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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 79: KISSED HER UNTIL HER MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY

It is really nothing much, but IF anyone wants to skip this chapter, it won't be a problem. ^_^


Mu Liang took a deep breath. Then put the papers on the table and used his cell phone to hold them back. Then suddenly, he grabbed Mu Lan's delicate hand and pulled her towards him. Before she could catch anything, Mu Lan saw Mu Liang's face closed in and kissed her neck.

Mu Lan did NOT think of that! Mu Liang's reaction caught her off guard. And when she was pulled, she had no reaction. When she was sitting on Mu Liang's thighs, still she had no reaction. When his face closed in, even that time, she had no reaction at all. But when his warm lips touched the crook of her neck, her mind went blank.

Mu Lan was stupefied by Mu Liang's sudden attack. She wasn't sure if it was real or not. However, the moment Mu Liang started to kiss and sucked her neck hardly, she gave a reaction. She was jolted by his aggressive attitude. Electricity went down to her spine. Her eyes flew wide. Her mouth was open because she was shocked. At first, she didn't realize what was going on. But the moment she understood that she was being kissed by a handsome rich man who she called Liang Liang, her face turned red. She wanted to scream by her voice didn't came out. Then she tried to push Mu Liang back. But how can a fragile woman like her could overpower a strong man like him?

When Mu Liang started to lick her neck, Mu Lan her whole body quivered vigorously and she couldn't stay still anymore. She began to squirm against him. However, Mu Liang held her tight and didn't let go. She wanted to move her head away. But Mu Liang gripped her head with his right hand and another one was grabbing her waist tightly.

The more Mu Lan writhe against him, the more the kisses became passionate. Their bodies clashed into each others. Mu Liang had a build body. On the other hand, Mu Lan had a alluring, curvaceous body with full grown breasts and buttocks. Though it wasn't on purpose, it gave both of them a pleasant feeling. Mu Lan gave a sigh which turned Mu Liang even more.

Mu Lan was wearing a sleeveless cotton dress. So it gave Mu Liang a better access to her body. His lips moved to her other parts; like her throat, collar bones, shoulder cleavage. As Mu Lan still wriggled against him, her dress was coming off of her chest.

After few minutes of struggle, Mu Lan was worn out. Her mouth was open and she was trying to breathe from the mouth. When Mu Liang realized that she stopped writhing against him, his hard kisses became passionate. Last night, no matter how much he kissed her, he didn't mark he body because he was afraid of her being found out. But today, it was different. He was marking her with hickeys in every place where his lips touched.

Mu Liang's passionate kisses, bites, sucks and licks stated to make Mu Lan jolted in pleasure. His passion was sending her electric signals which was also making her passionate. Steam was coming from her mouth. Her head was dizzy. Passion made tears form in her eyes. From her heart, a warm feeling spread her whole body.

"Haah.....hmm....mmm....ahh....hmm....." Mu Lan couldn't control herself as she sighed and moaned. From her moan, Mu Liang could feel her pleasure. As he looked at her, seeing he face, Mu Liang's eyes were ignited. Fire, passion, hunger all were mixed up in his eyes. Then, he continued kissing her. This time he went further down; from neck to collar bones, from collar bones to cleavage.

"Ahh!!!" Mu Lan moaned louder and grasped Mu Liang's shirt. He kissed her until her mind was blown away. After a while, she was out of energy and melted in his arms.

Few minutes later, when Mu Liang was satisfied with his art work, and he stopped kissing her. He looked at her pinkish-white skin and observed his lips' talent. Seeing numerous red hickeys, Mu Liang admired his lips' service. He gazed on her face. Mu Lan's face was just like yesterday. Red face, fuzzy teary eyes, open lips and saliva run down from her lower lips. Mu Liang gulped and his eyes darkened.

He wiped her tears and leaned closer to her ears. After that, he said, "Your body is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen in my life. Even the Goddess of Beauty will envy your beauty. So don't say that it is 'disgusting'. Furthermore, I AM your future husband. The one you should show your naked body is ME, not any other man. So you should promise to show your naked body only to me, not another man. If you do so, there will be punishment. Got it?"

Mu Lan, who had no strength left and heavily breathing through her mouth, nodded slightly. What she felt today, she had never experience such emotion before. She didn't feel bad, but she didn't think it was appropriate either. So she didn't know what to do. Looking at her complex face, Mu Liang smiled shortly and after that, softly kissed her forehead. Then he asked her, "Are you hungry?"

'What hungry? I'm already full!' Mu Lan didn't had the energy to answer him. But her face didn't betray her.

Gazing at her complained expression, Mu Liang laughed heartily. Later, taking her closer to his chest, he stood up and took her in the bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and he also laid down beside her and hugged her. From today, he didn't had to secretly sleep with her anymore. But they had only four days left before she went to the school and stayed at the dorm.

Mu Liang's gentle stroke made Mu Lan fall into slumber quickly. However, Mu Liang kept watching her with full of affection.

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