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Mu Lan climbed the stairs and peeked. After that, she froze on the spot watching the scene before her.

In the wonderful daylight, Mu Liang, wearing a white shirt and black pant, was sitting on a chair and reading some documents. On the tea table beside him, there was a red mug of coffee. Sometimes he was sipping on the mug. As the silent breeze was blowing, his dark brown hair was also flowing. His ocean blue eyes were on the papers. His sexy lips were closed. Even his simple outlook gave a majestic aura. Even so, the whole environment was serene.

It could give anyone a peace in mind. The scene could subside the hunger of eyes. Even a girl with the worst taste, couldn't help but fell for him, if she could see this tranquil picture. Mu Lan couldn't take her eyes off.

All of a sudden, Mu Liang coughed, breaking Mu Lan's attention. "How long are you going to peep on me?" When his voice reached her ear, Mu Lan automatically blushed.

'I was found out!' She thought. Wasn't she embarrassed enough? With her red face, she walked towards him. Mu Liang looked up and saw her tomato face. He smiled a bit and asked, "Have you slept well?"

Mu Lan nodded in answer. She wanted to apologize for the vomiting part but she couldn't. She couldn't speak out.

Mu Liang, on the other hand, caught her expression. He thought, 'Did she recollect yesterday's event? Or she remembered the fact what I said?' He recollected the scene when he confessed to her. He frowned. But he couldn't just hang on the things like that. Because the look on her face was quote turn on. It remind him of last night.

Mu Liang opened his mouth, "What is it you want to tell me?" Hearing that Mu Lan flinched. It hurt Mu Liang. He continued, "Look if it is about last night, then I'll explain everything." He took a deep breath, then said, "Xiao Lan, I lo-"

"I'm sorry!" Mu Lan bowed in 90 decree and said loudly.


Mu Liang's eyes were wide open. He seemed totally shocked.

Mu Lan's eyes are closed and she face, ears ad neck were red all over. She continued her apology, "Last night, accidentally I drank your wine and I got drunk. It wasn't on purpose I swear. And then, I did such embarrassing thing, I puked and dirtied my clothes and y-you had to clean that all up. I wasn't acting mature. A-and you had such a traumatic experience because of me...."

She rumbled on and Mu Liang's face had gotten worse in a second. He pinched the part between his eyes. He hardly did it. But after staying with her, it was becoming his habit. Sometimes, she really gave him stress.

When Mu Liang saw that she misunderstood everything, it gave him a peace. Even though he thought that remembering few pieces would be nice. Therefore, he got a contradictory feeling. He was happy that she didn't recollect last night because if she knew, it could turn worse. However, he was upset because if she did recollect, he wished that she would recollect the fact that he confessed.

Realizing that she was still bowing and talking continuously, he tried to stop her, "Lan, wai-"

"Furthermore, I promise that you don't have to see my disgusting naked body again." Mu Lan finished and looked up. But she didn't expect the expression he had on his face.

Mu Liang's expression was as black as the bottom of a pot. It was really menacing.

In his life, Mu Liang was prepared for many things. Anything hardly left his eyes. He was perspective and no one ever caught him off-guard. However, after, Mu Lan got a new life, he started to change. Today, for the first time, someone ever caught him off-guard.

After he woke up in the morning, he made her wore his shirt. He thought that if she was going ask anything, he would reply truthfully because he never lied. However, he was nervous all morning thinking what her expression, her decision would be. He couldn't even concentrate on work. Later, he even meditate an hour to concentrate hundred percent.

When she came with a red face, he thought that she remembered everything from the last night and that's why he was going to confess his feelings for the second time. But her apology was out of blue. And, not only she apologized but also she promised that she would never let him see her disgusting body. 'Disgusting'. She said that her own body was 'disgusting'.

Mu Liang took a deep breath. Then put the papers on the table and used his cell phone to hold them back. Then suddenly, he grabbed Mu Lan's delicate hand and pulled her towards him. Before she could catch anything, Mu Lan saw Mu Liang's face closed in and kissed her neck.

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