Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 70: MY DEAR WIFE

Mu Liang smiled heartily as he saw the retreating figure. 'It was worth staying at home while waiting for her.' He thought. Then he walked outside and saw Ju Long was drinking water. While passing him, Mu Liang said, "Let's go." After that, he went to the car.

Ju Long had a miserable expression when he understood that the important meeting was temporarily postponed because of Mrs. Mu. He signed inwardly and went to the car as well.

- - - -

Meanwhile, Mu Lan was quickly having her breakfast. She kept looking at the wall clock while eating. Observing that for few minutes, Butler Leo couldn't help but ask, "Young mistress, do you have any important work to finish?" He asked politely.

"I'm getting late for studying." Mu Lan once again looked at the clock.

Listening to her answer, he was puzzled. 'Wasn't she supposed to join the school after five days?' He thought. Later he voiced out his thought.

Mu Lan replied, "That's not it. I want to go to Bibliotheque Nationale de France. It is already opened. If I didn't wake up in late, I could go there early so that I could read more."

Head Butler was stunned by her affection towards books. He got a clue of her character a bit. 'She is a bookworm.' He was also surprised to see that even though she was in hurry, she had proper table manner.

He was pleased by her character till now. 'She has a mild behavior, thinks before acts, likes to read and paint, though she is going to become the 'Young Mistress of Mu Household' she isn't feeling proud or she is treating the servants badly. Moreover, she is not into shopping and beauty parlor. She doesn't visit the city either. She simply wants to enjoy her own life with full of books.' Butler Leo started to admire her.

After thinking for a while, he said to Mu Lan, "Young mistress, please rest assured. I'm preparing car and letting your bodyguard know about this matter."

Mu Lan finished her breakfast and cleaned her mouth. After that, she looked at the butler with gratitude and said, "Thank you uncle."

Butler Leo was astonished by the way she addressed her. He never thought she would be called 'Uncle' by the young mistress. It was like, when Mu Liang was a kid, he also used to call him like that. Later he found out that it was Mu Lan who asked her maid Emma what they call Head Butler.

- - - -

Mu Liang came home earlier than yesterday. He wanted to spend some time with Mu Lan.

No sooner had he reached the entrance, he asked Head Butler, "Where is she?"

Head Butler might be old but his experiences in the past few days made him quite smart. He knew exactly why his young master came home early.

He politely replied, "Young mistress went to Bibliotheque Nationale de France with her bodyguard after finishing her dinner. She didn't contact home since then."

Mu Liang wasn't surprised. He nodded and went to his room. He freshened himself and then sat on his bed which he didn't use for two days.

He took his cell phone and dialed Mu Lan's number. It was clearly ringing but no one answered. After that, he dialed Hugo Muleer's number. After the second ring, Hugo picked up. "Boss...."

Mu Liang could hear Hugo's exhausted voice. He knew Hugo didn't like book so it was totally torture for him. Thus Mu Liang wasn't too cold the way he was used to. He ordered Hugo, "Tell her to call me back." Then he hanged up.

After a minute, Mu Liang's cell phone rang. he looked at the screen, there was written 'My Dear Wife'. A smile hovered on his lips. He immediately answered the call, "How long?" He asked.

Mu Lan's voice was apologetic, "Liang Liang, I'm so sorry. I didn't realized that you called. I even forgot the time. If you want, we are coming right now." She clearly wanted to make up for it.

Mu Liang frowned. He asked, "Did you have lunch?"

After a moment of silence, she replied in guilty tone, "No." Her voice trailed of.

Mu Liang's tone darkened, "You promised." She promised that she would take care of yourself while he was away. Not hearing any sound from other side, his heart tightened. He shouldn't have used that tone with her! He sighed and then said, "Wait for me. we'll eat outside tonight."

His normal tone brightened Mu Lan's mood too. She quickly replied, "Okay." After that, she hanged up.

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