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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 72: RED MERMAID GOWN

When Mu Lan finished eating Mu Liang thought that he was out of jail. He started to breathe normally. He gave a huge sigh of relief in his heart. If she still continued chatting, he wouldn't able to control himself anymore and would kiss her hard to stop her mouth.

Later, they went to a high class prom dress shop. Mu Lan immediately stopped Mu Liang by grabbing his hand.

Mu Liang stopped in the track, he looked at the delicate hand which touched his own and then looked at the hand's owner. He softly asked, "What's wrong?"

Mu Lan said, "I don't want you to buy dresses for me anymore. I have plenty."

Hearing her ascetic words Mu Liang smiled a little then reached his right hand to stroke her cheek. After that he said, "I don't mind whatever you wear. But the thing is, the place we're going, if you are to wear casual dress, you will be the one who will feel inferior. As long as I'm by your side, I won't let you feel that way." After saying that, he took her hand and walked into the shop. Mu Lan blushed at his word but didn't say anything else.

There were every type of prom dresses in various colors and different sizes. Mu Lan was awed by seeing those gorgeous dresses.

Mu Liang walked on the mermaid evening gown collection and chose a red mermaid dress. He asked the worker who was close to them and ordered her to give Mu Lan a trial with this dress.

The female worker was already blushing watching a handsome man with a king-like aura. She felt bad that he was already taken. She took Mu Lan in the trial room. Mu Lan had a delicate slim body like a Chinese model. It wasn't because of she was in diet. After the accident, she was given nutrition though pipes, and she became like that because she didn't take any food nine months. So observing her body structure, the female worker gave her a smaller size.

Twenty minutes later, Mu Lan walked out of the trial room. Mu Liang was sitting in a sofa and checking out the fashion magazines and was thinking which dress or jewelry he should by for his 'wife'. Mu Lan came closer to him. Hearing the familiar footsteps Mu Liang looked up and stunned by her beauty.

It was an off-the-shoulder long prom dress with open back. It was designed with crisscross back, princess cut, hidden boning, jersey lining, train, bra cups. The fabric was 100% polyester, jersey. As it was a mermaid gown and embraced her body perfectly, it showed Mu Lan's every curvy part wonderfully.

But Mu Lan looked very embarrassed and couldn't look at Mu Liang who was staring at her without blinking. She was clutching the dress around shoulder and her face was beet red.

Sensing something was wrong, Mu Liang strode closer to her. He asked her worriedly, "What's wrong?"

Mu Lan didn't look at him and simply said, "I need the female worker."

Mu Liang didn't understand what was wrong with her and the worker wasn't in the room with them.

He replied, "She went out because I ordered her to bring some jewelry. Tell me what you need."

Mu Lan didn't want Mu Liang to know and she wanted to drill a hole in the ground and move there. However she was unable to stand the situation any longer and turned her back to Mu Liang. That was when Mu Liang understood what was exactly wrong with her and what took her twenty minutes.

This mermaid dress the crisscrossed in the back and it had two clasps. However, the positions of the clasps were odd. So Mu Lan couldn't reach them with her hands.

Mu Liang's gaze became hotter as he was looking at the exquisite back. If it was possible, he didn't want to help her at all. Then he closed his eyes to control himself. After few seconds, he reached to fasten the clasps. While doing so his warm fingers touched her cool back. Mu Lan's whole body stiffed because of that. Mu Liang took triple time more to fasten. Just when Mu Lan started to shiver in his touch, then he let go.

Mu Lang asked, "Does it feel alright? Or is it too tight?"

Mu Lan shook her head vigorously and stammered while saying, "T-thank you."

Mu Liang hid his smile and stroked her head. That's when the female worker bought some jewelry. Mu Liang knew Mu Lan liked pearls, so he took a white pearl jewelry set of necklace, top and bracelet and they were designed with ruby.

Mu Lan hesitated to wear them but as Mu Ling insisted her, she couldn't say no. In her pinkish white skin the rubies looked impeccable.

Mu Liang then ordered the beautician to come. The beautician clearly praised Mu Lan's skin and with experienced hands she used few make-ups and red-rose colored lipstick to reveal her stunning transparent eyes and thick, desirable lips.

When Mu Lan was all ready, Mu Liang looked at her and froze. He forgot to breathe. The time also stopped around them. He looked at her immensely. He forgot that there were two other people in this same room. Not until the female worker coughed, then Mu Liang broke from the daze.

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