Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 6: I AM HUA LAN

"Sh...she is awak...."

Before Lu Feng could finish the line a stormy wind got past him. He shrugged, 'Well someone is more excited than him.'

As Mu Liang went to the room he chose for Hua Lan, he saw her happily chatting with the nurse and eating breakfast. The light of the sun shone in the room making everything bright. Sunlight brushed over her body which made her extra dazzling.

Seeing her sweet smile sparkling eyes, he felt a heavy burden had left his shoulder.

'Looks like she's doing fine,' he smiled inwardly.

He knocked at the door gently and two women looked at the door.

The nurse got up and bowed. He signaled her to go out. After she left, he sat down the sit opposite of Hua Lan.

"So you must be Mu Liang the Great!", she explained.

Mu Liang's eye brows got up. "The Great!"

"Yeah, nurse Julie and cook Emma said that you are a great man. So generous and kind that mother Theresa would call you Her son and so rich that you could buy whole China. By the way, Aunt Emma cooks delicious meal. I love it!"

Mu Liang's face went dark. 'Lady, I saved your life. Forget about the gangster part. But where are my thanks? And you love a mere meal more than me....' He felt really upset.

"And thank you very very much for saving me. Plus you let me stay this princess like room, I feel like I'm a princess saved by Prince Charming. Well, you're far more handsome than him..." she nodded placing her right hand under the chin and tapped the fingers in her chin like a wise man thinking hardly.

Mu Liang became so happy after hearing her calling him 'handsome' that he totally forgot that he was jealous over a breakfast a moment ago.

"Do you remember who you are?" He asked cautiously.


9 months ago.....

After all the checks up Lu Feng said, "Her head is heavily injured. The way her brain damaged it was quite surprising that she's still alive. She may experience short-term amnesia after she wakes up. I mean, IF she wakes up."

As the doctor Gave pressure to 'if' Mu Liang glared at him.

"Hey, hey, don't give me that murderous look! We, doctors worked very hard to make the impossible

possible. If you want to kill someone kill your men who hurt her to the extent that she is in coma now."

"They were burnt alive." Mu Liang's eyes turned cold.

Lu Feng gulped. Well they deserved it. Hurting 'the wife of the Demon Lord' what were the thinking?

"What else?" As Mu Liang asked Lu Feng came from the thoughts. "Her bullet injuries caused her anemia, we transferred your blood as you wanted. Her breathing is normal. A for her head injury," he paused, "her brain damage is quite big.

"Head injury survivors may experience a range of neuro-psychological problems following a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the part of the brain affected and the severity of the injury, the result on any one individual can vary greatly. Personality changes, memory and judgmental deficits, lack of impulse control, and poor concentration are all common."

Then he patted Mu Liang's shoulder, "You have to be strong, my friend."

Hearing his best friend's caring voice, he placed his hand on top of Lu Feng's hand. "Take a good care of her."

Lu Feng nodded. "I will. Now it would be better if you take your hand off of mine. I like girls." Saying his lines he practically fled from the room. And Mu Liang, all he could do is glare at the door.


9 months later...

"Julie said, I am Hua Lan."

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