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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 83: PLEASE GIVE ME A LOVING AND CARING HUSBAND

Mu Lan was smiling all the way and eating her breakfast slowly. Whereas Hugo was driving the car and showing her all the remarkable places in Paris.

She was thinking, 'Huh, Liang Liang, did you really think everything will go according to your plan? Did you really think that the way you are trying to court me you'll able to get my heart and body? Why don't we find that out? Let me show you the real me.' She gave her the most mischievous smile.

Hugo who was driving while chewing his breakfast. Feeling something ominous, he looked his left and saw her devilry smile, he was taken aback. However, he didn't say anything and drove to Louvre Museum.

Louvre Museum was the world's largest art museum and historic monument in Paris. Mu Lan searched that hundreds of thousands of classic and modern masterpieces were in the collection of Louvre Museum.

When Mu Lan saw it the day before yesterday, she didn't pay attention to it very much. She didn't even want to think about what happened that night. Last night, she opened her diary and started to make list. She didn't have her memory of her previous activity, so she was sure that she was studying in Fine Arts.

However, when she started to paint, she knew she had lacking in various aspects. She was really surprised at first. Later she knew that she had to work hard for it. Yesterday she was given a tablet by Assistant Ju Long. He said that it was an order from Mu Liang. Though it was a new product, she found it a bit ancient. She didn't think much and used it for study arts all night.

Mu Lan wanted to taste the life of art before she went to university. So she planned to visit there. After she finished her breakfast she wiped her mouth and looked out to enjoy the view. The day was sunny and the sunlight was shining brightly. Mu Lan found it very pleasant and adjusted her eyes in the light.

Soon they arrived and it wasn't as attractive as it was in the night. However, a palace was always grand. Hugo showed their passes and entered. Though Mu Lan was prepared, still she was surprised and mesmerized; she enjoyed, she observed and she learnt a very important thing. She learnt that art was life.

During the lunchtime, they went to a nearby park and had their feast. It felt like a picnic. Hugo wasn't a friendly person, so he didn't bother Mu Lan and was observing the area with his professional eyes. There weren't many people in the park because it was a work day. There were two or three people sitting alone and lying down. There were to girls reading. There was also an artist painting. There were some couples, sitting and kissing. It was a normal thing in Paris and no one minded.

After lunch she lied down on the grass and studied an hour. There was a large tress beside her, giving her shadow. It was calm and tranquil.

After study, she sat up and thought about going home. Thinking of home, she smiled. She really started to think of that mansion as her own home. Everyone was very friendly and kindhearted. They were all very caring too. Except for one, who had started to make her life upside down. It was a demon. But how could she know that he wasn't at home? Suddenly, an idea popped out in her head. In the huge Mu mansion, there must be some security cameras. If she got to know some tricks to hack the their surveillance system, it would be a huge help.

Mu Lan started to search in Google 'how to hack'. She read the articles for awhile and she was shocked to know how easy it was to hack. First she hack her own cell phone and it took less than a minute. She found it very interesting. It was as fun as solving puzzles. Then she read the functions for the high level hackers. Surprisingly, the codes looked familiar. She was startled.

'Could it be I was a hacker?' She thought. That must be the reason why she was the target. 'That makes sense.' Another mischievous smile appeared in her lips. 'If I really was good at it, then I can easily hack in the surveillance system.'

An hour later, Mu Lan reached home knowing Mu Liang wasn't there. After changing, first thing she did was to go to the dog house. When she got closer Oscar barked loudly. Mu Lan out down the hot pot which was in her hands and opened the lid. In a second the smell of beef steak filled the area. Oscar also stopped barking and came to her suspiciously.

The color of Oscar's body was black, grey and white. It was a good and rare combination. He was also very good looking. He smelled the steak slowly. After a while, he bit and started to chew one of the steaks. He wiggled his tail and barked in a friendly tone.

Mu Lan smiled cunningly. 'I asked Hugo about your favorite dishes honey. Feel free to it.' She thought. Then Mu Lan saw a beautiful snow white German Sheppard came out of the dog house. In a stylish way it walked towards them and nudged Oscar. Oscar gave a space so that it could also eat.

Mu Lan was astonished by his gentle gesture. 'It must be Lucy, his wife. Oscar is a very caring husband. Lucy is sure a lucky one.' Mu Lan prayed to Buddha, 'Please give me a loving and caring husband too.'

When she saw them eating, she took out her diary and ticked two points. 'Avoiding in the morning, done. Hacking the surveillance system, done. Becoming friend of Oscar and Lucy, done.' She closed the diary and looked in the balcony which was attached to her room. 'Now for the next plan.....'

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