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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 69: ALL THE KEYS LEAD TO 'LIANG LIANG'

Mu Liang wished to see her lovely face and bade her 'Good morning' before he leaves. So he made Ju Long wait with him as well.

Ju Long was in hell. First, his boss's 'spring' vibe was too heavy to bear. Second, there was a meeting in the office and it was about their rival company. But his boss gave no sign of leaving soon.

He was in dilemma. Neither he could ask his boss to go to the office nor could he stand the situation. Furthermore, there was a meeting at ten o' clock. It was already half past ten.

Butler Leo had sympathy for him. So he made a mint tea especially for Ju Long. That was all he could do as a butler. Drinking the mint-tea Ju Long's mind became fresh. He sat calmly beside his boss, who was checking some important reports where his sign was needed. Not every paper could be handled by the assistant.

Suddenly Mu Liang asked, "When did Louise Fontaine reach New York?" He didn't ask about Louise Fontaine, whether she left the mansion or went to the air-port; because he knew when Louise was his responsibility, she had nothing to worry about. So Mu Liang only asked about her journey because he was the one who hired her.

Ju Long replied, "She reached in New York at nine o' clock. She didn't reach her home yet."

Mu Liang shortly replied, "Hmm."

Ju Long signed in relief inwardly and thought, 'That's my real boss.'

Around ten-thirty, they heard footsteps approached them. Recognizing the sound Mu Liang looked at his left side and saw his beloved 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Mu Lan offered him a bright smile, "Good morning Liang Liang."

It was first time for Ju Long to hear his boss was called 'Liang Liang'. He nearly choked on his own saliva and coughed vigorously. He tried to say 'sorry' it sounded 'so....e..' and he hurriedly left the confused couple alone.

Mu Lan felt pity, "Is he okay?" She could guess pretty well why Ju Long acted that way. All the keys leaded to 'Liang Ling'.

Mu Liang scoffed inside. He was mad at Ju Long for destroying the good atmosphere between Mu Lan and him. However he looked at her with a small smile in his sexy lips and said, "Good morning to you too. Don't worry about him. Did you have your breakfast?" He stood up and walked closer to her.

Mu Lan shook her head and replied, "No, I didn't. Before I do that, I wanted to say 'Good morning' to you. And I thank you very much for last night."

Her glowing face made Mu Liang's heart melt. He gently stroke her head and then said, "Have some breakfast and after that you can go out with Hugo anywhere you want. I'm going to work. Take care of yourself while I'm no around you."

Mu Lan nodded, "I will. Take care of yourself too." Then she looked at the wall clock and asked Mu Liang, "Don't you usually leave at ten? Why are you still at home?"

Mu Liang wouldn't tell her now that he actually wanted to see her bright face and her telling him, 'Good morning, Liang Liang'. So he asked in a roundabout way with teasing tone, "Don't you want me to stay at home?"

Mu Lan was flustered after hearing his question, "N-no, it's your house, your office. You can go whenever you want. I just asked on a whim. I-I should go and have my breakfast. Have a good day." She said for sentences in fifteen seconds and left hurriedly.

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