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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 68: IS THE END NEAR?

Butler Leo went inside his young master's room and when he saw a clean bed which wasn't touched a bit, his heart almost flew away.

He realized last night after taking young mistress in her room, his dear young master didn't come back in his own room. Moreover, he might even sleep with her.

Though Butler Leo knew it was a common issue for man and woman sleeping together who were about to get married. But he was thinking of Mu Liang here. It was Mu Liang who never let anyone get close to him. Moreover, Mu Liang always chased others out with his cold attitude.

However, Butler Leo saw, after young mistress woke up, his young master had changed drastically. Butler Leo never saw his young master this intimate before.

He felt happy and also nervous. Head Butler stroke his chest. Sometimes, that type of sudden intimacy was really not good for his heart.

Butler Leo took a deep breath and then walked out of the room and then closed the door.

Mu Liang was never picky of food. He was used to eat everything. Today was no different. He ate everything what was prepared for him. He looked simply in a good mood.

When Head Butler walked into the dining room, he was confounded by the scene. He saw, while his young master was having his breakfast without any noise, the maid and butler who were behind him standing were actually had pale faces.

After taking breakfast, Mu Liang went out and then Butler Leo asked them, "What happened? Did young master tell you anything?"

The maid and butler exchanged glances and after that shook their heads. The young butler collected some courage and then said, "Uncle Leo, today young master replied everyone, 'Good morning to you too.' Because of that, we were scared. Was it really our master or if he is, did something happened to him?"

Seeing their concern, Butler Leo smiled a bit. Later, he said, "You are thinking too much. Young master is in happy mood."

The maid and the butler seemed confused at first. Then the maid suddenly got excited. "It must be because of last night's date. It must have been a successful date." Young butler beside her also caught her point and nodded.

Butler Leo broke their fantasy, "Enough talking. Go back to you post."

After they went busy with their own works, sixty-six years old butler shrugged helplessly and complained in his heart, 'Look young master, your sudden gentleness is hurting my precious children.'

- - - - - -

Mu Liang went to his room and saw his butler prepared a set for him for the office. He changed his clothes and came downstairs. There he saw his Assistant Ju Long was waiting for him.

They bid each other good morning, as like the rest of the butlers and maid, Ju Long was also stupefied. He thought, 'Did the earth shatter today? Is the end near? '

Nervously he looked at the Head Butler. Butler Leo gave him a reassuring nod. Ju Long was confused. 'Did the romantic date make his boss like that?' He thought. He couldn't look at his boss anymore.

Ju Long could stand the pressure of his boss's power. However, it was hard for him to look at the vibe his boss was giving. The whole drawing room was in spring. With his imagination skill, he could see spring flowers around his boss.

Ju Long cried inside, 'Boss, don't torture this single dog anymore. I cannot stay here any longer.'

While everyone around Mu Liang was getting torture, the culprit, Mu Liang didn't pay any attention to them. And the 'Sleeping Beauty', who was the cause of their main, was sleeping soundly.

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