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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 77: IT HAS TO BE YOU

Just when he moved lower to catch her other breast with his lips, Mu Lan reached her hands and touched his face. Her dizzy eyes were full of pain and pleasure. She asked him, "How am I paying you? Why do you keep me with you?"

'Is she feeling insecure?' Mu Liang thought. He gazed at her eyes where pain was well-written. He felt that someone squeezed his heart tightly. The pain he felt was too overbearing to breathe properly. Slowly and gently he wiped her tears with his lips. Later, covered their naked bodies with a blanket and hugged her. He lightly patted her head.

Mu Lan looked at him with half curious, half dazed look. Watching her fixed look at him, he gave her a tender smile. He lightly kissed her nose and answered her, "It has to be you. If it isn't you, there wouldn't be a point." Before she could ask anything further, he put her head on his chest and said, "Go to sleep."

Mu Lan pouted. She was drank and tired. Even though she still wanted to know the answer. However, Mu Liang's soft touch making her go to the dreamland. Before she want to sleep, she asked, "Why me....." Her voice trailed off.

Seeing her drifted to slumber, Mu Liang kissed her crown of the head and replied, "Because I love you." He knew that she wasn't able to hear his answer and that's why he got the courage to tell confess to her. If she knew, who could tell what she would do?

Tonight, they were both naked but the arousal he felt was long gone. He looked out of the window and saw the beautiful night of Paris. However, his mind was all about her. He knew that she would find out eventually that he hided her information and removed her existence. With her 210 IQ, it wasn't that of a hard o guess him wrongdoings. But deep in his heart, he wanted her to discover on her own that, he loved her, deeply, truthfully.

Mu Liang gazed at Mu Lan's sleeping face. It was sweet and cute. The pain in his heart vanished seeing her adorable sleeping face. He looked at her rosy lips. No matter how inviting they were, he didn't want to kiss her lips without her consent. He had a wish, one day, Mu Lan would kiss her on her own accord.

He hugged her naked body and stroke her back with his warm hands before he went to the world of slumber.

At noon, when Mu Lan woke up, her head was hurting. She had a buzzing feeling and it took a while to understand where she was. She didn't think much and went to washroom. She looked at the shelf before her which was attached to the mirror. There was a pink teddy bear brush and toothpaste was already there. Thinking of Mu Liang, a sweet smile filled her mouth. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Just when she wanted to take off her dress, she almost screamed.

! ! !

She was wearing Mu Liang's shirt!!!!!!!

'How is that possible? Last night I clearly remember I was wearing a red gown. Accidentally I got drunk and and fell asleep. So how am I wearing his shirt?' A wave of thought rushed in her head. 'Mu Liang isn't a guy to do something to a drunken girl. Or maybe he IS a guy who is a wolf in a sheep's clothe.' Suspicion filled her heart. Then remembering how caring he was to her up until now, she rejected the idea. 'But it wasn't the first time I was drunk in front of him. It must be because I vomit and Liang Liang had to clean up for me. Yes, that's the best explanation of this.' She nodded like a wise old man.

Just when she was about to feel relief, she froze. 'Does that mean he saw her body?' Her face turned red. She touched her breasts through the shirt and yelped lightly. 'My bra is gone!! Oh God! Oh God! How should I face him know? I don't know what to do.' Mu Lan screamed inside and hugged her body tightly. Her head was spinning in embarrassment. She couldn't think of anything and couldn't calm herself. Finally to control her emotion, she took a cold shower.

Twenty minutes later, she got out and headed towards the closet. She wore a sky blue casual dress and flat sandal. Then she searched for Mu Liang. They where still middle of the river, so Mu Liang was in the boat for sure. However, she didn't locate him in the first floor or the second floor. Then she suddenly remembered that this boat had a roof. She decided to take a pick there.


Beloved Readers, sorry for the delay. Last night, I turned on the laptop to write the latest chapters when suddenly my mom came to ask for the laptop. She wanted to use Facebook. After waiting 30 minutes, I fell asleep.

Once I was obsessed with this social media but after knowing Webnovel my attraction towards Facebook is long gone. Sometimes, I even forget that I have an account. *Sigh* Once my mother used to scold me for using Facebook and now she is the who is obsessed with it. :p

Today and tomorrow I'll update 3 chapters.

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