Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 58: DAZZLING VIEW

No one told Mu Lan the special appointment was in Eiffel Tower. So she was stunned by the scenery she was seeing.

In the City of Light, Eiffel Tower must be the most enchanting scenery to be seen. As soon as the night fell, the tower took a golden sheen, lit up by more than 300 spotlights arranged along its girders. Cones of light highlighted the structure and revealed it in a new light, both from the bottom and from the second level, where the tower's curved silhouette served up an unbeatable view.

Mu Lan was mesmerized by such captivating view. After a while, when she was feeling suffocated, and then she realized that she was holding her breathe.

Seeing Mu Lan in daze Mu Liang smiled with affection. He Let her look at the tower for few minutes, then he gently held her hand. That's when Mu Lan realized that she wasn't dreaming and there was someone beside her.

He told her, "Every evening, the Eiffel Tower is adorned with its golden covering and sparkles for five minutes every hour, while its bacon shines over Paris."

"It's so beautiful." As the lights on the tower were dancing, Mu Lan's eyes were glowing as well.

After five minutes when the illumination was over, Mu Liang said in a low voice, "After lunch you haven't eaten anything. You must be hungry. Let's go." Mu Lan wasn't that much hungry. However, when she understood that he was really looking out for her on his own accord, her heart was filled with gratitude.

She didn't make any comment that he held her hand. She relaxed her body and moved together with him towards the tower.

They showed their tickets and went upstairs. When they climbed the stairs, she was stunned by the view she saw. There were restaurants, bars, stores and even salon inside of the Eiffel Tower. Today was really a shocking day for her. No matter what she saw today, everything made her speechless.

Before they could enter the restaurant, Mu Lan stopped Mu Liang. Mu Liang looked at her confusedly.

"Let's watch the view first." She suggested.

Mu Liang asked, "Aren't you hungry?" He was worried that she might be too hungry that she might not enjoy the view properly. So he planned on taking her to the restaurant first.

However Mu Lan was too excited to feel her hunger. In the mall she ate a small dark chocolate bar which Hugo bought her in there. So she wasn't that hungry. She wanted to absorb the night of Paris first.

"You can rest assured. I am certainly not hungry. Let's watch the view first." She pulled his hand.

Watching her so relaxed around him and having fun, Mu Liang's heart was full. He gently patted her head and suddenly bowed while saying, "As your wish, my Princess."

His dramatic monologue made her blushed. She quietly tried to pull her hand out but Mu Liang grabbed her hand again and went upstairs.

Mu Lan didn't seemed to be tired when they reached the top. On the contrary, each step they took, she became even more energetic. She stood by the railing and watched the whole city glimmering.

She took some deep breath and tried to absorb the shimmering beauty before her.

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