Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 73: IS IT ENOUGH?

Mu Liang paid them with his black card and then he turned to Mu Lan. He strode towards her and took her right hand on his own.

Mu Lan was feeling nervous and Mu Liang's gaze made her even more stiff. When he took her right arm, she shivered a little. Understanding her nervousness, Mu Liang fondled both of her hands and tried to relax her. He knew the reason of her feeling uncomfortable but he couldn't help it. He just couldn't take his eyes off of her. After a while when he realized that she started to became normal, he said softly, "Let's go." Then he gently took her out. Those two women, who were serving them a while ago, almost had nosebleed.

Mu Liang drove Mu Lan to Seine river port. There, whatever Mu Lan saw was unbelievable for her. She was astounded by its beauty.

In the port of Seine river, a luxurious sightseeing boat was waiting for them. It was flickering with yellow, golden lights which made it extra grandeur and royal. The twelve meter boat was white in color, both sides had free space for walking, covered with white railing; and it was two storied, though from the outside no one would be able to tell that. First level was under the water, unknown to outsiders, covered with white wooden board and the second floor was covered with magic glass and it was also bulletproof. So no one could see what was inside from outside but from inside anyone could see what was outside and if anyone tried to kill the insiders, there was no chance. There was also a roof with white railing. The boat looked extra attractive in the river of this glorious city, Paris. What made Mu Lan more astonished was the name of the boat. It was "LanLiang" written in prussian blue color.

Mu Lan was so surprised that she didn't even notice that Ju Long was waiting in the port beside the boat. He was also stunned not because of the beautiful scenario but for Mu Lan's imposing beauty. He simply looked at the 'Perfect' Mu couple and thought, 'They are definitely match made in heaven.'

Mu Lan was rooted at the spot as she was looking at the name of the port. When Mu Liang tapped her shoulder mildly, then she was out of daze. She slowly looked at the handsome man beside her.

Seeing her in daze, Mu Liang smiled. He looked at her transparent yet dizzy eyes and said, "It took nine months to finish. The day you came to my mansion, I ordered my company's best architects and interior designers to make an extraordinary boat just for us."

Mu Lan was breathless. "Does that mean, you knew that I was going to say 'yes' on your proposal?" Rather than a question, it was more like she was thoroughly surprised.

Mu Liang shook his head a bit, and then replied, "No. It was a fifty-fifty chance and I wanted to take the risk." Later he thought, 'Even if you didn't say "yes" this boat would be forever yours.

Mu Lan nodded in understanding as she said, "No wonder you are one of the top three businessmen in the world."

Mu Liang looked at her and thought in surprise, 'Didn't she know that I am number one in ranking?' But he didn't say anything about it. He quickly changed the subject. He leaned closer to her left ear and seductively asked, "Is it enough?"


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