Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 66: WAIT FOR ME

After reaching Shanghai, Si Guen went to his house happily, he couldn't wait to take his family to somewhere far for a while; and his boss went to his study room.

President Li strode towards the door when a luscious voice called him, "Honey, you have come home! I thought you wouldn't. It is two o' clock after all. Aren't you tired? I'll prepare a bath for you." That woman came closer.

President Li turned around and looked at the woman with innocent look. 'They aren't similar at all.' He thought.

That woman stood beside him and seeing him gazing at her she smiled as well as asked, "What is it? Are you hungry? I'll prepare food for you. You had dinner, hadn't you?"

President Li again turned around and moved to the way of study room. Before he opened the door he said without looking, "Do not disturb me while I'm working. Go back to sleep." Then he opened the door and went inside. His tone wasn't polite, but it wasn't cold either.

That woman smiled a little and thought, 'At least you care about me. Goodnight honey.' Next she walked towards the bedroom.

President Li stride into the study and closed the door silently. He made sure that he locked it. Later he took a deep breath and released it. His body shivered a little and then his whole body trembled vigorously. He wasn't sure if it was for happiness or for hatred. To control his body, he put his palms on the reading table. His heart was racing. For the first time in his life, he was feeling this unknown feeling.

Nine months ago, he felt an emotion, which gave chilling in his bones. That night in Milan, he felt a terrible feeling like fear. He never felt that before. When he reached a safe place with his family he was shivering all over. No one was there to stay beside him. If it were her..... That would be a different story. After that incident, he never used her name and noticing that Si Guen also changed his way of addressing her only in front of his boss. He had countless sleepless night because every time he tried to sleep, he would see nightmares about that night, about that bloody face with forgiving and blessing smile.

Now what he felt was different than that night's incident. He didn't try to find out what he was feeling, but he tried to calm down. Deep breathes made his body and mind at ease.

He roamed around the room for a long time, next he sat on the easy chair. He looked at the bulb which was showering the room with light. He didn't even realize that when his gaze became softer and warmer. He also didn't realize that he had a thin smile pestering on his lips.

'I don't know where you are now but I know this, if you weren't alive then those people wouldn't dare to try to come in my territory to destroy your existence.' His thin smile broadened, 'Wait for me.


Dear Readers, I have edited the 1st and 2nd chapter. 1st chapter had 300+ words and 2nd chapter had 100+ words. I edited 1st chapter to 500 and 2nd chapter to 300+ words.

Check them please and don't forget to notify me what do you think of those 2 chapters.

Also, I kinda feel bad for publishing only 1 chapter today after a day of holiday I took from you guys. If I weren't dead tired I would have written the next chapter too. Sorry!!!! :'(

Don't worry, tomorrow you'll get 3 chapters. :)

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