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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 56: STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL

As they reached the car, Hugo opened the door for them. He was clearly surprised to see them coming before twenty minutes. He thought that it would take his boss at least thirty minutes to make her listen to him.

Mu Liang instructed driver Ronald to take them in a public dressing room. Ronald obeyed his boss.

Mu Lan quizzically looked at the man beside her. Realizing her stare Mu Liang looked at her in a sweet gesture, then handed her a packet. "There is a dress. When you go to the dressing room, you can change in there."

Mu Lan nodded and said "Oh, okay." Then she looked out of the window, looked at the library.

Seeing her giving him no attention at all, Mu Liang signed. He wished that he could move this library over his mansion. That way, Mu Lan wouldn't go anywhere out of his side.

Few minutes later, Ronald stopped the car in a parking lot beside a shopping mall. Mu Liang turned towards Mu Lan told her that she can use the dressing room there and instructed Hugo to show her the way in.

Hugo and Mu Lan went to the mall and before she could go to the dressing room, Hugo observed the whole room with his professional eyes. When he left, Mu Lan closed the door and opened the packets. There she saw a beautiful dress, a box of sandal and a jewelry box. Mu Liang didn't forget to bring a makeup box as well.

Seeing his careful thoughts Mu Lan smiled helplessly. 'Who can find a guy like that?' She asked herself.

Twenty minutes later, Mu Lan came out of the shopping mall with Hugo. Those who passed them looked at her in amazement.

She was wearing a Champagne colored evening dress. It was a long gown made of silk. There was an upper layer. The upper layer was made of chiffon where Champagne colored flowers and leaves were embroidered. The neck was oval shaped and it was half sleeved long gown.

Mu Lan wore a light make up. She didn't tied up her hair neither she wore any jewelry. Even without a single jewelry she was stunningly beautiful.

Hugo opened the door for her and she got into the car. When Mu Liang looked at her, he froze for a moment. He looked at her without blinking. He even forgot to breathe.

Then Mu Liang saw some amiss and frowned. He opened his mouth, "Why aren't you wearing any jewelry? And if I remember correctly then I put a hair clip inside the jewelry box."

Mu Lan lowered her head and said, "They were all made designed with diamonds, looked so expensive."

Mu Liang dotingly smiled at her and took the packet from her. He opened the jewelry box and took out the pink diamond tops. He said in a low voice, "Let me help you to wear it." Mu Lan was in dilemma, but looking at his reassuring smile she obediently listened to him. Mu Liang slowly put the ring on her ear. After that, he took out the pink diamond bracelet and put it on her left hand. At last, he took out the hair clip which was designed with small pink and white diamonds. "Let me do your hair." He said.

Mu Lan looked at him, surprised, she asked him, "Can you do that?"

Her lips were parted and Mu Liang took a glance at them. They were a bit wet because she licked them a moment ago. She didn't wear lipstick, so her rosy wet lips looked very desirable to him.

Mu Liang felt his mouth dried in a second. He gulped and forced his eyes to shift them at her eyes. That moment he was battling against his desire, as a result, when he looked at her, he had a hungry stare.

Looking at his eyes, suddenly Mu Lan felt her blood rushed towards her face. She started to feel hot.

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