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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 76: TO DESIRE HER TOO MUCH TO LOSE CONTROL


To my Shameful Readers, its nothing much. But if you want to avoid it, it's okay. Even if you skip this chapter, it won't be a problem.

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Mu Liang's hand froze on her head as he saw her expression. Her eyes were teary, her cheeks were flush, and her red lips were open and inviting. It was enough for a highly religious mendicant to lose control and Mu Liang was a normal man. Mu Lan's ravishing face made Mu Liang gulp his saliva.

Mu Liang shook his head helplessly. "I wish you could see the look on your face right now, and know how much it turns me on." He said deeply. Then he slowly took her in his arms.

Mu Liang planned to take her in bed and make her sleep before he did something that he would regret. However, things didn't go the way he planned. When he tried to take her to the bedroom's direction, Mu Lan started to wiggle from his arms.

Mu Liang frowned a little. 'What is she trying to do now?' He thought. The way she was now, he couldn't read her at all. He asked her, "What is it?"

Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang with her teary eyes and said, "I want to dance like princess." The girl who never asked for anything to him, now that she was drank, she started to act all spoiled.

Mu Liang gritted his teeth. What could he do? Neither he could take her to bed nor he could refuse her and he was nearly losing control. In the end, after a long struggle, he decided to give in to his heart.

Mu Liang took her to the dance floor. There was already waltz playing on the speaker. He put her down and made sure that she was standing properly. After that, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. He clasped her left hand with her right hand and brought it closer to his heart. Then he started to move slowly and gently. Mu Lan was also began dancing and tried to match with his move. Though she was drunk and feeling fuzzy, copying his slow moves was easy for her.

Because of her crisscross dress, Mu Liang's right hand was touching her direct back. Mu Lan's skin was as smooth as the petal of red rose. Mu Liang couldn't help but caress her skin. Mu Lan wasn't in her normal state. Therefore, as soon as she sensed his hand brushed on her skin directly, it felt like electricity passed through her skin, and she gave a silent moan and also to avoid the touch she moved forward. Now her body was touching him completely and Mu Liang's whole body stiffed.

He definitely heard her moan. He felt bewildered and looked down at the drunken figure. She put her head on his chest and quietly heard his heartbeats. Tonight, she was looking extra attractive as she was wearing red. And her alluring body was intimately close to him, made his almost breathless. To desire her too much to lose control, he was definitely becoming that. It had been almost three years that he waited only for her.

As he was losing control, Mu Liang's right hand moved without his permission. He undid the lower button and caressed her more. Sudden bold contact made Mu Lan gasp and she looked at him. Mu Liang looked at her dizzy eyes, then his gaze moved to her inviting lips, and then his gaze went lower as he saw her cleavage. Mu Lan's movement and the waltz made whole atmosphere extra sensuous.

Mu Liang's breaths hitched, his eyes were on fire, and he had a buzzing feeling in his head. Finally, he lowered his face. His kiss landed on her forehead, on her temple, and then on her cheek. His lips couldn't move away from her cheek as it was very soft and supple. Few minutes later, he looked at Mu Lan who was feeling fuzzy and an unknown emotion swept through her heart. However, she couldn't name this emotion. Her breaths became irregular and heavier. Her mouth was opened as she took oxygen. Her face was redder than before, she wasn't sure whether it was because of of her drunkenness or she was feeling hot for passion. No matter how she was feeling, there was no rejection from her part. That's what Mu Liang wanted to check.

Mu Liang stooped down his face again and kissed her neck, then licked. Mu Lan's breath hitched and then she sighed. Mu Liang kept kissing her neck all over until he found her untidy hair disturbing. He took off his coat as well as tie and tied her hair with tie skillfully. After that, he resumed kissing her throat. That's when Mu Lan gave a soft moan. She grasped his back and clutched his shirt.

Mu Liang's heart bit wildly. He undid her dress's another button and let the dress fell off. He glanced at the stunning body which was only wearing almost transparent two pieces. His gazed heated at her pinkish white skin which was smooth and agile, it had no scar, it was untouched, it was as pure as heaven's angel, and it was 'her' body. And he wanted to taste her badly.

Mu Liang nuzzled his nose on the crook of her neck. He was rewarded with some of her soft moans. His body turned hot and he started to caress her whole body. His lips went further south. He kept on kissing her collar bones and then he sucked them. Later, he moved further down. As he began to lick her upper side of the breast, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When he threw it away, Mu Liang stopped licking her and looked at her face.

That moment, Mu Lan's head wasn't working at all. She looked at the toned body. She never thought that this king-like man had such a sexy body which could be compared with ancient Greek art. Even Aphrodite* might fall for him. She couldn't take her eyes off of his pink nipples. With her blurry eyes she admired the man's body and started to stroke it.

Mu Liang was thrilled when she touched his body. Her fingers were gentle and curious and also inexperienced. A smile of fondness came on his lips. He held her closer, kissed her forehead and then swiftly took her in his arms and moved with her to the bedroom.

He gently laid her on the soft bed. After that, he unbuckled his belt and took off his pant. Wearing only the underwear, he straddled over her body. He began to kiss her cheek and his lips moved to her left ear. He bit and licked it. This time, Mu Lan moaned a little louder. He realized that ears were her sensitive spot. He smiled. Using his lips, Mu Ling took off her ear-ring and then he moved at the right ear and did the same.

"Ahh!!" Mu Lan hugged his neck and moaned closer to his hear. Though it was unintentional, and Mu Liang knew it as well, but his body trembled violently. He could feel his arousal. He resumed kissing and licking her cleavage and unclasped the hook of her bra at the same time.

Mu Liang was amazed by her marvelous breasts. They were bigger as he expected and her pink nipples were already tightened. He couldn't take his eyes off of this piece of art. In daze, he reached his left hand and fondled her right breast. It filled his big hand. Mu Lan moaned loudly this time and arched her back.

Just when he moved lower to catch her other breast with his lips, Mu Lan reached her hands and touched his face. Her dizzy eyes were full of pain and pleasure. She asked him, "How am I paying you? Why do you keep me with you?"


*Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. She has lots of lovers. :D

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