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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 75: YOU ARE PAYING ME BACK

Mu Liang looked at her stunned expression and smiled a little. He took a remote control from the tea table and clicked a button. Slowly the boat started to move.

Mu Lan's jaw dropped. She realized that they actually didn't need a boatman or anyone to sail the boat. It could sail itself with auto-sail system. This must be a dream.

He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards the dining table. "We are both hungry. So why don't we start to eat?"

Mu Lan was sure hungry. But getting one excitement from another one, she almost forgot that she was hungry. Now that she thought of it, she could smell some delicious foods. She eagerly walked with Mu Liang.

When they reached there they saw some dishes were covered with lids. Mu Lan excitedly opened the lids. She was thrilled to see the most elegant, refined, traditional French cuisine in history.

Mu Liang clicked another button beautiful and sophisticated classical music started. The whole environment changed dramatically.

Mu Liang moved out a chair to let Mu Lan sit there and he sat her opposite chair. Mu Lan looked at the comfort dish of white beans stewed slowly with pork sausages. Curiously she took a bite of the sausage and it melted in her mouth.

"Mmm...." Mu Lan couldn't help but moan after experiencing such food. She looked at the partner before her and asked, "Liang Liang, what is this dish called?"

Mu Liang felt amused seeing her expression. He replied, "It is called cassoulet. The name of the dish comes from the pot (cassole) it's traditionally baked in, which is typically shaped like an inverted cone to give a crust shape."

Mu Lan looked at the delicious foods in front of her. One by one she finished all of them and then she burped politely. She looked at Mu Liang with a satisfied gaze and said, "Is there any way I can pay you back?"

Mu Liang looked at her deeply and said with a hidden meaning, "You are paying me back." He took a glass of red wine and sipped it. He handed her over a glass of orange juice.

Mu Lan was surprised. She asked, "How am I paying you back?"

Mu Liang smile as he heard it. He put his wine glass down and said, "Have you realized that we passed Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame and Conciergerie?" He skillfully changed the subject as he looked out. There was no way he could answer her question! How could he tell her that he was sleeping with her for past few days?

No sooner had he finished asking, in instant Mu Lan looked out and saw three golden pyramids, the middle one was the largest and behind them were ancient golden palace. It was Louvre Museum. She looked at the men's creation in dreamy eyes. Seeing her like that, Mu Liang quietly left her alone and went to the bedroom.

Mu Lan turned her gaze to the way Mu Liang went. Her eyes were deep. Again she glanced out and after Louvre she saw the tallest tower in France, Place de la Concorde. Even though she was looking at the tower, her mind was elsewhere.

'He said that I was paying him back. How is that possible? Does he have any hidden motive? But he is being really good to me and also he saved my life. He also admitted me in a school and gave me wonderful gifts, clothes, jewelry. I shouldn't be rude to him. But it simply doesn't seem right. Though he is giving me everything a woman can desire, I am not fulfilled. My heart isn't satisfied. I feel like, I lost my freedom. And what is a person with no freedom? No matter who he is, I don't want to depend on them. But what else can I do? I don't have my memory!'

Mu Lan became upset. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She slowly wiped her tears away with tissue and again looked out. There was Grand Palais out there and before she could admire its beauty her eyes became blurring as tears brimmed. She continuously wiped them and tried to calm herself. Her mouth felt dry and she took a glass, and then drank the liquid. Before she knew it, she made a huge mistake.

- - - - - -

Mu Liang got a call and as his mobile vibrate, he went to the bedroom mildly. He took out his phone and saw his old friend's message. He was the top chef in France who made the romantic French cuisine for his friend and his wife. The message said, "Did your wife like it?"

Thinking of Mu Lan's satisfied expression, Mu Liang's eyes softened. He thought that his friend deserved praise, so he called him. After he finished talking, he made his way towards the dining room and what he saw was shocked him.

Mu Liang saw Mu Lan's head was down and in her right hand was his red wine glass, which was full before he left but now it was empty. 'Did she mistakenly drink it without even looking?'

He pinched the place between his eyes. Yesterday, they stayed at the mansion with lots of servants. But today, they were alone in a boat and no one was there to disturb them. Will she not consider his feelings at all? He was dying in hunger and still he couldn't taste her lips.

He slowly walked closer to her and stroked her hair gently like a father touching his child. He softly called her. Maybe hearing him calling her name or feeling his touch, Mu Lan stirred. Then slowly she looked up.

Mu Liang's hand froze on her head as he saw her expression. Her eyes were teary, her cheeks were flushed, and her red lips were open and inviting. It was enough even for a highly religious mendicant to lose control and where Mu Liang was a normal man. Mu Lan's ravishing face made Mu Liang gulp his saliva.

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