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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 71: SECOND RIVAL HAS ARRIVED

Mu Liang looked at his cell phone. Though he was gentle towards her in the end, still his face was dark. He was scoffing around on the matter that she was so busy to read that she forgot to have lunch. She forgot that she promised. She forgot him.

The last accuse was the real reason why Mu Liang was upset. He stood up and walked towards the entrance. Before he left, he told Cook Eva not to cook for him and his wife.

It didn't take long to reach the library. He saw Mu Lan was waiting outside with a sad face. Beside her was Hugo. Though he was hungry, he didn't let it show.

Mu Liang took his car beside them. As they noticed him, Mu Liang told Hugo, "You're dismissed." Then he looked at Mu Lan and said in a soft voice, "Get in."

Hugo was signed in relief inwardly. He was glad that his boss dismissed him. There was hardly a time when he was irregular in times of eating food. He left hurriedly after Mu Lan went inside Mu Liang's car.

Mu Ling focused on her face. Even though she didn't have lunch, her face was glowing. His eyebrows lifted up. He asked, "Aren't you hungry?"

Mu Lan looked guilty. She replied, "A bit." Just when she finished, her stomach growled.


Mu Lan's face turned red in embarrassment.

Seeing her face as red as tomato an amused feeling danced in Mu Liang's eyes. He didn't want her to become inferior so he didn't tease her. He patted her head lovingly like he wanted to sooth her.

After that, he drove the car in a closer cafe.

It was a regular cafe. Fortunately not many people were round. Mu Liang and Mu Lan sat in the corner. When Mu Lan started checking the menu, Mu Liang said, "Just take a snack to hold your hunger. We are going somewhere else for dinner. If you eat here more, you won't be able to taste delicious food later."

Mu Lan was surprised to hear that. She thought that she was going to eat here and later they were going home together. However, she simply nodded and said shortly, "OK."

Her style of saying 'OK' was so cute that Mu Liang couldn't help but stare at her, admiring her cuteness. Later he only smiled and ordered pastry for him. Mu Lan, on the other hand, ordered a sandwich for her.

Mu Liang didn't realize that his 'sweet snacks time' with his beloved wife would be so horrifying. While eating her mouthful, Mu Lan kept talking how beautiful and gorgeous the national library of France was. She also talked about the ancient materials she discovered in the library. She was awed by such expensive pieces. They were just simply marvelous. And the books... They were just outstanding...

Judging by Mu Lan's reaction, it was all about the books. She put all her efforts for praising the library because of the books.

Listening to the praises she was giving to the library as well as the books, Mu Liang's mood was getting worse than before. Mu Lan was too busy to complement that she didn't figure out the dangerous vibe coming out from him.

Mu Ling gritted his teeth. 'Beautiful', 'gorgeous', 'marvelous', 'outstanding'.... Those words belonged to only Mu Liang. How could she sell them off to the library like that? And the sexiest man was setting opposite of her, for whom the women could drool over, dream to marry him, fantasize him, what about him? He was treating her food. What about him? Look, even the young waiter lady was drooling. What about him? Why Mu Lan never complemented him?

Mu Liang's eyes were glowing. At first, it was 'that guy', and now, it was a library full of excellent books. Before he could capture her heart another thing grabbed her attention. Must a library have to become his rival? Didn't he work harder than those ancient books? Didn't his love is more sacrificial. Then why was it not him?

Then and there, Mu Ling promised in front of his pastry, 'I, Mu Liang, will defeat all my rivals, no matter what it is: a human, or an animal, or a lifeless thing. I will force them all away and will occupy every corner of her heart."

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