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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 85: WHO IS SHE FOOLING?

There are three types of love. It can be easily described with the help of clothes. Let's take three colors of clothes: black, white and ash. Hang those clothes in an open place where they can get direct sunlight. When the sun will shine, the black clothe will slowly heat up and it will absorb the warmth fully. After the sun will go down, it will slowly release the heat and it will take time to cool down. When it comes to white clothes, under the sunlight, it will heat up quickly and will reflect the warmth. So it will be less hotter than the black and ash clothes. And when the sun will go down, it will quickly lose its warmth too. As for the ash clothe, it will take necessary heat from sunlight and will absorb it. However, when the sun will go down, it will gradually lose the warmth.

Love like black clothe starts in a slow way and eventually it becomes the strongest love and it is hard to forget as well as to lose. Love like white clothe starts within a second and the love grows quickly. However, it also ends rapidly. Love like ash clothe, is selfish. It uses others by the name of love. And when the time comes to an end, it will slowly break the relation with no hard feelings.

The love Mu Liang had for Mu Lan was like the black clothe. That aloof, cool-headed CEO was very cautious when it came to women. He had seen many crazy women who wanted to sell their bodies to get his power and money. So it could be said that his past experience made hiM careful around women.

Back in Germany, it wasn't love at first sight. When he first heard about the functions of the game, he became curious and observed her carefully. She was intelligent and a brave young lady. She wasn't nervous when she was answering the judges' questions. She had a strong sense of reality and through the virtual world she made it clear that it was not a fantasy, it was just a game, to make a person stronger for the real world. It was a game to make mentally weak people strong for the betterment. He was astonished by the idea of the game. She was a good leader and also a great friend. For the first time in his life, he became interested in a woman. He sent his assistant Ju Long to keep an eye on her.

She was unique. She talked to everyone. If someone wanted to bully her, she would twist the plot and would make them the victim. She had a pure heart but also mischievous. Once she helped an old man who was actually his grandfather. Another time, she kicked a working class man in front of police because he was sexually harassing a school girl.

Even Mu Liang couldn't tell, when he actually fell for her. But when he realized his feelings, it became too hard to let go, even though he knew where her heart truly lied. However, suddenly he came to his life with no memories. This time, he couldn't hold back. He knew it wasn't right but almost three years of love suddenly wanted to break through everything.

The urge to love her, the passion to touch her the will the kiss her, the dream to marry her; everything came undone.

However, the girl, whom he had been longing for so many months,was actually avoiding him. And that was unforgivable. He understood very well that partly it was his fault, but he didn't want to admit it. He became more and more childish, like a boy wanting to have a robot.

He slowly moved towards the bed.

Suddenly he stopped. He looked at the door where was the reading table. He walked there and moved it to original place. After that, he moved the chair and opened the balcony door.

Calming breeze came through the door. It eased his heart. He looked at the sky. It was full-moon today. The moon was sharing her light wholeheartedly. The room was also filled with beautiful silver light, making it more magical and romantic.

Mu Lan was lying down as frigid as wood. She acted like she was asleep. She would definitely not let him know that she was awake. When she heard him moving table and chair, she didn't want to admit but she felt rather guilty.

Mu Liang stood beside the bed for a while, like he was thinking something. His acting was making Mu Lan even more nervous. Then he took off his slippers and went to the bed and laid down just beside her. Mu Lan couldn't tell what she was feeling. But her heart almost stopped.

The room was pin drop silence. Tonight, even birds forgot to sing. Mu Lan was holding her breath without her knowing. She couldn't hear Mu Liang's breath either.

Mu Liang who was doing everything intentionally knowing fully well that she was awake. He was actually trying to see her expression. He wasn't actually lying down. He was facing her and his one hand was on the bed while the palm was balancing his head. He had a sweet smile in his lips.

After being like that for awhile seeing no reaction coming from her, his smile widened. 'What an acting skill!' He thought in amuse. 'Which human body stays so tensed while sleeping? Who is she fooling?'

All of a sudden, he grabbed the quilt and uncovered her. Still, Mu Lan didn't move. Her face was facing the pillow. It looked like she promised not to show her today to Mu Liang.

Mu Liang didn't say anything. He observed her. She was wearing a baby pink pure silk nightgown. Her slender neck, collarbones, cleavage were naked in front of him. Also he saw the red hickeys. They were still visible. His ocean blue eyes darkened.

Mu Liang covered himself with the same quilt. This time he laid down properly. Then, he touched Mu Lan who slightly quivered in his touch. After that, almost gently, almost forcefully he pulled her in his embrace.

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