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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 89: YOU WILL NOT REGRET YOUR DECISION

In the end, Mu Liang opened his mouth. Slowly, gently yet in a deep voice he said, "Xiao Lan, I was never been interest in woman before you appeared in my life. You are the first to make my all rational thoughts make upside down. You are the only one make my think of you all the time. Whenever, I'm close to you, my body acts before I can collect all my thoughts. You make me emotional. You make my body react. You are the one who do this to me. Xiao Lan, you are the only one for me."

After his confession, there was a long silence. Even the chirping sound of birds was louder in the silent room.

Mu Lan, who was sitting on Mu Liang's lap was as still as wood. She blinked few times, opened her mouth to say something but couldn't utter a single sound.

Well, yes, technically she wanted to know Mu Liang's intention. She wished to know the man who was going to be her future husband. However, Mu Liang's answer was too direct. He was practically saying, "I love you". Sitting in a position like this and hearing a confession was too much for her naive heart.

Judging by Mu Liang's expression, he wasn't lying or making fun. He looked quite serious and sincere.

For some reason, a warm feeling spread throughout Mu Lan's heart. It was like, she was waiting, waiting and she kept waiting for something for so long that her heart was about to dry. But after decades, someone came to give her what she wanted. First she didn't want to belief it. When she realized that she truly got what she was waiting for so long, she felt surprised, in second, she was happy. She was so happy that she laughed loudly. Her eyes sparkled. She screamed in joy and she danced till she couldn't move a single finger. She was happy and she was in peace. Before she closed her eyes for eternity, a tiny smile was still on her lips. Because, she had no regrets. She was satisfied.

Upon hearing Mu Liang's confession, Mu Lan's blurry eyes became even more blurry. She felt a sharp object was poking her heart. It was painful. Even though, there was a hint of satisfaction.

Mu Liang was startled seeing tears formed Mu Lan's eyes. Then, like rain drops they started to fell from her eyes.

Mesmerized, Mu Liang looked at her tears. Her face was shining in the sunlight. And her tears were glittering like stars in the night sky. They were so beautiful that he kept looking at them. The scene was very captivating. Mu Liang even forgot to wipe the tears away. It was his first time seeing her cry. His gaze was intense as he was complimenting her beauty.

Suddenly, Mu Liang felt a strong desire from deep inside his heart was waking up. He knew this feeling very well. It was a thirst to hurt someone. His inner demon was craving for Mu Lan's tear.

Immediately, Mu Liang hugged Mu Lan and let her tears fell in his shirt. He didn't want to see any more of her tears.

Now he realized, how it was for the other guy. That guy must have gave in to the desire of his inner demon and that's why he made her cry for so long. 'Does that mean he likes her?' Mu Liang thought. He didn't want to think of it anymore. 'What kind of man would let his beloved cry? I'm not that sort of man. I'll make her happy.' He promised then and there.

Mu Liang waited until his inner demon subsided. Then he looked down at her and softly wiped her tears. Finally he hugged her face with his two palms and opened his mouth, "Lan, you don't have to answer me right away. I'll wait for you until the day I have nothingness. You don't have to pressure yourself. I don't want to see you suffer."

Mu Lan's mind was blank. When she was looking for what to answer, she felt that she was hugged. As she felt the wet shirt in her cheek, she realized that she was crying.

Was it because she felt sad? Was it painful? Or was it because she felt happiness?

She didn't know the answer. Moreover, she didn't want to think of it. The warmth of Mu Liang's chest and his light heartbeats made her calm down. When she finally found her voice back, she heard Mu Liang's gentle voice saying, "Lan, you don't have to answer me right away. I'll wait for you until the day I have nothingness. You don't have to pressure yourself. I don't want to see you suffer

Mu Lan's heart almost stopped beating.

This guy was always treating her so nicely. He gave her a home to stay, gave her the most delicious food she could never get, gave her expensive dresses and jewelries. He took her out for romantic dates. Together with her, he went to sightseeing. He bought her a car, a boat. He hired a bodyguard for her protection. He let her admit in a famous university. If he truly wanted her body, would he have to go for so much trouble? He could forcefully marry her and could make her his own. And she could do nothing but grief. But he didn't. Because, before everything he wanted from her, he wanted her heart. That's why, he kept waiting patiently. He gave her all the time he had left with him, to decide whether she wanted to give her heart to him or not.

For the first time in her life, Mu Lan felt blessed. She felt blessed to get such a man.

'Did I do anything good in my previous life to get such a good, wealthy man for myself?' She thought.

At last, she looked Mu Liang's eyes. Mu Liang was jolted to see how clear her eyes were. They were transparent, yet they were actually glowing in the sunlight.

Mu Lan opened her mouth, her voice was firm and full of determination. She said, "Liang Liang, I promise you, you will never regret your decision."

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