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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 84: TODAY IS YOUR DOOMS DAY

When Mu Lan was busy with calculating, Mu Liang was busy in several meetings with the board of directors. Yesterday he canceled all the meetings because he was sightseeing with his dear wife. So all the workload and meetings of yesterday and today were saved for Mu Liang.

It was half past seven when the meetings finished. Everyone was completely exhausted. However, their boss was same cool and aloof. He didn't look tired at all. As they came out of the meeting room, they praised Mu Liang's capability.

Mu Liang strode towards the parking lot and went to the car. Sitting in comfortable he took out his phone. He dialed Hugo's number. After the second ring Hugo answered the call.

"Yes boss." A steel voice greeted.

Mu Liang asked directly, "Where is she?"

"Young miss is in the dinning hall, having her dinner." Hugo replied.

A small smile appeared in Mu Liang's lips. He further inquired, "What did she do today?"

Hugo described their activities thoroughly. The only matter which he didn't tell was about Mu Lan's hacking the mansion's surveillance system. Because he didn't have any idea about it. He only said that Mu Lan was busy with her tablet.

Mu Liang frowned. He questioned, "What was she doing with the tablet?"

Hugo answered, "Young miss was reading something very attentively and was writing down some noted in her notebook. I saw that she was writing something about art related."

Mu Liang nodded. He understood that since she was going to study, it was normal for her to study about it. After all she was a dedicated student.

Soon Mu Liang reached the mansion and was greeted by the Head Butler. He asked the butler, "What is she doing now?"

As usual, Butler Leo replied politely, "Young miss is in her own room."

Mu Liang only said, "Hmm." Then went to his room and took bath. After that, he finished his dinner. Later he slowly strode upstairs and didn't stop at the third floor. He stopped at the fourth floor in front of Mu Lan's room.

He didn't hear any noise from inside. So he knocked gently. However, no one opened the door. 'Did she fell asleep?' He thought. Then he grabbed the handle of the door and twiddled it. But it didn't budge. The corner of Mu Liang's lips went upward. 'So you want to avoid me so much that you locked the door from inside. Don't you know whose house is this, my dear wife?'

He put his right hand in the pocket and took out a key. He put it on the lock and twisted it. There was a 'click' sound. Smiling Mu Liang again twiddled the door-nob. However this time, it opened slightly but in the end he couldn't opened the door fully. He tried few times but he couldn't ope it no matter what. From the tiny space, he could see Mu Lan's reading table was blocking the door to open.

Seeing that Mu Liang put his back on the wall and started to laugh soundlessly. 'So this is your plan. You knew that I had the key with me. So you decided to use your reading table. Alright then. Let me show you what I can do.' Thinking that, he left.

- - - - -

Meanwhile, Mu Lan was using tablet to practice her hacking skill. Afternoon, she did study about arts. However, she kept en eye on Hugo. When she saw that he lost interest in what she was doing, she started to learn how to hack. It was too easy to fool him.

Right now, she was so attentive that she didn't listen that Mu Liang was knocking the door. When he tried to open the door she heard the noise and jumped on the bed and hurriedly lied down. She covered her whole body with quilt.

Afterwards, Mu Lan heard his footsteps going away. She smiled smugly and closed her eyes. Almost ten minutes later, she heard a small noise coming from the balcony. First she thought that she mistook. Then she heard it again. Suspiciously she got off and silently went closer to the balcony. When she came closer to the door, her eyes nearly popped out.

In Mission: Impossible, many times it was seen that Ethan Hunt was using hook to climb up and with intelligent and bravery he accomplished his missions.

Just like that, a hook was right now in her balcony and it was clear that someone was climbing to get into her room. It couldn't be a thief, not even a killer. The one who had gut to climb into the fourth floor to come inside her room was none other than Mu Liang.

'Liang Liang, you....!!!!'

Mu Lan didn't complete her thought. Quickly she closed the door. She looked around and saw a wooden chair and she put it before the balcony door. Then she went to bed, covered her whole body and tightly hugged herself. She felt like, she couldn't escape him.

- - - - -

Mu Liang was a good athlete. He won many prizes in his school and college life. But never pursued a game life. He also went through serious training in his early twenties. So climbing to one floor from another floor was nothing to him. He could do it easily even closing his eyes.

When he was so skilled, how much time could it take to climb fourth floor from third floor? It took him two minutes. In two minutes, he was in the fourth floor's balcony. Seeing the door was closed a devilish smile appeared in his lips.

'Wifey, today is your dooms day.' He thought. 'You have to pay for your crimes.'

He knew the door was locked and he took out a key to open it. From this glass door, he could clearly see a wooden chair was blocking the way. It wouldn't move and he couldn't enter. With his dark eyes, he looked around. In the east, a window was opened. To enter the room he had to go through there. It wasn't far from the balcony.

Once again, he looked through the glass door and saw her, then he went closer to the window. It took him forty seconds to enter the room through the window.

'Now wifey, say your prayers.' He slowly walked closer to her like a predator was closing towards its prey.

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