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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 82: HIDE AND SEEK!!

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When they reached the port, the sky was already dark. But the city had only awakened. The yellow lights of the streets and buildings made Paris looked like the City of Gold.

Mu Lan who would look at the beauty of the city with wide opened eyes, didn't bother to look at the view. She silently walked beside Mu Liang. However, Mu Liang was enjoying the enchanting view for the first time in his life. His lips were slightly stretched, making him extra gorgeous.

They spotted their car in the parking lot and Hugo Muller, the bodyguard was waiting for them while standing beside the car. Young driver Ronald was waiting inside the car. Hugo with his professional eyes could see something was different about his master and mistress. He wasn't sure what it was but the aura between them had changed. Before, though they had normal connection between them, it looked so formal. But right now, it looked a little awkward. Mu Lan was looking at the road and her head was slightly bent. On the other hand, Mu Liang looked a bit happy and relaxed, total opposite of their reactions from yesterday. Hugo, who was good at martial arts but zero experience in romance couldn't solve the mystery about their behaviors.

As Mu Liang and Mu Lan got closer, Hugo greeted them both. Mu Liang unexpectedly replied while Mu Lan only nodded and her eyes were looking at the road. She didn't glanced at Hugo even once. Hugo doubted that something definitely had gone wrong. Ronald though the same when he saw that the young mistress was so quiet and her face was slightly flushed. She was feeling awkward. Ronald and Hugo made eye contact but didn't make a sound.

The car was moving in a moderate speed and soon they would reach their destination. However, inside the car was uncomfortable. Mu Liang was sitting on the back seat in cozy mood; and his one had was on the lap and other one was on Mu Lan's shoulder and he pulled her close to him.

Mu Lan who was so close to Mu Liang sat frigidly. She forgot to move a little. Her face was getting hot and her breathing was irregular.

Ronald, who was a little experienced in love understood right away what was wrong with her. He realized that his master started to show his demonic face in front of the mistress which made her very uncomfortable. He felt a little pity for her but he also knew that she would get used to it sooner or later.

Moreover, Mu Liang was thinking the same thing. But he also thought about other possibilities too. He was kind of ready for Mu Lan to avoid all short of connection when she was going to the school. But with her soft personality she would pay him back for her kindness. He knew that she was kind and had a strong personality.

However he didn't expect that the thing that actually happened the very next day.

Mu Liang woke up early as usual and went out for running. After he came back he did some work out and the went straight to bath. After that he had his breakfast waited in the drawing room for Mu Lan to come down.

Assistant Ju Long became used to with his boss's change of habit and he scheduled all the meeting for afternoon and evening. He learnt his lesson. He was giving his boss some important documents and Mu Liang was reading them carefully. He noticed that his boss was glancing frequently at he door and Ju Long understood right away what his boss was thinking. Just then Butler Leo entered the room with tray and started serving them with his delicious masala tea. It had an elegant aroma making them all relaxed.

Mu Liang looked at his wrist watch and saw it was already half past ten. Usually when Mu Lan was not drunk she would wake up earlier but today she wasn't coming down. Mu Liang slightly frowned. He looked at the documents and casually asked the Head Butler, "Tell the maids to wake Xiao Lan up. It is not good for her health to have her breakfast at noon."

Mu Liang always used 'Xiao' before her name in front of others. He had a habit of calling her only 'Lan' when they were together. But when he tried to confess to her yesterday he used 'Xiao'.

Butler Leo served them tea and replied, "Young mistress went out when young master was out for running."

Mu Liang's eyes halted and didn't move for awhile. Then slowly he looked at the butler and observed him if he was lying. Butler Leo got confused by his sudden stare.

Mu Liang asked, "She went out?"

Butler Leo replied, "Yes, young master."

Mu Liang asked again, "Did she have her breakfast?"

Head Butler answered him politely, "She took her breakfast. I personally arranged it for her when she asked for it. She also wanted lunch. So I made her a large bento."

Mu Liang asked further, "Was she alone?"

Leo replied patiently, "No, Hugo was with her They took the car you arranged for her."

Mu Liang put down the documents and sipped in the cup. All of a sudden, the temperature of the room dropped drastically.

Mu Liang didn't expect her to move her chess piece so early. Her IQ is high. Though she was kind in nature, she was merciless towards her opponents. A smile was visible on his face.

Looking at the smile, Ju Long almost got a heart attack. 'Oh dear, here is boss's most creepiest smile. He shows it before he makes moves against his enemies. I don't know what happened between them but Miss Lan, I wish you all the best.' He prayed for he with his pure intention.

Mu Liang thought, 'You want to play hide and seek with me? Let's do it."

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