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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 87: HE IS DOING IT INTENTIONALLY

Next day, when Mu Lan woke up, the sun was already shining brightly. She frowned and closed her eyes. Last night it took time to be able to sleep in a man's arm. Leisurely she got up and sat on the bed in daze. She looked beside her with nearly closed eyes. It was empty. Mu Liang left before she woke up.

Little by little, she remembered the previous night's activity and the perverted dream. Her face started to get red steadily. Did she lose her mind? Or maybe she became so shameless that she dreamed something like that. She remembered how he kissed her legs. Immediately she removed the quilt and nervously looked at her legs.

Oh, thank goodness. There was no kiss mark. It was just a dream. Mu Las sighed in relief. She took her cell phone to look at the time. It was 09:10 am on the screen. Sleepiness left her eyes. She jumped out of the bed and grabbed her tablet from the reading table. She checked the security cameras. There was no camera inside the house but there was one in the garage.

She was stunned when she looked at it. It was empty. Usually there were six cars including hers. But today there was no car. She checked the entrance and parking lot. But there was no sign of any car. Where did they all go? Now how was she going to know that Mu Liang wasn't at home?

Thinking for a while she looked for wireless calling bell to call for Alice and Emma, her personal maids. Strangely, there was no wireless calling bell. But she could recall clearly that she left it on the table last night.

'Was it Liang.....' She gritted her teeth.

She freshened herself and changed her dress. Then slowly made her was to downstairs. In the second floor she met Alice who was going upstairs, probably in Mu Lan's room.

Seeing Mu Lan, Alice smiled brightly and said, "Good morning young miss. I was about to call you for breakfast. Have you slept well?"

Looking at her Mu Lan felt reassured. She got her lost courage back. She smiled and replied, "Good morning Alice. I slept well. I'm heading to the dining room." She paused and looked around a bit. Then she asked, "Alice, where is your young master?"

Alice looked puzzled. Her duty was to take care of Mu Lan, not Mu Liang. In this large mansion, it wasn't easy to know everyone's whereabouts. So she replied, "I'm sorry, young miss. I cannot answer that. I haven't seen him today."

Mu Lan nodded. She could guess why Alice didn't see Mu Liang. So she wasn't disappointed and patted lightly in Alice's shoulder, then said, "It's okay, I understand. Let's go downstairs. I'm hungry."

Alice smiled warmly and went along with her young miss.

Before going to dining room Mu Lan faced three maids and when she asked about Mu Liang's whereabouts, they couldn't answer.

Today, Mu Lan finished her breakfast unhurriedly. She was already late. If she was to meet up with that demon face to face, then why eat quickly these delicious meals? She should taste them leisurely and enjoyably.

After breakfast, she called Hugo to take her out. He answered politely that he was ordered to do other work. So he couldn't go out with her.

Mu Lan frowned. 'What is going on?' She thought. With doubt, she made her way towards drawing room. She was looking for Butler Leo. But there were actually two maids, cleaning the dust.

After thinking for a while, she deeply breathed. Later, she walked towards the study room slowly. Her heart was beating fast, thinking about last night. But there was no point of caging herself in the world of shyness and play hide and seek everyday.

Before the door, she took deep breaths, then knocked politely.

"Come in." A deep voice came from the inside.

Mu Lan's heart started to beat louder. She slowly opened the door and looked inside. Last time when she was here, they were almost kissing. Thinking of that she shook her head.

Mu Liang was working and Assistant Ju Long was standing beside him with some documents. Hearing the familiar footsteps, Mu Liang looked up. He saw the girl he was thinking a while ago was standing in front of him timidly. Mu Liang observed her.

She was clearly nervous and was a bit shy. She couldn't look into his eyes anymore. Her eyes were fixed on the floor. Her face was flushed.

Mu Liang didn't say anything and just kept looking at her without blinking.

Noticing his burning gaze, Mu Lan trembled lightly. She fist her hands into balls. 'Why is he looking at me like that? Is he waiting for some sort of reaction from me? Or is he just curious for what I am here?' Her head couldn't give her any answer because of his gaze which was affecting her brainstorming.

Suddenly she just didn't know what to do. She was standing like a robot.

Understanding something wasn't right, Ju Long looked at both Mu Liang and Mu Lan. Then he, in a low voice, excused himself and left the room.

Now that the two of them were alone, Mu Lan was even more nervous. Seeing that, he teased her enough, Mu Liang asked in a caring voice, "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

'This is all your fault!' Mu Lan screamed inside and glared at Mu Liang.

Mu Liang smiled and said, "At last, you looked at me."

Mu Lan was surprised. 'So he did it so that I look at him.' She suddenly felt the shyness was suddenly lifted from her shoulder. She wasn't feeling inferior anymore.

'This guy...' She didn't finish her thought. She didn't know where to hate him or like him. He always knew when to make her feel at ease. He always knew how to make her go wild. Though sometimes he acted shamelessly, she still felt secured around him. But she didn't know why she felt that way.

Finally she opened her mouth, "I want to go to the library."

Mu Liang looked at her for few seconds, then said, "The cars are out for cleaning. Hugo is with Ronald. Why don't you stay at home today? Tomorrow you are going to school, aren't you? It will be days when you will be able to come home. And tonight, Feng is also coming home. So everyone is already busy with preparing feast. The servants are throwing a party for both of you. Your first day at school party and Feng's a week trip welcome party. I'm not forcing you not to go out. Because everyone is busy, no one can be with you, when you go out. It is a bit risky for you."

'So you ordered Hugo to help Donald so that I cannot go out. How clever of you! You also took the calling bell so that I cannot communicate with the maids. Cleaning the cars? In this huge place, you are telling me that you have to take cars out for cleaning? Are you kidding me? You are doing everything intentionally. The very reason is so that I cannot go out.'

Mu Lan gritted her teeth.

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