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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 81: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE AVOID PROTOCOL


It was hard for Mu Lan to communicate with Mu Liang like she was used to. Moreover, his demonic side was so not safe for her. After today, there would be three more days to attend her school. She believed that, after she went to school, she would be safe. So, in three days, she had to be cautious.

Mu Lan thought deeply, she got six months before she had to marry him. Six months were actually long time. When the time would fly away, maybe Mu Liang's taste would change as well. Who would want to stick together with a girl like her anyway? Mu Lan thanked herself for taking six months for herself.

The sun was going down. The sky had a mixed color of blue, red, pale, yellow and white. It made the sky looked like a canvas painted in violet, pink and yellow color. Paris river Seine reflected the light of the sky. Their combination made the whole city dye in crimson red. It was quite beautiful to watch.

However, such beautiful scenery didn't catch Mu Lan's eyes. Now the first thing she had in mind was to stay away from Mu Liang for three days. If she could keep her distance from him for three days, then she didn't have to go through such experience like 'that'. And after three days, she would get her long waited freedom.

In her mind, Mu Lan started to make a chart plan to avoid Mu Liang at any cost. She gave a name to her conspiracy plan, and it was 'Mission: Impossible Avoid Protocol'.

As she was making up a plan, Mu Liang entered the room with a tray full of food. He put it on the bed, next to Mu Lan. After that, he gazed the girl whose eyes were closed. Gently, he touched her shoulder and the reaction she gave was remarkable. Mu Lan jolted awake, her eyes flew open, her eyelashes shuddered, as speed as electricity she sat up on the bed. 'Did my heart tremble just now?' Mu Lan thought. Then shook her her head thinking, 'It is called fear. Fear.'

Mu Liang, on the other hand, found it really amusing. He never imagined that his beloved 'wife' was actually that cute. Everything about her was truly entertaining. Mu Liang controlled his laugh. Then he said, "Here, have something. We'll reach the port soon."

Mu Lan looked at the tray and saw Italian pasta, boiled egg and milk. She almost drool. Her stomach was also calling out for food. She immediately took the plate and started to eat pasta. She moaned happily when the food melted in her mouth. She never looked up once. All her attention was on the food which was deliciously cooked only for her. In her mind, she praised Mu Liang's cooking skill.

Mu Liang looked at her affectionate gaze. His heart was content. For the first time in his life, he felt lucky. What could be more satisfactory than cooking food for his wife and she was eating his cooking happily? He wanted to stroke her head but controlled himself.

Within twenty minutes, Mu Lan finished everything in the tray. Satisfied, she rubbed her filled belly. Then she looked at the man beside her and said, "Thank you."

She didn't know that her small 'Thank you' could take Mu Liang in the heaven. He carefully glanced all over her body, giving her goosebumps.

Finally Mu Liang opened his mouth saying, "I believe you want to change your clothes. Though I don't mind taking you home like that." Saying that he got up with the tray and went to kitchen.

Mu Lan looked down at her and gasped. She couldn't see her neck though, but she still saw her disheveled dress which was almost worn out because of their morning activity. Like a dolphin, she jumped out of the bed and run towards the bathroom. She looked at the mirror and nearly fainted. Her neck, shoulder and chest were covered in hickeys.

Mu Lan wobbled. As her legs lost control, she immediately sat on the floor with a 'plop' sound. Blood rush in her mouth. Her heart raced in incredible speed. She covered her face with both of her hands. She wanted to curse him but when his gentle face flashed before her eyes, she couldn't.

Calming down her heart for few seconds, she got up and went to the closet. Fortunately she got a collar dress and quickly she changed her dress into the new one. Then she moved to the drawing room and sat on the sofa and tried to relax.

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