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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 86: AS IF YOU CAN RAN AWAY FROM ME

Mu Liang covered himself with the same quilt. This time he laid down properly. Then he touched Mu Lan who slightly quivered in his touch. After that. almost gently, almost forcefully he pulled her in his embrace.

It was full-moon. The moon was more radiant than ever. It was more like a blessing to all the Paris lover-birds. Mu Liang and Mu Lan were no exception.

The moon was illuminating her shimmering silver light. The bedroom of Mu Lan was lightened by the beaming light. Though it was bright, it was also mild at the same time. It was paradox. Mu Liang's feelings were also the same. He knew that he shouldn't be aggressive but he couldn't help it. He had to touch her. For whole day, he couldn't see her. He was feeling that he was in dry season. And now that she was here in his arms it was hard to let go.

'How will I survive after she goes away?' He thought.

Mu Liang looked at the girl in his arms. Mu Lan, she looked more beautiful than before. Her skin was brighter under the moonlight. Her body was very soft and silky. She looked so fragile that it felt like that she was going to break in any second. But still, he couldn't let go. Moreover, he wanted to do more than hugging her. Her vanilla scent was making him go crazy.

It was the emotion of Mu Liang. Mu Lan, on the other hand, was feeling completely different from him.

When Mu Liang touched her and embraced her body tightly, that moment, she understood that she wasn't prepared for it at all. The second he touched her, she quivered remembering his hot touch of yesterday. And when Mu Liang embraced her, Mu Lan's heart stopped.

It was her first reaction towards the intimacy between them.

After few seconds, she reacted. She squirmed. She dropped her acting of sleeping and struggled to free herself from him. But how could a tiny prey win against the demon?

Mu Liang laughed and tightened his grip on her waist. He brought her even closer. Their bodies were touching from top to bottom.

However, Mu Lan didn't give up yet. Her writhing made their bodies grind together. Very quickly, their bodies became hotter. The laces of her nightgown was becoming undone.

Mu Liang's eyes darkened further. He lowered his mouth and kissed her right ear slowly, longingly. Mu Lan shivered and fought back even more. He put himself above her. He was completely lying over her.

Mu Liang asked in a dark voice, "So you stopped acting to show your strength?"

Mu Lan's whole body froze. She remembered her mistake now. But what could she do? Her body acted before her brain. It was an out-of-control situation.

Mu Lan's body twitched slightly and stopped struggling. She was out of breathe. So she opened her mouth to take deep breathe.

Mu Liang's eyes moved at her opened inviting lips. Suddenly he felt that his throat was dry.

Noticing Mu Liang's stare, Mu Lan looked away. She whimpered a little while asking, "Wh-why are you doing this?" She stuttered.

Seeing her adorable red face, Mu Liang's couldn't look away. He asked teasingly, "Doing what?"

Mu Lan glanced at his. Her eyes were full of complains. She opened her mouth to say something but couldn't utter a sound. Her lips quivered slightly then she shut her mouth. Her face was becoming warmer in a second.

Mu Liang smiled lovingly after watching her no response to his question. He stooped down and brushed his thick lips against her throat, then asked, "Are you talking about this?"

Mu Lan gasped. Her eyes opened wide. Instinctively she moved her neck.

However, Mu Liang didn't gave any reaction. He nuzzled his nose in her nape. Then further asked, "Or you are talking about this?"

"Hmm..." In the instant, Mu Lan's breath hitched and she let out a small sound. Hearing her own voice, her eyes grew wider and she shut her mouth. She couldn't belief her own mouth.

Mu Liang was also taken aback. He was only teasing her. He didn't have any other plan. So he didn't expect her 'this' type of response.

'This girl is driving me crazy.' He thought.

He signed heavily. He leaned and lovingly kiss her forehead, temples, eyes, nose, cheeks like he was soothing her. Mu Lan trembled under Mu Liang. Her lips were tightly shut as she bit her lower lips.

Mu Liang stroke her head in gentle care for awhile. Then he said, "You are the one who started playing hide and seek. And here I won after working so hard. Where is my prize?"

Hearing him, Mu Lan's face got redder. She questioned him back, "Isn't that your fault because you did 'that' yesterday?"

"Hmm? Did what? Kissing you? Isn't 'that' normal between husband and wife? He asked in a deep voice. His question had deeper meaning.

Mu Lan caught it very well. Blood rushed to her face. "W-we aren't married."

Listening to her answer, Mu Liang nuzzled his nose against hers. "You agreed and we'll get married sooner or later." He replied. His warm breaths were tickling Mu Lan's nose. Further he added, "Do you really think that you can get another man when you have me?" He smiled.

His smile was as beautiful as cherry blossoms. Mu Lan didn't know why she thought that way. But she felt that way. Mu Lan couldn't say anything.

Mu Liang directly looked in her eyes and said, "I have to praise your intellectual ideas. Trying to play hide and seek in my mansion, more than that, it was with me. Do you really think that you can run away from me?" He stared to stroke her body. His hands seemed very skilled and at the same time, inexperienced.

Mu Lan shivered and tried to move away. That moment Mu Liang warned in a husky voice, "If you struggle anymore I'll kiss every part of your body." Immediately Mu Lan became statue. Mu Liang's hand moved again. Mu Lan wanted to curse him. But she couldn't. Then she realized that her movement caused her dress disheveled. Mu Liang was tidying her dress.

Mu Lan was stunned by his gentle gesture. Slowly she relaxed her body.

After tidying her, Mu Liang hugged her softly and said, "Sleep now. Good night." Then kissed her lightly in the forehead and soon he fell asleep.

Mu Lan understood that she could not get away from him tonight. She endured it. However, it took time to calm her beating heart. Then she also tried to fall asleep. In her dream, she saw that Mu Liang was kissing all over her body just like he warned her.

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