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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 61: SECOND NIGHT TOGETHER

Everyone was looking at Mu couple in amazement and women's hearts filled with jealousy as Mu Liang carried Mu Lan in princess style. He called Hugo beforehand, so as soon as he stood beside the road, Ronald drove the car beside him and Hugo hurriedly came out and opened the door for Mu Liang.

Mu Liang carefully took her in the car. He sat in comfort and gently hugged her. Hugo and Ronald looked at each other. Their faces looked like they were in pain.

Soon they reached Mu Mansion. They were welcomed by Butler Leo. This sixty six years old butler nearly had a heart attack watching young master carrying young mistress. He almost was going to panic when saw her lying in his arms but then Mu Liang cued him not to make a sound. That's when Butler Leo realized she wasn't harmed and was only sleeping. He gave a sigh of relief.

Butler Leo also wanted to say that Louise Fontaine left with Assistant Ju Long, but he didn't want to disturb them right now. He could tell him next morning anyway.

Mu Liang silently took her in her bedroom. He made her lie down in the bed but when he tried to retreat, he couldn't. Mu Lan's arms were around his neck and they promised not to let him go. Mu Liang tried many ways to take her arms off of him but the more he did, the more her arms tightened around him. He gave up on trying when he nearly woke her up.

It wasn't easy for Mu Liang to take off her shoes while his face was inches close to him. Then he carefully took off his own coat and shoes and climbed on her bed.

He could get used to it, Mu Liang thought to himself as he looked at her dearly.

Mu Lan was still hugging his neck. Mu Liang positioned her on his body so that when she would wake up she wouldn't have any pain in her body. He looked at the ceiling and patted her head with his left hand softly and hugged her warmly with his right hand.

Mu Lan's soft, warm body was touching his body all over. Her arms were above her head, and so her breasts were touching his abdomen. Moreover, she was defenseless.

Mu Liang closed his eyes and tried to forget the feeling in his body like yesterday. However, his nose betrayed him. He felt her vanilla scent was stronger than usual. His heart raced. He could feel his body was getting warmer and he was getting erection when he didn't want that.

His body wasn't listening to him at all! Just when he was about to lose his control Mu Lan moved. Mu Liang's whole body froze.

'If she is going to wake up now.....' He didn't dare to think anymore.

However, what Mu Lan did was totally unexpected, even for Mu Liang.

She took her arms off of his neck. Before Mu Liang could miss her touch, she hugged his body. Feeling comfortable, Mu Lan smiled and brushed her right cheek against his chest. She said in a sleepy voice, "Liang Liang, stay here."

Mu Liang was so stunned by her sudden cuteness and desirable gesture that he forgot to take breath for a while. His heart started to melt to the core. Then his gaze softened and he relaxed his body.

He questioned himself, 'Is there any reason not to love her?'

'No reason.' His heart answered itself for him.

While Mu Liang was ruthless with others, his whole body and soul became softer before her.

He wished that he could stay like this for eternity. Mu Liang slowly closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. A small smile touched his warm, thick lips.

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