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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 60: ONLY HER OWN FEELINGS

While Mu couple was enjoying their romantic dinner, maid Irene was having hard time.

Every maid in this mansion was polite and patient. Irene was no different from them. But Louise had been asking her about young mistress for several times. She politely refused to answer and said that they weren't allowed to talk about what she was asking her. But Louise kept pestering her.

Ju Long was supposed to visit her in the evening but he didn't come and didn't leave her a message either. She even called but it was in vein. Her flight was at midnight and yet she didn't find out anything about this mysterious college girl. She was really annoyed.

When Irene's patience was in the bottom line, Ju Long came to save her. Irene sighed in relief inside and bowed to Ju Long and then hurriedly left.

Looking at her fleeing figure, Ju Long understood her situation. He sighed and looked at Louise. He opened his mouth, "You surely gave her a hard time."

Louise looked at him, "I didn't. She was the one who refused to follow my order." She looked very pissed off.

Ju Long shook his head, "You are not her master. She is just serving you as a guest. You can't become rude to her. Don't act so spoiled, you are not a child anymore." Then he looked at his wrist watch and said, "It's almost time for your departure. Let's go."

Louise pouted and said, "Why are you so late? You didn't answer your phone either."

Ju Long took her luggage and answered her, "After the meeting was finished, the employees didn't let me go and took me to the restaurant. Everyone was working hard for this meeting so when it was finished they all wanted to celebrate me. Though I told them that I had a meeting with a friend but they didn't listen."

Tiredness was clearly written in his face and observing that Louise didn't ask for anything else.

When they came out Louise was surprised to see that there was neither a car from Mu Liang nor a driver. It was Ju Long's blue sport car. She looked at her friend, "Long, didn't Mr. Mu arrive yet?"

Ju Long was busy with putting her luggage in the trunk so he wasn't able to catch the disappointed tone in her voice.

Ju Long was an intelligent man He always drew a clear line between his private and professional life. Though he loved Louise Fontaine and they were friends with Mu Feng, he never sold out any information regarding Mu Feng or Mu Liang to her. To Mu Family, she was just an outsider. No matter how much she liked Mu Feng, it was only her feelings alone.

Mu Liang didn't announce her existence to his family, so Ju Long could only hide the fact. When the world would know about this pair, Louise would also find out about them herself.

Ju Long closed the trunk and then looked at her. He replied, "Boss has other things to do. He is a very busy person. You know the meaning of business, don't you?"

Of course Louise knew. She was used to working day and night without much rest. She didn't ask any other question regarding Mu Liang.

As Ju Long opened the door for her, she got in and then Ju Long sat in the driver seat and started the engine. They drove off. Louise was looking at the mansion till it disappeared from her sight.

On the road she asked about the college girl and Ju Long clearly said that he couldn't say anything about it. Suspicion grew stronger inside her heart.


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