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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 88: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME

Mu Lan knew that Mu Liang was keeping her home on purpose. But she was leaving tomorrow, so she didn't want to complain or argue. She gritted her teeth.

When she opened her mouth, it was completely different what she was feeling inside. "Okay, then. I'll stay at home." Saying mildly, she turned and walked towards the door.

She reached near the door, and when she touched the door-nob a strong hand pressed the door over her shoulder so that she could not open the door.

Before she could take heed to it, another strong arm was gently wrapped around her waist. Her back touched a toned chest.

As she realized what was happening, her calm heart started to beat vigorously.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum!! Ba-dum!!!

Mu Lan's face was turning red. Her blood was boiling. She didn't dare to look at the man behind her. She could feel the man's breathing closer to her right ear.

Mu Liang's another hand which was on the door, he used to touch her face and turned her around. He couldn't help but stroke her soft cheek lovingly with his thumb.

Mu Lan was lowering her head. She didn't know where she was looking at. Her eyes were becoming fuzzy.

She wanted to resist but Mu Liang held her firmly. He hugged her tightly, then led her to sofa. Mu Lan kept struggling but Mu Liang didn't budge. He sat on the sofa and put her in his lap.

Mu Lan was leaning on Mu Ling's firm chest. Her heart was beating crazily this time. She really didn't know how to react. Her hands were on his chest, trying to keep distance between them.

Mu Liang looked down on the girl. Suddenly, without warning, his hands left her waist, then grabbed her hands and removed them from his chest, after that, he hugged her again and this time they had no space left.

He held her firmly yet gently. Then slowly started to caress her back.

'This girl, always wants to walk away from me. What can I do to make her fall for me? What can I do to make her stay with me for the rest of our life? From tomorrow I can't see her face, can't see her smile, can't hear 'Liang Liang' from her mouth, can't touch her, hug her or caress her like today.'

Mu Lan, whose head was feeling dizzy, didn't know how painfully Mu Liang's heart was beating. She hesitantly ask, "W-why are you doing this?"

Mu Liang's hand stopped at her back and looked at the girl who had a red face. He gently touched her chin and made her look at him.

Her eyes were blurry yet they were curious. Curious to know about his doings, curious to understand his feelings.

Mu Lan was no different from other girl. She also craved for love. She wished to get married and dreamed to have her own family. But her amnesia was her main obstacle. She wanted to know herself well before she was wrapped with a emotion called love.

However, the man before her making it very impossible. No matter how much she tried to make a wall between them, he would break it apart and would make her heart go wild. She wanted to curse him, hit him for invading her personal space. But she couldn't do it no matter how much she wanted. Looking at that mans face, she would forget her worry. He would kiss her, sleep with her, hug her tightly; but she would still trust him. The feeling she had for him as trust. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mu Lan was very clear about her heart, because the one she was close to was herself. She had enough time to analyze that herself. She verified her feelings, her emotions thoroughly. She also knew why her heart would go wild whenever he touched her. It was because, this type of action was knew to her. She wasn't used to it. That made her sure that she wasn't in any relationship before she lost her memory. She was relieved.

However, Mu Liang's actions were mysterious to her. She didn't know what to think of it. She observed that he wasn't close to any other women. She felt assured that he wasn't a womanizer. But she could guess that many women had their eyes on him. She saw it many times when they were out together. If she had to marry him, she had to work hard to keep his attention only to herself, so that he could not look at other women.

Why would she work hard if she didn't love him? She wanted to at least like him before she got to get married. But before that, she needed to be clear about Mu Liang's feelings too. Or she would feel insecure.

So her question was very reasonable.

It was afternoon. The sunlight was flowing into the study room. Outside there were some birds chirping. Sometimes Lucy and Oscar were barking at each other like lovers. Sweet smell of flowers was floating with gentle breeze. The curtains were dancing and playing with the wind. There was a feeling of tranquility.

In the sunlight, Mu Lan's skin was glowing. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were blurry. Her lips were slightly open. Seeing her like this, Mu Liang couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Mu Lan's question was ringing in his hear. "W-why are you doing this?"

'Yeah, right. Why am I doing this? Doesn't my action prove that I'm so much into her? Doesn't she realize that she is the only one for me? Do I have to be so elaborate? Then so be it.'

Mu Liang gazed at her intensely. His ocean blue eyes were so deep that looked at his eyes, Mu Lan was drowning into the deep sea. Her heart was feeling warmth from the gaze. It didn't even once blinked after they looked at her.

In the end, Mu Liang opened his mouth. Slowly, gently yet in a deep voice he said, "Xiao Lan, I was never been interest in woman before you appeared in my life. You are the first to make my all rational thoughts make upside down. You are the only one make my think of you all the time. Whenever, I'm close to you, my body acts before I can collect all my thoughts. You make me emotional. You make my body react. You are the one who do this to me. Xiao Lan, you are the only one for me."

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