one wanted to hear, even others were saying something different, mistakenly one would hear the thing they wanted to hear.

Mu Liang thought that maybe he was to eager to hear her say 'yes'. That's why he mistook. However, looking at her determined eyes, he realized that he heard just right. There was no mistake. She really promised that he wouldn't regret her decision which meant that she was going treat him as her husband in future.

Mu Liang's heart shook. His intense gaze changed into loving gaze. He looked at the beauty in his arms. Slowly he stooped down and touched her forehead with his, then at her eyes directly.

Mu Lan's eyes, as clear as water, just like sky would become clear after heavy rainfall, were gleaming as they looked at his ocean blue eyes. They were so close that they could feel each other's breaths.

Mu Liang stroke both of her cheek with his thumbs softly. His sightly gentle affection made Mu Lan's heart feel warm. She was feeling shy but she couldn't tear her eyes off of his deep eyes. She felt like she was drowning.

In a loving tone, Mu Liang said, "Lan, I'll never hurt you. I'll always take care of you. I'll support you in every way possible. You will always be my first priority. So, please, never leave me alone, Lan. I won't be able to bear it. Just stay with me always. Okay?"

For some reason, Mu Lan's eyes started to get blurry again. Tears formed in her eyes. A drop of tears fell from her eyes.

Mu Lan couldn't explain what she was feeling. Her heart was throbbing painfully. In her mind she was asking Mu Liang, 'Where were you all this time?' She couldn't get it. How come someone would like her so much? Her heart almost stopped and it was hard to breathe properly. Her eyes already turned red and swell.

When she opened her mouth to answer, her lips trembled. Her voice wouldn't come out. She just nodded her head.

Getting an affirmative sign, Mu Liang hugged her so tightly that Mu Lan was almost out of oxygen. After a very long time, finally, Mu Liang lose his grip. Gently he tied up Mu Lan's untidy hair. Then he put his right hand on the shirt pocket and took out a silver chain with green jade pendant. The pendant was tear drop shaped, and the stop was gleaming. He carefully put it on her on her neck.

Mu Lan looked at it in surprise. Seeing her gaze Mu Liang questioned, "Do you not like it?"

Mu Lan looked back at him. Not answering his question, she, on the hand, asked him, "Did you choose this for me?"

"Hmm." Mu Liang answered shortly.

Mu Lan's clear eyes glittered. She happily answered, "I like it a lot."

Seeing her smile, Mu Liang was at ease. A warm smile was visible in his lips. Tenderly, he stroke her head, then said, "Always wear it. It is a good luck charm."

Before Mu Lan could say 'okay', Mu Liang's phone rang. Mu Lan was immediately out of his lap. Frigidly she said, "You must be busy. I won't disturb you anymore. You should pick up the phone." Saying that, she hurriedly left.

For few seconds, Mu Liang was sitting on the sofa like before. His cell phone was still ringing annoyingly. With a chilling gaze he glanced at that disturbing portable device like he was going to freeze it. He looked at the name. It was Mu Chen, the youngest master of Mu Family.

Mu Liang received the call. With a cold voice he said, "Yes."

Mu Chen who was used to his elder brother's cold voice didn't think much. He cheerfully asked, "Big brother, it's been a month. How is your day going on? What are you doing?"

With a chilling voice Mu Liang answered, "Digging your grave." After saying that, he hung up.

Other side of the phone was dead silent.

Mu Chen put down his phone. He was oblivious of the fact what was going on in Mu Mansion. He thought, 'Did I annoy big brother for some reason?'


At the lunch hour, Butler Leo was in the study room to call young master for dinner.

Mu Liang asked him, "Where is Xiao Lan?"

As usual, in a polite tone Head Butler replied, "Young mistress was playing with Lucy and Oscar. When the maids went to call her, Oscar chased them away. No one dared to go closer to young mistress."

Hearing that, Mu Liang's right eye brow went up. Then he got up. Before leaving he said, "I'm going to call her."

Going near the dog house, Mu Lang saw Mu Lan was sleeping soundly beside Lucy. The sunlight wasn't intense but laying down on the grass, the sunlight was over the head, it would make anyone drowsy.

As soon as Mu Liang stepped once toward Mu Lan, Oscar came closer with 'grrrr' sound. He didn't bark because his wife and his new beautiful friend was napping.

Mu Liang frowned. He sat on his legs and looked at Oscar seriously. Then he said in a warning tone, "Don't forget who let you meet your wife. If it wasn't for me, do you think you have enough luck to keep your beautiful wife? Now give my wife back to me."

Oscar scoffed like it wasn't for Mu Liang but for his own charm that he got Lucy as his wife.

Seeing that didn't work, Mu Liang used another strategy. He warned Oscar in different way, "Do you think it is better for your wife to know that you have interest in my wife?"

This time Oscar had no other way not to back down. He could only see his new beautiful friend was captured in his demonic master's hands.

Oscar could only mourn inside, 'Sorry my dear new friend. I could not save you from the demon's claw.'

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