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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 65: YOU REALLY DID LEAVE

After some moment of quietness, finally President Li opened his mouth, "I'm coming over there."

Si Guen was recalling the past when his boss spoke. At first he didn't understand what his boss meant. But soon his expression changed. He said, "Boss, right now I'm outside the little miss's apartment building."

President Li replied, "I know. Wait for me." Then he hung up and went towards his helicopter.

Si Guen looked at the phone in disbelief and complained inside, 'Boss, it is half past ten. I'm hungry. And how can you tell me to wait for you in the middle of nowhere? Even if you don't care about your child, well I do love my family. I miss them.' Unfortunately he bickered inside his heart. He wouldn't dare to say that in front of his boss.

Sooner than he thought, his boss arrived. As he thought, his boss took helicopter to come to Beijing from Shanghai. When President Li stood up in front of the apartment building, such kingly figure looked like a wounded tiger. He was looking at the heavily burnt balcony of fourth floor. There, once, she used to stand to feel the south breeze.

Without looking at his assistant he asked, "And the spies?"

Si Guen replied, "Their burnt bodies were already taken to the autopsy. We'll get the result soon, though we can tell the answer without even getting one." Si Guen stopped for a moment and firmly said, "Boss, they were definitely murdered. Or which professional would die in this spot. Furthermore, one of them was holding a knife."

If it wasn't clear enough, Si Guen's last statement made it all clear.

Looking at the burnt building President Li suddenly felt that he became poor. He had nothing left in this world. Now that he no belongings of her, he felt empty handed. He realized that she was really gone this time.

Suddenly he remembered something. He exclaimed, "The trophy!"

His assistant was taken aback. 'Did boss really crack his brain? Is it time for calling a psychiatrist?'

Not voicing her thoughts he asked in confusion, "Trophy? Boss?"

President Li didn't take note of his assistant's voice. He asked, "What about the trophy she got in the Germany?"

Now Si Guen truly understood what his boss meant. 'Did boss burn the picture I gave him?' he replied, "Boss, I looked for it too but I didn't find it."

Hearing that, President Li's last hope flew away. He looked at the sky. It was gloomy. Red clouds were forming in the sky. Soon it might rain. Looking above he thought, 'See? You really did leave. You once said that you would follow me around and never let go. You broke your promise. You left me with nothing.' His tall figure looked forlorn in the night of Beijing.

He looked back at his assistant and said, "Let's go back to Shanghai."

Si Guen was stunned. He said, "Boss, the investigation...."

Before he could finish, his boss said, "It can wait. And also, take a week off." Then President Li walked to the helicopter.

Si Guen couldn't believe his ears. After nine months he got days off. But he felt that something wasn't right.

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