Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 80: RACING HEART

Extreme hunger woke up Mu Lan from her deep slumber. She wiggled her eyes and slowly opened them. However, she saw an unexpected scene which caused her almost a heart attack.

Mu Lan saw Mu Liang sleeping just beside her. As the sun was going down, its golden light filled the room. The light was directly reflecting on Mu Liang's body and his face seemed glowing. Mu Lan observed his thick eyebrows, closed eyes, long eyelashes, sharp nose, sexy rosy lips. He looked like a sculpture made in heaven

Looking at his lips, Mu Lan couldn't help but remember today's event on the roof. Her heart raced and her face turned red. She tried to move away. Just then she realized that the man beside her held her waist comfortably and he had no desire to let her go.

In her heart, Mu Lan was unrest, she wanted to move away from him as soon as possible. Her experience today made her feel that, she had to get way from him. Or one day, she would be bound him. The sensation she felt today while he did 'that' to her neck gave her was overwhelming. She never felt something like that before. Her heart bit fast thinking about it. A warm feeling spread in her heart. It was hard to breath, just like that time.

Mu Lan couldn't understand, why a handsome, rich man like Mu Liang would be interested to her who had nothing. 'Is he playing with her?' But immediately she rejected the thought. She saw how sincere he was in past few days. 'But I doesn't mean he is a good guy. It takes years to understand a man.' Even though she was thinking that she truly believed that Mu Liang was different from other man. She felt it not because of him took her to romantic dates. She thought him differently because she observed him every second when he was with her. She saw, no matter how many beautiful girls passed them, he never looked at them. She was always his attention....'Wait, wait, Mu Lan, what are you thinking? Do you know where is this thought of yours leading to?'

'No, no, you can't think like this.' She shook her head. 'This man took advantage of you. Though he looked like a good person, he is actually a wolf in a sheep's clothe. You cannot be deceived again.' Mu Lan nodded her head. 'I won't be fooled again.' Then suddenly she thought, 'But the kiss and his gaze were.....'


Mu Lan screamed inside. She could not think of what she felt. She should not remember his heated and passionate gaze at her. He looked like a hungry wolf. 'He is a demon, a pure demon.'

That moment Mu Lan realized why Alice and Emma called Mu Liang 'Demon' whenever those two talked to themselves. She accidentally eavesdropped and found it weird but never said anything. Looked like everyone deceived her. Traitors! And also Mu Liang, how could he.....

Mu Lan grabbed her head and command herself to stop thinking anything regarding this subject. Whenever she thought about Mu Liang, she got a fuzzy feeling in her heart. It was so not comfortable. So she decided to stop racing her heart like that, she needed to stop thinking about him.

As she moved too much on the bed, Mu Liang woke up. Slowly he looked at the beautiful woman beside him and peace spread through his body. He gazed at her tenderly.

When Mu Lan realized that she woke up the wolf beside her, her whole body froze. The first thing came into her mind was, 'The demon is awake!' She couldn't look into his eyes and so she looked away.

Mu Liang saw her body was stiff. An amusement played deep in his eyes. He gently touched her face and realized that she shuddered in his touch. He found it very entertaining. He moved the locks from her face and saw slowly her face was turning red. Mu Liang wanted to kiss her hard but controlled himself. 'I should save it for later.' He thought. Then asked her, "Are you hungry?"

Mu Lan opened her mouth. However, she couldn't utter a single word. Her lips trembled. In the she only nodded her head positively. In her heart, she was complaining. 'How can I not be hungry, huh? I didn't eat anything since the morning. And now that I cannot move, whose fault is this?' Mu Lan felt like crying.

Mu Liang saw her expression changed in second. In a single minute she had different types of emotion. A pitiful face, angry face, full of complain face etc. He simply looked at her without blinking once. He found her really, really cute.

Finally, Mu Liang got up and covered Mu Lan's body with blanket carefully. Later, he said, "Stay here, I'll warm some food and bring it to you."

In response, Mu Lan only nodded obediently. Seeing her acting like a little bunny, Mu Liang smiled at her and moved to the kitchen.

Mu Lan sighed in relief that this time he didn't do anything. She touched her left side of her chest. Her heart, it was racing.

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