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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 64: BECOME THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD

He couldn't believe his own ears. Soon he realized that his heart was squeezing hard. He couldn't breathe. He felt all his stamina was drawn away.

Hearing so sound coming from the other side Si Guen didn't say anything. He silently waited for his boss's next command. He felt really bad for little miss, also he was worried about his own boss.

'How great it would have been if these two were to get married!' He thought to himself. Then his boss wouldn't lose his temper all the time. Like before, he would smile happily. Even though he was married to Madam Li, he never was ferocious. All went upside down because of the incident nine months ago. If little miss didn't get killed...' Si Guen signed inwardly.

Nine months ago when his boss came with him family from Italy, Si Guen signed in relief. Because few days ago he lost all contacts with his boss. Even second master couldn't even find him. Assistant Si Guen was surprised not to see little miss with them. She promised to give his girl a stuffed doll, after all.

Maybe she wanted to stay there for a while. It wasn't easy for her to be her elder sister's side. But it was all his wishful thinking.

President Li rushed to the car and told his wife and son to take a cab. Second master wanted to take them home but his elder brother refused and told him to go to the office with him as well. All Si Guen could do was to tag along with his boss and boss's younger brother.

As soon as they went to the car, President Li instructed them to find little miss. Both Li Sheng and Si Guen were surprised at first. In a split second Li Sheng was upset to hear her name and twisted his mouth, and Si Guen got worried. But neither of them asked anything and started to make several calls.

That time, Si Guen thought that as Madam Li was looking refreshed it might not be that serious. Maybe, little miss didn't want to see boss's lovey-dovey act anymore so she decided to come later on.

However, when Si Gues wanted to sigh in relief, his boss blurted out, "We were attacked. She got hurt and made a way for us to escape."

Oh my God! Si Guen's body shook violently. He didn't want to think anymore. It wasn't a surprise for him that, little miss sacrificed her life for his boss. Almost everyone around them knew how much she loved him. But more importantly, the question was, who would want to hurt them?

Li Sheng panicked when he heard that his elder brother and his wife-child were attacked. But President Li said that they were unharmed. Only she was the one who got hurt. Si Guen didn't miss Li Sheng's slight mocking smile lingering in his lips.

Hearing this Si Guen clenched his fist and closed his eyes. He remembered little miss's happy smile. He remembered that on his wedding day she prepared a bouquet for them, and when their girl was born she gave her a beautiful name. He could never forget her melancholy expression when his boss would hurt her every time. But she still lived on.

When he looked into her documents, he got some unpleasant information. He got to know that little miss was always treated badly in her family because she wasn't their true heir. But she never knew who her real mother and father are. She was the most unfortunate talented girl Si Guen ever met in his life.

'Little miss, you have suffered a lot, rest in peace. If you ever born again, then my greatest wish is that you get a wonderful man who will make you the happiest person in the world.' It was Si Guen's last prayer.

Later, no matter how much they searched for her, how many times Li Sheng went to Italy, never found a trace of her. President Li didn't tell anything. Everyone found out after Madam Li spoke. Her family acted well being upset and they arranged a funeral ceremony.

President Li never showed up. His in-laws thought that he really disliked her. But Si Guen knew that, in his heart President Li never believed that she was dead. He couldn't accept that fact was true.

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